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12 Bike Storage Ideas and Solutions: Save Some Space

12 Bike Storage Ideas and Solutions

A house is all that we need, someone said. Do you agree with this statement or not? If you see it as just a typical sentence, you may disagree with that as there are other things on which we are entirely dependent.

But if you will dig deep in that sentence and go through its philosophical meaning, you will be found out that what someone has said is correct. We all need, and house mainly organized.

We all create a mess, pick something from somewhere, and then keep it in another place, does not give much attention to how our house looks or is something wrong with our organization in our house. That is why sometimes our home looks filthy and unorganized even after placing things and tools the way it was placed earlier.

Organizing small things is easy, and if it is not used regularly, you can even keep them in a box and hide it away. But what if something is more significant and used frequently? How do we store them? How can we store them efficiently so that it does not take much space and fits so perfectly that it does not make our house look full or uneven? We are talking about bikes here.

In this article, we will tell you about those 12 efficient ways by which you can store your bike. Bike storage tasks have always been challenging, especially when you have a small home and do not have much open space.

This happens a lot in cities, and if you live alone in a single room apartment, you can know how it feels. That is why we are here to help you. So, go through these ideas and check out which suits you best.


Bike Storage Ideas and Solutions

1. Vertical Bike Storage for Corners

Vertical Bike Storage for Corners

We all have space in front of our bed, which is generally used as a TV place. Even after placing your television there, some space around the corner remains empty, which can be used to store your bike.

You will keep it a standing position that will take less space, and it will be hooked with the board as well. Your bike will be up in the air hanging on the board so, you do not have to move it while cleaning your room.

That is why it seems a fair and efficient way. There are other vertical bike storage ideas like this, but most of them hold it to the wall. But this will hold it off from the floor.

2. Bike hanging rack

Bike hanging rack

A perfect bike storage idea for a professional biker. If you love cycling and do it as a regular work, then this is for you. This will not only save your space but will also help you to keep all your biking accessories together in the same place. So that you do not have to look around all over your house to find the gloves.

This will not look like something strange if your bike is not there as its design and its block looks beautiful all alone as well. Therefore, this is on our list because its feature of being attractive and well-designed keeps all your biking accessories together. 

3. Carved Wooden Wall with Bike Storage Space

Carved Wooden Wall with Bike Storage Space

If you have a large hall or you have more than one bike to store, then this will be a perfect choice for you. A good carver wooden wall is shown in this picture. The cabin’s size can be adjusted accordingly, and if needed, you can use a sliding door on them to make it more of a kind of shelves.

Little space at the bottom end will be used to store biking accessories and shoes as well. You can also store your tools in them. This will become more like a bike storage garage but in a vertically arranged manner.

4. Bike Storage Wall with Bench

Bike Storage Wall with Bench

If you have more than one bike in your home but do not want a wall like a bike storage idea, which we have mentioned above, then you can opt for this one.

This will mount on your wall, and after the required amount of bike storage rack, there will be a bench as well. This one looks exciting and beautiful at the same time.

The use of the bench depends on you. You can use it as a platform to keep your shoes on and other accessories as well.

5. Multiple Bike Storage Holding Grip

Multiple Bike Storage Holding Grip

A large house will have more people, and more people will use just a single bike. So, generally, the house is made according to the number of people going to live there.

A large house with more people will also have more accessories and items as well. Therefore, the bike storage idea is also required in these houses.

This bike storage idea will be perfect for the living room or hall. Keep your bikes together so that you do not have to find different places for a different bike.

6. Bike Storage for Garage

Bike Storage for Garage

If you have a car, then you will also have a garage as well. But, if you do not have much space, your garage will also have less space, which will be enough for your car, but what about bikes? This bike storage idea is quite impressive. With your car, you can store your bike as well. Your car will have a problem in maneuver neither your bike.

7. Vertical Bike Storage Rack

Vertical Bike Storage Rack

This wooden bike storage rack is one of the more comfortable and most efficient ways to store your bike. Metallic ones may scratch or damage your bike, but the wooden ones will not create a problem for your bike.

You can keep it anywhere as it is easy to transport. Mount it on the wall of your hall or garage; it will fit everywhere. Maintenance is required at regular intervals. Wooden items have a much longer life; therefore, it will go for years if used correctly.

8. Bike Storage Grip with Shelve

Bike Storage Grip with Shelve

A bike holding Grip is very versatile and one of the efficient inventions for bike storage. You can mount it anywhere, and that place will become your bike storage area. This bike storage idea right here is mounted on a shelf. The shelf here can be used anywhere. But we will recommend you place it at your entrance so that you do not have to take your bike inside your house.

9. Vertical Bike Storage Rack

Vertical Bike Storage Rack 2

A wooden rack with a glossy black finish personally for your bike. It has all you need in a rack for your bike a small bench, a Grip to hold your bike, hangers for your cycle outfit, and many more.

Black color and square size give it anywhere to use design. So, it will be perfect for your house.

10. Horizontal Shelf with Bike Storage Place on Top

Horizontal Shelf with Bike Storage Place on Top

This one right here is the most stylish bike storage idea. If you are looking for a stylish bike storage idea, this will help a perfect bike storage idea for those who are more of a stylish finder. You can get it from the link mentioned below the image, or if you already have one shelf like this one, you can also change it by yourself.

11. Bike Storage with Pully

Bike Storage with Pully

Do you have an awkward space in your house? Do not worry as most of us have this same issue. You know you cannot change it instantly so, what should we do? What we can do is to adjust ourselves accordingly. This bike storage idea is perfect for this situation. Grip mounted on the ceiling and attached pully gives this bike storage idea a unique and exciting look.

Ensure that the Grip is strong enough to lift your bike quickly, and the pullies are the ones who a bit of regular care to make it work effectively.

12. Simple Wooden Bike Holder

Simple Wooden Bike Holder

One of the most external walls mounted wooden rack to hold your bike right up in the air. This one will not cost you much and will keep your bike in the air so that you can wipe or clean your floor conveniently.

Wooden items have impressive durability and life to stay there for a longer duration than those made up of other materials. Make sure you mount it correctly to not come off just after two or three usages.

These were the 12 bike storage ideas for you, and we hope you liked it. You can get them from online shopping sites, and if you love DIY, then it is beautiful. You can create your bike storage idea by yourself.


Finding a good bike storage idea and solution is an easy task. There are a lot of options available in the market right now. Whether it is online shopping sites or general shops around you, all of them supply tools and accessories to make a perfect bike storage option.

While selecting the best one for you, keep in mind certain things like the number of bikes you have, the weight of your bikes, dimensions, how you will store it, horizontally or vertically, wall-mounted or hanging from the ceiling, and a lot more.

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Sandy Jensen is the founder of OrganizeWithSandy and Works with Champalimaud Design where she curates and creates fresh ideas for designing and styling your life.

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