How To Bury a Garden Hose Underground

Bury Your Garden Hose Underground

If you own vast acres of land and have only one or two faucets to irrigate your whole yard, it must be painful to drag your heavy hose all around the yard because you will have to moisture your whole garden.

You can opt for sprinkler systems, which can make your work easier. However, not everyone is comfortable with it, which is why you can bury your garden hose underground.

Buying a garden hose is probably the best idea if you are tired of dragging your hose from one place to another and destroying your plants while doing so.

Also, the fact that the faucet is far enough is a depressing thing because then you cannot reach a particular area in your yard and end up taking a bucket to rinse it.

Can You Bury Your Hose Underground?

Bury a Garden Hose Underground

Yes, you can. You can bury your garden hose underground to spray it in different areas of your yard.

There might be a particular spot in your yard where the average length of your hose does not reach, and you must fill a bucket to spray water in that area, or you might have to spray water in some other direction. There can be tons of such reasons.

No matter the reason, you can still bury your hose underground. It is not impossible to bury your hose underground. However, it depends upon some factors like the place you live, etc.

Factors Responsible for Burying the Hose:


If you leave your hose out, there is likely a chance that it will get freeze. However, the same will not happen if buried underground, although, if your ground level reaches a freezing temperature, it might.

There are plenty of hoses that are sturdy enough to tolerate the freezing temperatures, but the more your hose freezes with water still present in them, the more is the chance of it breaking down.

Burying your house is seasonal. The longer you keep your hose underground during winters, the longer it will take them to come out. Most probably, you will have to wait until the springs when the ground is completely defrosted.


Your land or ground is one of the essential things you should keep in mind when burying your hose underground.

If the soil in your garden is hard, rocky, or uncultured, it will be hard for you to dig the soil even if you are the strongest in your family.

You might need to call a bunch of your friends because this is a very tedious task and can take a whole day to dig.

Use axes, shovels, or whatever object you can to help break out the problematic soil and know before how deep you want to dig in. Otherwise, you will keep ongoing.


This is only a worrying issue depending on where you live. The rodents are drawn towards the water, and so will the digging and burrowing, so if you find critters roaming around your yard, then you might want to reconsider to bury your hose.

If you have seen rats, or mice, dig up holes in your garden and nest, then either you should not bury your hose since they might chew it up, or bury a stainless-steel garden hose.

Now that you know the factors that can hamper if you bury your hose let us see three different types of hoses that you can and should bury.

Three Different Types of Garden Hoses

Rubber Hose

A polyurethane or an old-fashioned rubber hose will be your foremost choice for getting water from one place to another.

This is because these hoses are sturdy, can tolerate the weather changes or fluctuations, will not bend or crack while you bury them, and will be perfectly fine under the weight of the soil.

Make sure to buy at least a ¾ inch diameter for your hose so that you can get as much water as you want from your pipe.

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Metal Hose

The Metal Garden Hose is of high-quality, durable, tolerating all temperatures hose, and you would want to buy it.

Most garden hoses are made to stand the immense water pressure and the drastic changes in the temperature.

These hoses can remain in their perfect conditions even if you accidentally roll over them, or they are buried underground throughout winters.

That is the beauty of this hose that it will work correctly under any given circumstances.

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Soaker Hose

You might want to buy or make a soaker hose to water the underground areas where your pipe is buried, and for that, you need a soaker hose.

With these, you can reach your garden’s roots and give it a slow water supply, which is quite efficient.

You can either buy them easily or make one of them with an old or cheap leaky hose you have and a few tools in your house.

They will be perfect for running through your vegetable garden or flower beds and works correctly throughout the summer.

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These are the three best types of hoses you can buy; it now depends on which one you would prefer, their cost, their installation, etc.

Choose one hose and go through the factors listed above, and you will get to know the type of hose you want for your yard.

Let us move on to the part where you should bury your hose and how you can bury your hose.

Where Should You Bury Your Hose?

Garden Hose Connected to Faucet

The most beneficial thing about using a hose over any other watering product for burial is that a hose can twist or curve itself around any object that may delay the flow of water going in a straight line towards your garden or flower bed.

So, to curb this situation, you should bury your hose underground wherever you want it to be.

There are some ways provided in which you can go down from under your driveways or sidewalks using a PVC pipe and water pressure.

How to Bury A Hose Underground?

How to Bury A Hose Underground

The process of burying your hose underground is relatively easy, and you can bury it wherever you like, in whichever direction.

Ensure that your hose is straight up when you are burying it. Maybe a friend of yours can hold it up straight. No matter the type of hose you choose, the process is the same for all.

Start by digging a trench to the end location, about 3-4 inches deep and about 2 inches wide.

When you are done digging, drop in your hose as straight as possible, do not twist it or turn, keep going straight, and once the whole pipe is in, cover it from above, and voila, you are done.

You can also dig down a little deeper if you have critters lying around that can chew your hose line. However, 3-4 inches is deeper enough for your hose to fit.

See, we told you, it is not that complicated to bury a garden hose underground, and it is instead a fun activity if your friends cannot participate in it, then maybe your family can.

Grab your hose and start digging, put the hose down, and there you have it, a sturdy pipe going underground, spraying water all over your lawn.


It is so not impossible for anyone to bury their hose underground. However, there are tons of factors to consider before you do so.

You should always first check your land before thinking of either buying a hose or burying the one you have, and you must stay clear of the critters, look at the temperature fluctuations, and many more factors.

After you have gone through with these, you must choose the perfect hose for your garden; we have listed the three best hoses that you can choose from. All three are the best choices. Compare the installation cost, buying cost, and various other factors before using one.

You can bury the hose yourself only without the help of a professional, just along with a few of your friends. However, if you are new to all this and have tried many times but still cannot do it, you can always call a professional, but you will have to handle the extra charges.

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