Benefits of Home Meat and Bones Grinding


A grinder can be a versatile tool in most kitchens other than dracaena varieties of course. As we’ll soon see, there are dozens of benefits to owning a tool like this. Let’s examine some of the biggest reasons why you might want to start grinding meat and bones at home.

Stay Healthy

One of the biggest reasons why you might want to start grinding your own meat is to improve your health. When you purchase ground meat from a shop, you have no control over how it has been prepared. Most butcher shops will follow the best possible safety practices. But there is still a risk that the meat has been affected by bacteria. When you grind the meat at home, you’ll have full control over how it’s prepared. You’ll be able to make sure that the area is cleaned properly.

Freshly Ground

In most cases, the meat isn’t ground at the supermarket. It’s prepared and shipped. By the time you see it, it might have been on the shelf for several days. The longer it sits there, the more the meat will get compressed. It can also oxidize; this is why some parts of the meat might look white or grey. When you grind it at home, you’ll know that it has been recently prepared. This will ensure that you’ll be able to get the best possible flavor from the meat. After grinding, notice the healthy red color of the meat.

You’ll also be able to control the type of meat that you grind up. Put in your favorite cut of meat. You can make sure that it’s organic and hormone-free. The type of meat that you use will control the amount of fat that will be present in the mixture. The settings you pick will determine how coarse or finely ground it is.

Because of this, a home grinder can be ideal for cooks. You’ll be able to try several combinations, picking the ones that you like the most. For example, you’ll be able to combine beef and bacon. You can use multiple cuts of meat. The more control you have over the way your food is made, the more precisely you can dictate the way it tastes.

Save Money

If you look at the prices of meat in the supermarket, you’ll notice that ground meat tends to be more expensive, compared with grinding it yourself. Because of this purchasing a grinder will be able to save you money in the long-term.

These money-saving effects are compounded if you are a hunter. Once you’ve got the animal, you’ll need to pay to take it to a butcher. They’ll then grind it for you. However, if you get a home grinder, you’ll be able to do this yourself. This can end up saving you hundreds. Alternatively, you can purchase roasts when they are on sale. You’ll then be able to put them into the freezer, grinding them up when you are ready.

Versatile Tool

A meat grinder can be used for a lot more than making ground beef. There is a multitude of foods that you’ll be able to make with this tool. For example, you will be able to use it to create your own sausages. You’ll also be able to use it to form a burger patty. When you do this, you’ll be able to control the way the patties are made. They can be as thin or as thick as you want.

Though it’s a little unorthodox, you’ll be able to use the grinder for vegetarian meals. You put all the vegetables into the machine and grind them together. You can include some spices for additional flavor. The grinder can even be used for things like nuts and cheese. Modern grinders will also come with a juicing attachment. This can be a great way of making a healthy morning smoothie. In most cases, the components will be sold separately.

Reduce Waste

When you’re cooking, you’ll often have leftover ingredients. Usually, this will include bones. You can throw these away, but they will just be going to a landfill. If you grind them yourself, there are plenty of ways that you’ll be able to use them. If you have pets, you can mix them into their food. This will give them extra nutrients. You might want to place these onto the compost pile, allowing worms to break them down. You’ll then be able to use them to help your garden grow. Alternatively, you can apply it directly to the garden as a form of fertilizer. In some cases, people can even turn ground bones into bone broth. While this might sound a bit gross, the bones contain a lot of valuable minerals. They are especially high in calcium, sodium, and phosphorous and this is why you can keep it is as a squirrel food as well. As you can see, there are plenty of potential uses for ground bones.

It’s Quick

One of the reasons why people avoid getting a meat grinder is because they think it will be too complex. But nothing could be further from the truth. Grinding will often take just a few minutes. If you get an electric model, you won’t even need to crank the handle. You just flick a switch. When you’re finished, it’s easy to clean your machine. Most modern devices have been designed to come apart. Then, you can put the components into a dishwasher.


There are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider purchasing a grinder. The good news is that there are dozens of models for you to choose from. You’ll need to choose between manual and electric. You can pick a bigger, more powerful model or a smaller, more compact one. The good news is that with so many options, you’ll be able to find one that you love within your budget. If you want more tips on picking the right one, check out this informative compilation of grinders for meat and bones. So, get the right home grinder and try this new method of preparing your food today.

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