5 Low-Cost Living Room Makeover Ideas You Can Try This Christmas


As Christmas is around the corner, you will already be in a festive mood. But what if your living room isn’t? If you realize that this part of the house needs a makeover at this last moment, your holiday budget may take a hit. Further, it will be practically impossible to find enough time to refurbish the place. Right now, you need quick and low-cost makeover ideas that do not burn a hole in your pocket and can be implemented in a day. Fortunately, there are some superb ones that we can share with you.

Create an accent wall

The simplest way to give the place a new look and feel is by creating an accent wall. You can pick one of the walls and paint it bright with a festive shade of color. Warm hues like orange or red for the accent wall and have a pastel shade elsewhere. Wallpaper is a good idea as it is less messy even if you want to DIY. You can even create a picture gallery on the accent wall by hanging pictures with some favorite memories with your loved ones.

Color the sofa with vibrant cushions

If you are running tight on budget and time, just picking some vibrant cushions for your sofa can do the holiday decor trick this season. Even a decade-old sofa will get an instant pick-me-up with bright ones in distinct shapes. You can add an extra dose of color with a matching area rug for the floor. It will make your living room appear warm and welcoming as well.

Ramp up your fireplace

No living room makeover is complete without ramping up the fireplace because this element is essential for bringing warmth and comfort to this part of your living space. Luckily, you can buy an electric fireplace this season rather than depending on rick of firewood. It wouldn’t pinch your pocket yet bring the same coziness as a traditional fireplace offers. Just hang a statement wreath on the wall above the fireplace, and you have a cozy little spot your guests would love.

Play with lights

Bringing in the festive vibes with a display of lights all around the living room is another low-cost idea you should definitely try. Wrap up delicate fairy lights around the Christmas tree. You can even fix them on foliage placed around the corners of the room to brighten it up. If you want to keep things subtle yet create an aura, just light up some scented candles in the evening.

Go green this Christmas

Apart from the Christmas tree, there is much more you can do to give your living room a “green” makeover this holiday season. You can look out for some terrarium ideas to enhance the green vibe of your living room. Be bold with fresh foliage to make an impact. Evergreens such as ferns and eucalyptus are great picks because they offer fragrance and longevity besides looking good. Finish the greens with fairy lights and a few festive ornaments, and your place is all set to impress!

Decking up your living room for a Merry Christmas need not burden your wallet. A little creativity and some effort take you a long way. So go ahead and try these ideas to create a lovely ambiance for your place.

Madison Hall
With a background in Engineering from Stanford University, Madison Hall brings a unique perspective to the DIY world. With 15 years of experience in both engineering and DIY projects, she started contributing to our website in 2022. Her approach combines technical knowledge with experience, making her articles informative and accessible. Before joining us, Madison worked in a leading engineering firm focusing on sustainable building practices. She enjoys woodworking and exploring the latest tech gadgets in her leisure time.

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