Zero Turn Mower

Which Is Better, Zero Turn Mower Or Riding Mower

Which Is Better, Zero Turn Mower Or Riding Mower

Having a lawn is a very great thing. Having a garden and flower beds in your lawn is also kind of a thing that gives your lawn an extra edge and a beautiful look. Lawn makes your house a bit healthier and provides you a greener and natural look. It makes the environment around you fresher and healthier. Having greenery around you can positively affect your health and can boost up your life and lifestyle. There are many benefits of having a lawn around your house.

We all know that everything has its own life and time. Things look beautiful only for some time. Some lose its original look over time and dies while some of them can be restored by using some tools and appliances. The lawn is one of the things which can be restored and recycled whenever you want. Maintenance of your lawn is one of the time-consuming tasks. You have to take a lot of precautions and tools to restore or make your lawn look healthy again. This is not something which can do once, and then there will be no need for it. It requires maintenance after some time.

Which Is Better, Zero Turn Mower Or Riding Mower

One of the most common machines or tools which you can find in every house who have their lawn is the mower. Having a mower is very important if you have a lawn around your house. This is the machine that is used to cut the overgrown grasses. It cuts the grass evenly and gives your lawn a neat and clean look.

But as we all want to get the best one for us. You may have also asked yourself which is the best zero turn mower type. Generally, there are two types of mowers that you will find in the market. First is zero turn mower, and the second one is riding mower or lawn tractor. But, which is best between them? Which is better? Which one should I choose? These are the questions every person asks themselves before going to buy a mower for themselves.

Here in this article, we are going to elaborate on the two types of mowers, and in the end, we will also conclude the whole talk. After reading this article, you will get your answer and end up absorbing a lot of things about them. So, let’s start.

Zero Turn Mower

The zero-turn mower is better in terms of maneuverability. This means that you will find it easy to move over the place. Its names suggest that it will be easier to turn. Yes, it can turn 180 degrees with ease. As it is short and tires are smaller, they can turn on its place. This means that if you are cutting the grasses, then you can turn and begin cutting again without leaving any uncut grasses strips behind. It is easier to operate and can be easily used.

You can use it in plane terrains easily, but make sure that it doesn’t have slopes. As the driver sits on top of it, it is not a better idea to operate it on the slopes. It is best for the lawns to have obstacles like trees or flower beds. If you have this kind of lawn, then a zero-turn mower will be the best option for you.

Deck size is also one of the things in which zero turn mower is ahead. Having a greater deck size means that you’ll be cut most of the area at a time, which will save your time and remember, time is money. When it comes to riding, then you have to do practice to operate it as it is not an easy task. As the zero-turn mower has a great engine and larger deck size, it also has a high cost of maintenance. You may have to spend some serious amount of money on its maintenance. This should not bother anybody as maintenance price worth the type of work done by the zero-turn mower.

Riding Mower or Lawn Tractor

Riding mower is sometimes referred to as lawn tractor. It is similar to the car, and it also more comfortable to operate as it controls is similar to that of any car. But it is not so good in terms of maneuverability. It is not made to run around the obstacles. You also have to move a bit far to turn it around, which may end up leaving strips of uncut grasses.

If you have a plain terrain, then it will work best there. Its maintenance cost is also meager and affordable. Talking about its speed, it doesn’t run much fast and hence takes a long time to do the work. Its deck size is also small in comparison to the zero-turn mower. You have to spend some time to get it done as this will cut less area in one run due to its smaller deck size.

It doesn’t have a much powerful engine; instead, it is straightforward and quite a more comfortable one. Riding on a hill or slopes is not a good idea, so avoid it very seriously. What I think that if you are a beginner, then a riding mower will be the best between a riding mower and a zero-turn mower. Its simplicity makes it the perfect choice for beginners.


In the end, we have known that both of them are best in their work. What matters is that what you wanted from them and what your needs are.

Talking about zero turn mower, it is fast, powerful, and best for the lawn, which has obstacles around. But, as it has a powerful engine, you have to spend some more money on its maintenance. While a riding mower or lawn tractor is very simple and easy to use, made for the plain terrain, and if you are new in this work, then a riding mower will be the best option for you. But if you are a professional one and can handle the mower than a zero-turn mower could be the best option for you.

It will be wise if you have a better overview of your lawn and what type of lawn you have, plain or the one with obstacles like trees and flower beds. This will play a key role in selecting the best mower for you. Learn how a zero-turn mower is different from the riding mower and which one is better between them. Read this article to know deeply about them.

Neil Sikkema
Neil Sikkema, a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Agricultural Mechanics, has been an expert in lawn care and zero turn mower technology for 14 years. He became part of our team as a freelancer in 2019, sharing his knowledge in mower selection, landscaping efficiency, and equipment maintenance. Neil’s previous experience includes roles in agricultural equipment sales and as a groundskeeper. He enjoys off-road biking and is a volunteer in local community gardens.

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