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Best Avalanche Shovels – 2021 Review

Best Avalanche Shovels – 2020 Review
Red shovel and graduated probe for avalanche safety in powder fresh snow. Winter season in the italian Alps.

Depending upon where you live, an Avalanche Shovel can be a necessity for you. If you live in an area where heavy snowfall occurs during snow season, then you must have thought to purchase an avalanche shovel to shovel around the area to clean it.

As you know, a snowy area is way too dangerous for driving or walking. If the area is not cleaned, then there are high chances that someone may get injured.

What is an Avalanche Shovel?

Now, many people must have this question in their mind that what exactly is an avalanche shovel? Is it different from a general shovel? To answer these questions, we will first tell you what is an avalanche shovel. So, the word avalanche is mainly used for a place where people can go skiing. Shoveling around such an area is generally referred to as an avalanche.

An avalanche shovel is needed to dig too heavy snow. If you think you are still not convinced to get an avalanche shovel for yourself, then gear up to check out our collection of some excellent avalanche shovel that will help you go through the harsh snowfall.

There are different types of avalanche shovels available. There are some shovels with a large shovelhead that can pick up a large amount of snow at a time. Also, some small shovels have a small shovelhead and pick a little amount of snow to throw out. More so, the price range of different types of snow varies accordingly.

Types of Avalanche Shovel

As we have discussed above, there are so many types of avalanche shovels available in the market. Also, there are not such a traditional type of avalanches with just a handle and a shovelhead. Now, a shovel is equipped with multiple features other than removing snow. So, now we will discuss some different types of shovels that will be good enough for you to take them anywhere along with you.

Collapsible Shovel

This type of shovel will fit every motorist and outdoor enthusiast who wants to be ready and prepared for every situation. It is so compact and versatile that it can be carried anywhere along with you.

It is light in weight, and it has an adjustable design that can fit in your travel bag and the back of a car. It also features 6000 aluminum construction and a slip-proof handle. The handle can be adjusted according to your need.

Yukon Charlie's Collapsible Snow Shovel, Lightweight Snow Shovel for Camping, Car, Emergency Kit
  • Ideal accessory for motorists and outdoor enthusiasts who like to be prepared for anything
  • Lightweight, adjustable design makes it easy to carry on a winter hike or store in the back of a car
  • The shovel length and blade angles are adjustable, providing multiple options for digging or...
  • Packs down to 13-inches and weighs just over 1 pound. Expands from 24-inches to 30-inches in use
  • Slip-proof ABS handle

It will work great for hiking, snow shoveling, and camping in the mountains or heavy snowfall. This shovel has a broad shovelhead that will be enough for picking a large amount of snow to throw it out.

Backcountry Shovel

This shovel is good enough for you as it is light in weight and can easily be packed for traveling or for any other purpose. The handle can be adjusted according to your need, and it has a broad shovelhead. The material is made up of aluminum and requires a lot of maintenance to be fit for use.

You will have to pay more attention to keeping the shovel safe as it is made up of aluminum and can easily attract rusting. To prevent the handle from rusting, all you can do is keep it somewhere safe and wash it regularly and wipe the water off with a cotton cloth not to get stored on the handle.

You should also take care that the shovel can be used for several other purposes only if you are smart enough to figure out how. Overall, this will be a perfect shovel for you to take along for traveling and home purposes.

Screw Head Avalanche Shovel

This folding shovel is one of the best avalanche shovels for you. You must be wondering, why? There will be a lot of questions popping into your mind about this screw head avalanche shovel. What different characteristics this shovel has? Well, the answer lies in its iconic and essential features that we will be discussing.

It is a mini shovel often used for military purposes. You can also use it at a place where heavy snowfall occurs. This is because it is designed in such a way that it can be used for multiple purposes.

It is adjustable and portable and allows alloy steel lock at 0-180 degrees. You can change it accordingly for digging, shoveling, or drilling. The broad shovelhead is of screw type that is sharp and shovels the snow very quickly.

OUTLIFE Folding Shovel, Mini Military Survival Shovel 24.41 Inch Entrenching Tool with Carrying...
  • ADJUSTABLE & PORTABLE: Alloy steel lock allows the shovel head to be set to 0-180 degrees. You can...
  • ROBUST & DURABLE: This military shovel is made of high quality alloy steel, high strength, wear...
  • COMFORTABLE & COMPACT: The shovel can fold up and it in a handy carrying pouch. The handle of is...
  • EMERGENCY TOOL: A helpful tool to dig your car or truck tires out of the snow, or digging fire pits....
  • APPLICATION: The must-haves for surviving in the outdoors, like camping, fishing, cooking meal,...

It is also beneficial in digging your car and truck in heavy snow or digging fire pits. These are emergency tools that can be needed while hiking, skiing, or for any such purpose.

These are comfortable and compact and can easily be packed along with your other items for traveling or in the back of your car. You can use it in any case of emergency as well as for your residential use.

How an Avalanche Shovel Works?

As we have discussed above, an avalanche shovel is specifically designed so that it is relatively compact and versatile. It can be noted that it is light in weight and can be carried along with other items you take while going skiing. So, if in an emergency, if you need an avalanche shovel, it will not create any fuss in carrying.

You should note that the shovelhead of the shovel should be broad enough so that it can dig more amount of snow at a time. If you go with a small shovelhead, you will have to do a lot more physical exercise for digging the snow. As mentioned, an avalanche shovel is meant to be taken along for travel.

If you live in an area where heavy snowfall occurs, you must have felt the need for a shovel to clean up the snow and make your way. It contains a long telescoping handle that is also foldable so that it can be packed along with your travel kit. The next thing that it contains is a shovelhead. Once you assemble the body and the shovelhead, it will fit you to dig the snow.

Why Would you Want an Avalanche Shovel?

Avalanche Shovel

Now arises the most important question, and that is why do you even want an avalanche shovel. The answer lies in the fact that it is one of the best shovels available that can help you dig a large amount of snow in heavy snowfall. Different types of shovels available can help you in the task, but the one we are discussing is best among them.

In other shovels, you will need to do a lot of physical exercise in moving them as they are so massive and have very broad shovelhead. The next thing is that they are not versatile and compact, so it isn’t easy to carry them along. An avalanche shovel is of various types, and if you choose one with other features, it will also be helpful for you in other seasons.

More so, the most essential and iconic feature of an avalanche shovel is that they are so compact that it can be packed and carried along anywhere. You have to be careful with the model you are purchasing to be beneficial for you in other seasons as they can be used for more than snow removal.

Pros and Cons of Avalanche Shovel

There are many pros of avalanche shovels that we will discuss and relatively much fewer cons that you will face. The first and the foremost thing that you should know about the avalanche shovel is that it is durable, compact, and versatile. It is effortless to be carried anywhere, and at the same time, it is relatively light in weight.

You should also know about this shovel because it is relatively sturdy and perfect for any emergency. You must be wondering how a shovel can be fit for an emergency? Well, the reason for that is the avalanche shovel is specifically designed in such a way that it can serve you in such emergencies.

It is fit for digging heavy snow and shoveling a large amount of snow in one shovelhead. Even if you end up with your car tucked in the heavy snow, you can make use of this shovel to dig up the snow and take out your car or truck. More so, it is compact and versatile, and thus it can be packed in the back of your car.

There are relatively fewer cons of this shovel. You will have to do a lot of physical exercises while using the shovel.

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