Zero Turn Mower

How to level a Zero Turn Mower

How to level a Zero Turn Mower

As we all know, that season of garden and lawn is here. If you have a lawn or garden, then you know that it gives you immense pleasure to sit there on the bed of green grasses. It also provides a beautiful aura to your house. It helps you to get cleaner and fresher air every day. Once you get a lawn, it becomes more beautiful if you add a little garden or some flower beds in it. This will not only make your lawn look denser, but it will also make your house look more abundant in nature.

When you have something which has its life period, it becomes your necessity to take care of it. Sometimes we can change those things and can buy the new one but not always. Talking about lawns, you can’t replace it with the new one. You have to do it’s maintenance a lot, and sometimes you may have to restore it from the very bottom so that you don’t end up losing the charm of your lawn. Therefore, maintenance of a lawn is essential, and to do so, and there are many machines and tools are available around us.

How to level a Zero Turn Mower

One of the main machine for the maintenance of a lawn is the mower. People ride the mowers on their lawn to cut the overgrown grasses and weeds. This is a type of cleaning process. This process makes your lawn look more neat and clean and fresh as well. But, the thing not always goes the same. After cutting the process, you get a sea of grasses that have been cut evenly. But, as we all know that things do not always go right.

Why are you getting unevenly cutting of your grasses?

After the use of mower for a long time or sometimes in the very beginning, you will notice that the bed of your grasses of the lawn is not smooth and plain. Some grasses have not been cut evenly. The lawn will look like it has a wave of grasses that will not seem beautiful. But what is that thing which has done this? Why has the mower suddenly started working improperly?

The answer is that the deck of your mower is not in level. By using it several times, the deck has been tilted a bit and lost its calibration. So, how are you going to fix it? How can you level the deck?

Leave all this question to us as in this article, and we are going to discuss how you can level the deck, especially for the zero-turn mower. Even the best zero turn mower can have this problem. So, let us start finding how we can level the deck of even the best zero turn mower. Let’s start

Steps to follow to level the deck

Before going to do something or fix some machines, what you need first is tools. So similarly to level the deck of your mower, you will require some tools before you start your working on your mower deck.


  1. Suitable seized wrench and socket set
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Gloves
  4. Tire pressure gauge
  5. Safety glasses

After getting the tools, follow the given instructions.

1. Make your mower level and stationary

Keep your mower on level ground as all the measurements will be taken from the ground, and to level the deck, the ground has to be level also. This will make the mower level. To make it stationary, as it should be moving while you are working on it, turn it off, remove the key and, most importantly, engage its break.

2. Pre measurements steps

Before you start measurements and calibration, stuff makes sure that the tires have equal and full pressure in it. Make sure that all the moving parts have been stopped and for extra safety remove the spark plug wire.

3. Measurements

Side by side adjustment

Before you measure the height, first rotate the blades to the side. Measure the height of the edge of the blade from the ground by using measuring tape. Measurements should be taken from both sides. After getting the measurement of the heights from both sides, subtract the given measurements. If the difference is close to 1/8 inches, then no further side by side adjustment is needed, and if not, then turn the left link lock nut situated at the front of the rear wheel on the left side. Rotate it clockwise to raise the mower and to lower the mower anti-clockwise. After doing this

again, measure the heights and repeat it till you get the difference close to 1/8 inches.

Adjustment of blades

Now turn the blade front to back direction. Measure the distance from the ground to the tip of the blade closest to the deck. Please do it for both the front and rear tips of the blade. If the difference is in the range of 1/8 inches to 1/2 inches, then the machine is ready to go, and if not, then adjustments are required.

To make adjustments lose the jam nut a few turns. Turn it clockwise to lose and drop the front and anti-clockwise to tighten it and to raise the front of the mower. Now, again measure the height and check if the difference falls into the acceptable range or not. If it falls in the acceptable range, then it is ready to go, and if not, then repeat the procedure till you get the acceptable difference. Make sure to tighten the jam nut without disturbing the adjustment nut.

4. Assembly and Re-evaluation

Make sure that the pulley guards and deflectors are very well in condition and are in the proper state in the deck of your mower. Then plug in the spark plug wire, remove the break and turn on the key to test your mower.

Now, all the measurements and leveling have been done, and you can now use your mower for the next work, which is cutting of the grasses. We are sure that you will get even cut on your lawns from now.

To avoid the need for adjustment again, make sure that there is no debris and bumps in the path of your mower. We hope that this guide will help you to level the deck of your mower.

Neil Sikkema
Neil Sikkema, a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Agricultural Mechanics, has been an expert in lawn care and zero turn mower technology for 14 years. He became part of our team as a freelancer in 2019, sharing his knowledge in mower selection, landscaping efficiency, and equipment maintenance. Neil’s previous experience includes roles in agricultural equipment sales and as a groundskeeper. He enjoys off-road biking and is a volunteer in local community gardens.

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