Brilliant Ways to Hide Your House Foundation

Brilliant Ways to Hide Your House Foundation

Foundations can get ugly over time, and it is best if you hide them in some creative ways. Be it re-decorating your garden with flowers, or having an additional floor vase, or decorating your driveway, etc.

Because the ugly exposed cement bothers everyone, and you should not let people see it. It is not an easy task to do, but if you want to, then take out ample time with you.

Since hiding your foundation covers will consider many factors like measuring the area the cement is exposed on, how can you creatively hide it, etc.?

When you have completely covered your foundation, it will not look as if something was even there. People usually lost track of time, or leave the work unfinished, do not do that. If you are starting to work, get up when it is done only, and not before that.

However, it is essential if you hide your foundation covers as creatively as possible. You can also take up some ideas from here and add your touch to it to make it look stylish in your way.

Below are some ideas on how you can creatively hide your house foundation covers. Hiding them does not mean that you must make them stop looking good. They can look aesthetically pleasing and cover your lousy foundation at the same time. Have a look –

8 Ways to Hide Your House Foundation

Flower Beds

Flower Beds

Flower beds are an excellent way to hide your foundation covers. You can use any flowers you wish to and create a bed of them, like hydrangeas which grow in all seasons can be a good example.

Not only will they completely hide your foundation, but it will add an aesthetic touch to your house too.

Since it is an all-season lower, you can add more of them along with some roses, lilies, lilacs, sunflowers, etc.

Making a flower bed is very aesthetic to look at, and no one will notice your foundation. This is a great way to hide it.



If you do not have time to create a flower bed, then there is an easy task with which you can hide your foundations and paint on them.

Paint your foundation in a which style, maybe with some patterns on the side, or mix-matching the colors, all that will match with your property.

It would help if you bought an all-weather, high-quality paint that does not let your foundation go dry in the winters.

Painting outdoors is not the same as painting indoors, so do it if you want to, and do some research on an outdoor painting before you embark on your journey.

And if you feel that you cannot finish the paint on your own, you can always hire some professional to do it.



Stucco is widely popular for your house’s interior, but no doubt you can use it outside your house too.

Stucco is used as a part of home exteriors and beautifully gets your job done, that is, to hide your foundation.

Applying it all over the wrong area and the rest of the wall will give it a clean, polished look that will help you hide your foundation and look aesthetically pleasing.

Like in this picture, the whole exterior is painted with stucco, and it gives the whole house such an aesthetic look, people will stop to take photos of your house.

Criss Cross Lattice

Criss Cross Lattice

Add some crisscross lattice around our foundations. If your foundation is getting rusty from up or down or sides, then you can apply the lattice only there. However, if you have some ugly cement coming off from the center, you can use a giant and complete crisscross lattice.

They come in various colors, so you can easily choose the one best suited to your house’s color. You can buy wood lattices from your nearby store and attach them, which requires some hard work, and then paint over them whichever way you want.



Instead of putting something in front of the foundations or painting them, why do you not add stones to your foundations? I mostly prefer this if the cement is coming off from the bottom?

Adding stones to your foundations will give it a sturdy and good look and help you get more money when selling your house.

Ideally, the stone is expensive, but it is worth spending the money when the output is marvelous. You cannot apply stones on your own, so it is best to call someone to do it for you.



Just like stones, pebbles are also a great way to hide your foundation covers. You can lie them down with some succulents in between them or make patterns with the pebbles themselves.

Create a rock strip on your foundations’ edges, and it will give a structured and classic look to your foundation.

Apart from making your house look good, pebbles will help to keep your wall clean, will not let any pests come in your way, and keep the splashes on the ground itself.

You can easily do this one on your own without a professional’s need, just your loved ones.

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

If you are the fans of metal or like how it looks on your house, you can use corrugated sheet metal to completely over your foundation, thereby hiding away any or all ugly spots.

They are very common and are available anywhere near your store. You can buy a wide range of sheets, available in white, black, grey colors.

The best part is that you can trim these sheets and use them everywhere, so if by chance you have missed a spot, do not worry, measure it, trim the sheets, and paste it there.

The sheet metal will not only hide your cement but will also look good on your property. However, that is entirely your judgment.



Just like stones, you can also use bricks to hide your foundation covers. If you are old-school, you should go for bricks; they are neither tough to install nor look bad.

They are available in various textures and colors, and you can use them to hide your bland looking foundation.

If you wish, you can also install some flower beds in front of them, making them look even more aesthetically pleasing.

If you are afraid that you will mess up your foundation since you have not used bricks before, there is no harm in calling someone to help.


Foundations can suck up after some time and starts to fade off or peel off, and it is best to hide them as they look disturbing even to yourself.

There are plenty of ways you can hide your house foundations, ranging from painting them or having flower beds in front of them, etc.

You can completely change your house foundation look and create a new one.

If you feel that you cannot do this task independently, there is no harm in calling someone to help you.

In some of the ideas mentioned above, you might have to do some additional research, like the one where you can paint your exterior wall with stucco.

Ideas like these will look good for sure but require some deep work that only professionals can do better.

Sandy Jensen
Sandy Jensen is the founder of OrganizeWithSandy and Works with Champalimaud Design where she curates and creates fresh ideas for designing and styling your life.

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