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Effective Ideas to Keep the Cold Frame Warm at Night

Effective Ideas to Keep the Cold Frame Warm at Night

Cold frames are known as mini-greenhouses. A cold frame is a wooden box with a glass roof that can grow plants in unfavorable weather conditions. This box is a life savior for plant lovers in cold weather.

Generally, there is ice during winters in most cold places. A cold frame there plays an important role in growing plants and vegetables. The box prevents the plants from ice, and the glass roof allows the sunlight to fall on the plants. One can grow vegetables, flowers, fruits like strawberries, etc.

Although the box is quite warm and suitable during the daytime, it becomes extreme cool when the temperature falls to negative during nighttime. One needs proper techniques and methods to keep the box warm even at night time. If you don’t know such methods, then you may have to say goodbye to your plants.

Don’t worry; we are here to guide you in every situation. The list of such methods and techniques are given below:

How To Keep Cold Frame Warm at Night?

Wipe Off All the Ice from The Top of The Cold Frame

Wipe Off All the Ice from The Top of The Cold Frame

The method is to keep the glass roof always clean. The residue ice can block the sunlight and make the box even colder. Not only ice, but try to wipe off leaves also. It can do the same mechanism as ice.

Choose The Appropriate Time for Watering

Watering also plays an important role in keeping the cold frame warm. Water allure more coldness from its surrounding and make the cold frame very cold. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the plants as much dry as possible. For this, you need to choose the best timing for the watering of plants.

In general, early morning is considered the ideal time to water the plants. Also, do not water the plants daily if not needed. You can do the process on alternative days or even after 3-4 days.

Use The Empty Plastic Bottles

Do you know, painted plastic bottles can store the heat in the daytime and release it during the nighttime? Take an empty plastic bottle and paint it black or with another dark color. Put the painted bottle in the cold frame at the place with great exposure to sunlight. Now the paint will absorb maximum heat from the sun and release it at night when plants need it most.

If there is no sunlight during a cloudy day, fill the bottle with warm water at night and put it in the cold frame. It will also perform the same function as sunlight. If you don’t want to go for bottles, use other heat-trapping materials that do not allow the heat to glaze from the box. You can use bubble wrap or maybe a blanket at night.

Use Electric Appliances Such as Bulb

During the nights of December and January, your plants may need extra heat as the temperature fall to a large extent. For this, you can use electric bulbs with bright yellow light to keep the cold frame greenhouse warm.

If all these methods are not working for you and you want to do something about it, then convert your box into a hotbed. For this purpose, there come cables and boards which have to be fit in the cold frame. You need to turn the switch on, and the cable will show its magic to make your cold frame warmer than ever.

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Try To Locate the Cold Frame Under the Roof

Try To Locate the Cold Frame Under the Roof

Of course, plants need sunlight for healthy growth, but, if possible, then try to locate the cold frame under the roof of your outhouse. Choose a space where there will be no ice by sufficient amount of sunlight exposure.

If there is less ice, the cold frame can stay warm up to all night. You can also remove the ice in the evening if possible. It will give you a better result.

Mistakes To Avoid While Applying the Above Techniques

You should always avoid the following mistakes for the healthy growth of your plant babies:

  • Be careful during the use of electric cables and bulbs. Do not overheat the cold frame box. It can restrict the growth of the plant and even burn them.
  • If you put a bottle with warm water inside the box, check it once at night. It may be possible that water cools down and act reversely.
  • To keep the plants dry, do not dehydrate them. Pour the necessary water into them at the appropriate time.
  • You can also add manure to plants. Go for only organic fertilizers. It also helps to trap the heat.

These are the best and effective methods to keep the cold frame warm. If one method doesn’t work, then do not quit; just keep on trying another method. We hope you will have a good and successful vegetable crop this winter.

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Olivia Garcia is a distinguished personality of Texas with a Master's in Environmental Science from Universoty of Michigan and has been a prominent writer on sustainable living and home gardening. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Botany and has been enlightening readers with her green thumb tips and nature conservation insights. Previously, she worked with various environmental NGOs, contributing to their outreach and education programs. In her free time, she enjoys pottery and running marathons. Her hobbies include birdwatching and participating in local environmental initiatives.

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