What To Do When The Electric Start on Your Snow Blower Doesn’t Work

What to Do When the Electric Start on Your Snow Blower Does Not Work? 

A snow blower is always used in the winter season only, and once the winter season gets over, the machines are kept in the storeroom.

Professionals always suggest that you should keep an eye on the machines now and then to prevent them from any damage.

This is mainly required if you have an electronic machine that runs on electricity.

There are always high chances that if a machine has not been operated for a long time, it can damage its motors and sensors that did not work for a long time.

So, if you sit back and relax and do not provide proper maintenance on time, machines might create problems.

So, a better thing to do is to check them frequently whether they are operating fine or not.

What is an Electric Start Snow Blower?

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There has been a lot of confusion between an electric start snowblower and electric powered snow blower. An electric start snowblower is also known as a push-button start snowblower and needs a recoil to get started.

With an electric start snowblower, all you need to do is push the start button after plugging the snowblower into the switchboard. This will let the recoil start the engine, and the machine will be ready to be operated.

There are several snow blowers available in the market that are electric and runs on electricity. Still, they do not have an electric start. An electric start snowblower is a lifesaver for those who do not have enough time to operate the machine and clean the snow during heavy snowfall. So, these working professionals need an electric start snowblower to get the work done in no time.

How does Electric Start Snow Blower work?

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An electric snow blower is like any electric powered snowblower with a little difference in its operation. The only difference is in their process of starting the machine. For an electric start snowblower, all you need to do is plug the machine and push the start button to get the machine started.

The electric start snowblower is very easy to operate and takes significantly less time in starting as it is designed to provide relaxation to the customers while using the machine. But the main thing is to take extra precaution while moving them as if you ignore them, and you might get injured with the machine.

The electric start snowblower is too heavy to be lifted, and that is why it is relatively difficult to move it somewhere. However, it is relatively compact and versatile, and this is why so many working professionals use it. The only thing is that they require proper maintenance from time to time as they run on electricity so there are always chances that they might create some problem on their own.

If you want to start your electric start snowblower, you will have to ensure that the machine has no problem with any parts, including the extension cord, the machine parts such as throttle, choke, and every other part. In this way, you will configure the broken part of the machine, and then you can fix the issue.

What to Do If Electric Start Snow Blower Does Not work?

If your electric start snowblower is not operating, then there are chances that they might have created some problems for themselves, and now they are not working correctly. The first and foremost thing you need to do in such a situation is to check whether the cords are loose or might get some cuts in between and not let the machine be operated.

The next thing you need to do is check the outlet, whether it is working correctly. Before pointing out the machine’s problems, you should check the other variables whether they are working correctly or not. In such a case, most of the time, the problem is in the outlet where you have plugged the machine.

It is possible that either the outlet got damaged and not working or the connection got loose. First, you should check if there is any such problem, and if these two things are working fine, you should move to the next step. If the outlet has set and reset button, then make sure both of them are working or not.

Check your Extension Cord

The next thing is to check the extension cord as there are high chances that the cord may have stopped working if it is too old. Many people are unaware that the cord might look good from the outside, but if it is too old, it may stop working anytime. They can easily get broken or might have got some tears during the season change. So, there are high chances that the extension cord may not work correctly.

For checking the extension cord, first of all, you should remove it from the plug, and then you should look thoroughly at the whole cord whether it has got some cuts or crack. If there are some cracks, you should take it to any hardware shop and ask if they can fix it.

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If not, it is not an issue as you will have to change the extension cord. So, if the extension cord is why the machine is not working, it will be too easy to fix this issue.

Also, if you will be needed to change the extension cord, you should purchase an extra extension so that it does not quickly get cracks or cuts. The key to a successfully operating machine is that the cord should be hard enough not to get stretch and scratches on the wire. Once the wires get loose, then there are chances that the cord may stop functioning.

Clean Out the Machine

If you have checked the machine’s power source and it is working perfectly fine, then the next thing is to clean the machine thoroughly. As an electric start snowblower is used to shovel and clean the snow from all over the ground, there are high chances that the snow may somehow get into the machine. Now it is creating a problem in operating. So, you should clean the machine thoroughly.

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Some simple cleaning of the machine can make a huge difference in starting the electric start snowblower. Cleaning the machine also requires checking the proper amount of fuel in the machine. If all these things are working well, then you should start cleaning the machine. Clean it with the help of cloth and water. Make sure that the water does not enter the machine.

What to Do If the Machine Still Does Not Work?

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After doing all these kinds of stuff, if the machine is still not working, then there is a mechanical problem. So, now all you need to do is check the machine thoroughly and identify the part that creates a problem. The first step in this process is to check whether your machine is powered by fuel or powered by gas. If the machine is powered by gas, you will have to check the choke and throttle positions.

A machine that is powered by gas creates problems mainly in its choke and throttle sections. The choke should be open if the engine is hot and closed if the engine is closed. Also, the throttle should be in the fastest position to get started. Now, all you need to do is to check the carburetor, whether it is clean or not.

There are high chances that the carburetor may contain junk, and thus it is not allowing the machine to get started. If this is the case, then all you will have to do is to clean the junk in the machine and then check if it is still starting or not. If the machine does not get started after doing all these checks, then there will be no option left other than calling a professional for help.


So far, we have discussed too many things about an electric start snowblower and how it works. The first and foremost thing you will have to note about an electric start snow blower is that it is relatively like an electric power snowblower.

It only has one difference in its operating process. If you somehow get your electric start snowblower damaged, then all you will have to do is figure out the defect and get it fixed.

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