Can I Grill with Used Charcoal Briquette to Save Money?

Can I Grill with Used Charcoal Briquettes to Save Money?

Grilling is more like a hobby for people. People enjoyed grilling on the rooftop more than eating the grilled food. To grill food items, you need coal to start the griller. If you are someone, who grills very often, it may be difficult for you to manage the expense of coal. An average griller can use tons of coal within hours.

You may want to ask, can we grill with the used coal. All the answers that you are looking for about grilling and coal can be found in this article. We have collected a range of facts about the coal and griller that may help you a lot. To know all the questions, stay tuned with the following content.

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Can You Reuse the Coal for Grilling?

The answer in simple words is yes. You can reuse the coal for grilling. Coal is the hard leftover material when wood burns in the absence of oxygen. It is very hard in shape and hence does not burn completely. When done with grilling, take out all the coal and choose only solid coals for reusing purposes.

In maximum cases, it has been noted that if you damp the used charcoal, it will give you better results next time. Therefore either store it in a metal container or dump it. Next time take the same coal and reuse it.

You need to remember some facts while using the old coal. Since the old coal is quite small in size, the air trapped inside them is less than the new coal. As a result, the heat released after burning will be slightly less. It will not make the griller as hot as new coal does. But old coal can produce a temperature of nearly 250 degrees F. Also do not forget to choose and store only big pieces. Coal powder will not help you anyways.

How To Store the Old Charcoal? 

There is a fixed method to store it, which we have discussed earlier. But now the question comes, what if we throw water in the coal? If you are someone who throws water into the coal for cooling it down, make sure you left the coal under hot sunlight to make it completely moisture-free.

If you use the most coal, it will damage your griller by causing rust. Along with this, moist coal will not burn more effectively. You can also use some steel material to take all the coal out from the grill. Leave it overnight and damp it carefully.

What To Do with The Leftover Coal Ash?

Used Charcoal Briquette

Even after restoring the pieces of coal, there remains lots of ash. Instead of throwing the ash here and there, you can also use it in a good way for other benefits. Some of the uses are given below:

Use It as a Fertilizer

Coal is one of the ancient methods to save your crop from pesticides and insecticides. Our ancient elders used this method only to save their crops. It even provides nutrients to the soil, which promotes the growth of the crop.

Not only crop, but it can also boost the growth of certain flowers like an orchid. This is the secret to have a healthy and beautiful garden in the whole neighborhood.

Control The Odor Around the House

Best charcoal briquettes for smoking have good absorbing properties because of their large pores. Therefore, add some coal powder to the small piece of cloth and tie a tight knot. Make two-three knots and place them in the most stinky areas of your house. For example, a refrigerator or at the shoe rack. It can even absorb the odor from a stinky pair of shoes.

Add Shine to Metal

Earlier, when there were no bars, people used to wash their utensils with coal ash only. It even adds shine to utensils. It also has some anti-bacterial properties. Even in recent times, some people wash utensils with coal ash to keep them new.

There is a common technique to use the old charcoal at the griller. Make a sand witch of coal. For example, take some new coal, then some old after that new and make sand witch out of it the same way. In this way, the griller will produce a large amount of temperature using old coal.

This was all about the coal and reusing it. Whatever method you choose for storing the coal, be more careful. Sometimes people store the burning coal, which may lead to some accidents. Coal is a good material for cooking food. It is reusable and hence environmental friendly. Keep on reusing the coal until it turns out to ash.

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