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Consumption of Squirrel During Summer – Safe or Unsafe

Consumption of Squirrel During Summer - Safe or Unsafe

Across the globe, people prefer to eat different kinds of food available in the market from season to season. People eat different animals like hens, goats, rabbits, pigs, beef, snakes, etc. It might sound weird to some of us when we listen that people eat squirrels in some parts of the world. It is not easy to eat squirrel as it is different from other meat food items. Many factors are taken into consideration before eating squirrel meat. One can observe this in the USA and mainly in southern parts of the USA. To ensure there is no harm while eating it one has to be aware of the below details before cooking or eating.

Important Things to Be Kept in Mind:

  • Deciding what kind of squirrel to eat?
  • How to prepare squirrel meat?
  • The perfect season to eat squirrel?
  • Precautions while eating squirrel.
  • Benefits. Is it safe or unsafe?

Kind Of Squirrel to Eat:

Kind Of Squirrel to Eat

It is very important to decide the kind of squirrel to eat as it makes one healthy rather than falling sick. A perfect choice is the grey squirrel as it is one of the most hunted animals in the USA. It is found everywhere in places like bins at the local park, in local gardens, or backyards. Though white squirrels are also available they are difficult to hunt because of their amusing nature. Though it is not an easy task for any hunter grey ones are the best.

Preparing Squirrel Meat:

Perfect Season to Eat Squirrel

One can eat squirrel by preparing its meat. This meat is so sweeter than rabbit’s meat. Squirrel meat is very thin which makes it a popular choice among meat food lists. This is ideal for those individuals who are having health issues.

To eat such delicious and sweetmeat one has to follow a procedure. Best way to prepare meat in slow cooking method. This is a popular method too. It is preferred because of the toughness of the meat. To braise such meat, it takes 8-10 hours at low temperatures. The front side of meat is chosen when you prepare it.

One can prepare fried meat too. It varies from person to person. Parboiling helps to get higher proportions of meat from a squirrel. One can eat in barbeque form, fried, stews, pot pies of squirrel meat.

Perfect Season to Eat Squirrel:

Choosing the right season to eat squirrels is very important as eating all the time is unsafe. It is unsafe when you eat during the summer season and safe during the winter season. During warm summer squirrel becomes a great host for flies, lice, ticks, insects, bugs, etc.

Because of hot temperatures, squirrel meat gets contaminated with parasites and bugs very easily. They easily breed on the squirrel corpse which makes the meat unhealthy to eat. If a person eats such meat, then the person will suffer from several health issues. Sometimes it leads to the death of a person.

The best time to eat squirrels in the USA is in the winter season as they do not get contaminated with parasites and bugs.

Precautions To Be Taken While Eating Squirrels:

  • Ensure that squirrel is safe from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease as some of them carry this disease. It is known as mad cow disease which is dangerous.
  • Eating too much squirrel meat is very dangerous as it leads to a rare fatal brain disorder.
  • Glands of the squirrel limbs have to be cut before preparing its meat.
  • Take advice from a professional if you have any doubts about whether the squirrel is having any disease or not.
  • One must avoid squirrel brains and any of its spinal fluids.
  • People who are having heart issues should not eat because of high cholesterol levels.

Benefits Of Eating Squirrel Meat:

  • More amount of protein is found in squirrel meat when compared to chicken or beef.
  • A good source of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.
  • A good source of iron and niacin in the body.

After a detailed study on eating squirrels, we can conclude that it is unsafe to eat during summer and safe to eat in the winter season. Squirrel meat is one of the favorite cuisines in restaurants.

Its sweet flavor and firm texture are important food dishes while special occasions. All the steps are to be followed to be safe while you eat a squirrel. This is a good source of proteins which is important to the human body. Eat healthy squirrel. Be healthy and stay fit.


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When Is It Safe to Eat Squirrels?

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