Home Repair and Maintenance Tasks You Should Never DIY


DIY home repair and maintenance tasks help you save money you would otherwise spend on professional services. It also enables you to develop problem-solving skills you can apply in your daily life. Home repair and maintenance DIY projects help you gain valuable skills that can help you develop the confidence to do it for others and generate income. However, some DIY projects can be complex, requiring professional skills and experience, as well as the assistance of a home warranty company to cover some of the costs. Here are home repair and maintenance tasks you should never DIY.

Garage door repairs

Garage door systems are complex and dangerous and consist of various working parts, including the electrical and motor systems, which require extensive knowledge to handle. Attempting DIY garage repairs results in poorly fixed doors, leaving them susceptible to additional damage and the possibility of injuries. Garage door accidents cause approximately 30,000 injuries each year, with most of these injuries involving children.

Doing garage door repairs yourself can also void your warranty, causing you to pay for repairs and replacements out of pocket. Seek professional door installation services from trusted and reliable professionals such as DoorsPlus.

Electrical repairs

Electrical works involving maintenance and wiring are dangerous projects that compromise your home’s safety. It also increases the risk of electrocution, whose effect could be fatal or cause permanent damage. Consider hiring a certified electrician for professionally done repairs and maintenance. Lack of knowledge and experience leads to faulty electrical repairs, increasing fire hazards, and costly repairs.


Not all DIY plumbing repairs and maintenance tasks are risky, including tap replacement, hot water to flush clogged drain pipes, plunging toilets, sinks, and clogged drains.

Home remodeling projects requiring significant plumbing infrastructure changes like kitchen and bathroom remodels need expert plumbing services. Some of the tasks may involve pipe-fitting and re-routing piping. Knowing the plumbing repairs you should never DIY ensure you don’t tamper with your plumbing system.

Roof repairs

Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry, making roofing projects dangerous. Handling roofing tasks requires skills and experience for proper repairs and replacements. Since not all roof issues are apparent, you may not know what to look for, and working while unsure may result in further roof damage. When you DIY roof repairs and maintenance, you risk losing your home insurance and voiding your warranty.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral consisting of flexible fibers that are heat, corrosion, and electricity resistant. These features not only make it useful but also toxic. When you inhale or ingest asbestos dust, its fibers are permanently trapped in your body and may, over time, cause scarring, inflammation, and genetic damage. Asbestos exposure can cause cancer, a progressive lung disease called asbestosis, and other health issues. Asbestos removal isn’t a DIY project you should try. Leave it for accredited asbestos professionals, including asbestos contractors and inspectors.

Gas appliance repairs

When you suspect a gas or boiler appliance fault in your home, you shouldn’t try to fix it as it may be fatal for you and your loved ones. Attempting to handle gas appliance repairs may result in gas leaks, fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Window replacement

DIY window replacements may reduce your home’s energy efficiency, especially when you lack the necessary skills and knowledge needed for window placement. Poor placement exposes your home’s interior to air leaks, increasing energy bills. DIY window installation finishes may not be aesthetically appealing, impacting curb appeal. Poorly installed windows increase your home’s security risks, and may result in costly errors and mistakes, leading to additional repair and replacement costs.

Exterior house painting

House painting is a home renovation project that requires the right preparation technique and tools for best results. Even with the most appealing colors, painting your home yourself may result in an unappealing finish, requiring a professional touch and increasing your costs.

Tree removal and trimming

BCutting down trees without the skills and experience to do so may risk falling on your house, fence, or neighbor’s house, damaging it. If the trees near your home are poorly trimmed, they become weak and at a high risk of falling should a storm occur, damaging property and other structures.

HVAC maintenance and repairs

HVAC repair tasks should be left to professionals. Some HVAC repair mistakes can lead to fires, and you may also permanently damage your HVAC system. HVAC repairs require special equipment you may not have, and involve hazards that may cause death or permanent injuries, including high electrical voltage, flammable gas, and toxic combustion fumes.

Amateur repairs pose an ongoing risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. They may also lower your system’s efficiency, increasing monthly utility bills. In addition, the manufacturer’s warranty requires proof that certified professionals did previous maintenance and repairs. Doing it yourself voids the warranty.

Insulation installation and removal

Insulation lowers your heating and cooling bills, reduces temperature fluctuations, buffers outside noise, prevents mold growth, and minimizes your house’s environmental impact. Installing insulation yourself may reduce its effectiveness and compromise the local building code requirements. Without the right equipment and proper masks, insulation removal may cause you to inhale dangerous fibers, resulting in breathing complications.

Gutter repairs and installations

Gutter repairs and installations aren’t as simple as climbing up to the roof and cleaning out debris. Using a ladder can be dangerous, especially when the roof is icy, which may result in a slip or fall. Replacing gutters without experience may lead to improper placement or incorrect slope and pitch calculations. DIY work doesn’t have a warranty, so you will be responsible for any damages that may occur.


Regardless of how many home maintenance and repair tutorials you may watch, some tasks are better left to professionals. Instead of fixing the issue, you may end up causing permanent damage, resulting in higher replacement or repair costs. It may also lead to accidents or death. Consider hiring professional services for the above maintenance and repair tasks you shouldn’t DIY.

Sandy Jensen
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