Which is your house?
A) Clutter – Your counters have stacks of stuff. You have to move stacks to prepare a meal. You can’t take your wash cloth and wipe from one end of the counter to the other because there are stacks of things in the way. You can’t vacuum the floors without major pick up. You don’t vacuum often because you don’t have places to put all the stuff that comes off the floor. Things are out of control.
B ) Clean – A place for everything. You can bring people into your home without notice. You have clear counters and surfaces. You vacuum several times a week if not everyday.

C) Middle of the Road – Of course there is somewhere in between. Not a cluttered mess all the time, but you might need more than 5 minutes to put things away. Some days are better than others…but on the whole your house is decent looking and people aren’t falling over things as they walk in the house. The sinks might not sparkle all the time though. Vacuuming is not a problem, maybe picking up a dog toy or two before you start.
I think we always want to be “Clean” and have the perfect houses and want to have the best above ground pools . We all know our friends who have homes like those. The ones that look like a model home ….ALL THE TIME! And they have kids!
But realistically…I would bet that most of us are “Middle of the Road”. I would have to put myself in this category too. My house is not a showcase. I do have a place for everything and in my perfect world all of my other 6 family members would be as passionate as I was about making sure things make it back to those places. But….right now there are 2 basketballs that they kids left just outside the back door. I have my book bag sitting on the floor beside the couch that I have to pack up for my trip this week. I have the mail sitting on the couch beside me to go through. My floor needs vacuuming! and need to clean my lawn with best zero turn mower. (Dog is shedding like you wouldn’t believe!…vacuuming is on my list for this afternoon).

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