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Omlet Eglu Chicken Coop Review: Should You Buy it?

How Is Omlet Eglu Chicken Coop?

Omlet Eglu Chicken Coop by Omlet is their most recognized and excellent chicken coop. If you have chickens as your pet or want to adopt some chickens, then this coop is the best for you.

Anyone having a chicken is lucky since they do not need lots of space and are happy and comfortable with what they get. Therefore this coop is a perfect tool to keep them.

Unlike dogs, cats, or any other pet animals, chickens do not wander off here and there. They keep their pace and let you do your chores.

The Omlet company provides a list of coops that can be benefitted from your usage. They have lots and lots of coops available, and you can choose the one which fits in your backyard perfectly.

About Omlet

Omlet Eglu

Omlet is a company for pet supply. In 2003, they came up with a new type of coop design shaped like an igloo.

Many households were encouraged to keep pets with their coops that they usually do not like chickens, or hamsters, or mice.

For years, the coop has taken their level up with their innovative designs, durable materials, and commitment towards their customers.

Omlet’s chicken coop is made keeping your relationship with your pet in mind, which means comfort at its best.

The space provided in the coop is perfect for resting, laying, and protecting your animals and easy to clean and trash out the poultry. They ship their coops via FedEx, and it takes about 5-7 days to deliver.

Three types of chicken coop are considered the best to buy from Omlet. They come in three designs varying due to their sizes and placements, but all of them.

Have the same basic features.

You can choose from green to magenta color with white details on the trim edges, and the green color looks almost like your grass. The three designs provided by Omlet are –

Omlet Eglu Cube

Omlet Eglu Cube

The Omlet Eglu Cube is the largest model provided by Omlet. It can keep up to 10 chickens, 6-8 average size hens, and 4-5 large hens. It provides a ladder for better accessibility, a separate laying area, an egg port door for easy collection of eggs.

It comes with wheels and ranges from 6-9-13 feet. This cube is designed for those who have an extensive collection of pets and want their pets to roost and lay comfortably.

Omlet Eglu Go Up

Omlet Eglu Go Up

This model is based on their original design, but it sits above the ground like a cube and has a sturdy ladder.

Inside of this coop has one room with a divided flooring, which gives the chicken an area to roost, a pocket for nesting your chickens, and let them lay eggs.

It has much space for four average-sized hens or chickens and can be connected to a six or 9-foot coop. This design is made for the smaller flock of pets and has a raised area for cleaning.

Omlet Eglu Go

Omlet Eglu Go

This is the model that started the Omlet company and took it to the step they are here now. It is a simple, compact, easy to carry design that can hold up to 4 average-sized hens, and it is a single floor piece divided into roosting and nesting areas.

It is easy to clean and sticks on the ground and is an excellent tool for a chicken maneuver tractor. It can be attached to a 6, 9, or 13 foot run and provides option handles. This is best to use if you have a small flock and want to use your Eglu as a chicken tractor.

These are the three chicken coops made by Omlet and perfect for small, large, and vast flocks of chickens and hens. These coops feature some necessary facilities, which makes them unique. Let us have a look at these features –

Omlet Eglu Chicken Coop Features

Twin Wall – The chicken coop has a twin wall insulation effect, which gives a cooling effect in summers and an insulating effect in winters.

This helps the chickens have a comfortable environment no matter the season. The ventilation system helps the air to move around without disturbing the eggs or laying areas.

Feeder and Waterer – Every coop design comes with a durable quality feeder and waterer for your chickens. They will attach easily to your convenience. They can stand against all weather, are protected from UV rays, and are easy to clean.

Dropping Tray – The coop has a removable back wall that allows you to take out the dropping tray to dump the waste quickly. In as easy as 5 minutes, you can empty your tray and put it back quickly. Chicken waste is said to be an excellent composter.

Top Latch – Opening and securing the door is an easy task. The coop includes a built-in latch located on top of the door and outside any attached run. This allows your chickens to be fully secured during nights. It also has an automatic door conversion that takes just a few minutes to install.

Nesting Area – Each coop has a comfortable nesting area, which allows your chickens to have deep and comfortable bedding so that they can share. This is available in all models for easy cleaning and egg collection.

Egg port – The Eglu Cube model provides an extensive and separate nesting booth situated along with the roosting area. This design gives additional space for a large flock and includes an egg port door on the coop’s side for an easy egg collection.

Non-slip Ladder – With both the Eglu Cube and Go Up models, there is a non-slip ladder for the chickens to go up and down. They are made to sit above ground with enough space underneath them so that the chickens can move about.

The ladder is made of metal and is designed with non-slip grips for easy access to chickens to move up and down, despite any weather.

Wheels and Run Availability – Each coop model come with an optional set of wheels to convert your coop into a chicken tractor. It allows you to move it from one place to another quickly and allows the chicken to explore.

Each coop also comes with an optional attached run. They have various lengths and enclose the space to avoid any issue of predators.

They directly get attached to the coop without needing to clean it up, and you can easily feed your chickens and have a sensor to detect the predators coming from inside of the ground. They can also work with wheels and act as a chicken tractor.

Benefits of Omlet Chicken Coops

  • Omlet chicken coop makes their products keeping both you and your animal’s comfort in mind. They aim to make your animals sit and lay in comfortably while making it easy for you to take care of them.
  • With their easy to clean features like sliding doors, dropping trays, you can keep your chickens healthy, in a clean place, and away from any waste materials.
  • During nights, most people are concerned about their animals being caught or eaten. With this coop design, you will not have to worry about that. Their locking doors with latches allow your chickens to have a safe, nighttime, free from the predators. And their sturdy metal cage allows the chicken to have a full-time exposure.
  • It makes it easy for the humans to collect eggs from the egg port door and have a whole nesting area and roosting area made for the chickens.
  • With their wheels and optional runs, it is easy for the people to move their chickens to every part of their field to experience every part.
  • With their three coop designs and the three lengths, you can easily choose the one best suited for you. They can hold both small, medium huge flocks of chicken and hens. They have multiple spaces for them to roam about, nest, and lay their eggs.


Omlet’s Eglu Chicken Coop comes with three designs, and all of them are perfect to use for your animals.

You can quickly move them if you want, provide a safe, healthy environment for them, and nurture them so that they feel comfortable and happy too.


With their excellent features, you need not worry about your pet, and they will be at their comfort level, which is all we need.

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