Becoming an A-Getter: Step by Step Guide for College Students


Many people refer to their college years as the most unforgettable ones. Students’ life is filled with opportunities, and you are independent and free to seize them.

High-school graduates are happy to enter university. They finally have a chance to study subjects that really interest them. However, studying at college is different from high school. There is much more material to learn, and the professors are sometimes less involved in the process.

Thus, you need to master new methods and techniques to succeed at college. So, if you want to improve your GPA – this article is for you!

Make Knowledge Your Top Priority

When learning becomes your main goal, it’s definitely easier to get excellent grades. Of course, it’s important to socialize with friends, playing with some ultimate frisbee discs, attend various events and meetings. But you shouldn’t neglect your studies.

If you have a serious exam coming up soon, it’s better to spend time looking through your textbooks instead of partying. Realize what is truly necessary to you at this moment: preparing for a literature test or watching TV shows on Netflix.

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Getting As doesn’t mean that you should give up all pleasure and entertainment, but it’s essential to choose what really matters right now.

Communicate With Your Teachers

It seems that many students don’t realize how important it is to maintain good relationships with teachers. In fact, it’s not that difficult.

Try coming to the class a bit earlier – it will show the lecturer that you are interested in their subject. If the topic is hard for you to understand, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The professor will appreciate your willingness to learn.

You can also share your ideas with professors, and suggest handing in extra papers or assignments to improve the grade. Let your tutor see that you are a motivated and responsible student.

Besides, your lecturer may even become your mentor one day. They may share their personal experience with you and give some amazing pieces of advice. Thanks to his mentor Bruce Holsinger wrote his book.

Master the Art of Time Management

Some people may believe that punctuality is a skill that is hard to develop. Still, you should definitely work on this one! Let’s be honest – there is nothing good about being late. It can cause stressful situations and hinder your image, even if you are the most brilliant student.

Basically, you should plan your day so that you always come to class a little early rather than falling behind in wiffle ball field. Then you will have time to look around and focus on the topic. By being punctual, you will also earn the respect of the teachers. Nowadays it’s easy to stay organized thanks to digital planners and best time management apps.

Your schedule doesn’t have to be planned minute by minute. Start by writing down your responsibilities for the day. To save some time, use these tips:

  • Avoid time wasters. Social media, computer games, TV shows, empty talk – all of them kill your productivity.
  • Use the Pomodoro technique. Make a list of tasks and start completing the most important ones. Work for 25 minutes straight and then have a 5-minute break.
  • Don’t waste time while in class. Listen to your teacher carefully and make notes. This way, you will need less time to study at home.

Conduct Some Extra Research

Inspired students are always genuinely interested in what they learn. They are eager to discover new things and their pursuit of knowledge helps them get high marks. Try to find something unique in every subject. Watch educational videos, listen to podcasts, start reading blogs that are connected to the topic.

Go beyond the college curriculum. There are lots of educational resources that can gain your attention. For example, lectures on Ted Talk are becoming more popular each day. They include different themes: science, art, design, politics, culture, business, technology, etc.

Use Methods That Work for You

You can create your own learning strategy, minding your habits, and predispositions. Discover which learning style suits you best. If you are a visual learner, use diagrams, maps, and charts. It is recommended to outline or highlight the information you have to remember. Notes, images, and flashcards will be helpful for you too.

Studying becomes pleasant for auditory learners when things are explained to them orally. They also enjoy reading out loud and having music in the background. It really helps them to learn faster.

Kinesthetic is the third learning style and it’s all about using your senses. These people prefer hands-on approaches. They learn better walking around the room, moving or touching objects while studying.

As for the learning environment, it depends on your tastes. So, you decide where you can be the most productive. Some prefer to study in their rooms, with no sounds in the background. Others feel great, sitting on a blanket in the park. You may enjoy studying in a library or a cafe, surrounded by your groupmates.

Learning in a group can be a wonderful idea in case your friends want to improve their marks, just like you do. Explaining the material to others is an opportunity to check your level of knowledge. You’ll see what topics you are good at, and what themes you should pay more time to.

Final Thoughts

The path towards becoming an A-getter can be tough. We may feel sad if other students receive better marks and achieve greater results. Thoughts about that result in a lack of confidence and motivation for students.

That is why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. Only you are your biggest competitor. So, work on becoming a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

Eckhart Tolle
Eckhart Tolle is a renowned philosopher with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Cambridge University and a Ph.D. from the University of London and has been enlightening readers. His academic background in philosophy and psychology and a deep understanding of human consciousness make his writings profoundly impactful. He is also known for his bestselling books, which have been translated into multiple languages. His hobbies include meditation, classical music, and exploring different cultures. He also enjoys nature walks, painting, and practicing yoga.

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