Class 12th Commerce and Economics question and sample papers


Commerce and Economics are the two main subjects that are focused on the most in the secondary classes because these are probably tougher than the other subjects that you learn in your secondary classes. No matter what the education board is, these subjects are emphasized the most.

Just like mock test papers, previous years question papers and sample papers play a huge role in doing excel in board exams after which you can ask for a best frisbee or any other playable things from your parents as a gift.

As far as the 12th commerce question paper is concerned, you can obtain it from the internet as there are various sites and study portals that provide the 12th commerce question paper and sample paper. You will get to know about some of those sites down in this article.

You should solve at least the past 10 year’s question papers and 10 sample papers so that you become sure about the pattern and level of difficulty of your exam. The same should be applied to both the subjects that are commerce and economics.

Class 12th economics sample papers are also available on the internet. But, along with solving the class 12th economics sample papers, you are also supposed to solve the previous years’ question papers to get an idea about what was asked back then.

Benefits of solving class 12th commerce question papers and sample papers-

  • Commerce is a subject that you need to understand in-depth to crack the questions in the exam and if you solve the question papers, you will get used to the kind of questions that are asked in the exam.
  • Question types such as long-answer, short-answer. MCQs, miscellaneous are what are asked in the exam. So if you have been through these questions, it won’t be difficult for you to solve them in the exam.
  • You also get confident when you start getting the papers solved. The more papers you solve, the more confident you become and the better you do in your exam.
  • Last but not the least, it will help you in time management so that you do not spend more than enough time on a particular question.

Benefits of solving class 12 Economics sample papers and previous years question papers-

  • Economics is a subject to remember and the best thing you can do is solve different types of questions so that you remember the concepts. Your concepts should be clear.
  • Sometimes, you are given case studies that might be different from the topics and you can only do case study related questions if you have ever done them. So if you have practiced it, you will be able to do such kinds of questions in exams in no time.

Where to get all these previous years and sample question papers?

The Internet is a mine in which you have to find the gems which are question paper and to obtain the question papers, you will need to do research in this mine.

Visit the sites such as Toprankers, Hitbullseye, 4ono, Byjus, and Topperlearning. Download the PDF files of all the previous years and sample question papers along with the answer and solution.

In case you don’t find something important on these portals, visit other sites/portals where you think you can find them. Get the hardcopy of the content that you find and then start solving them cause your board exam is based on pen and paper.

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