30 Garden Tools List You Must Have

The Ultimate List Of 30 Garden Tools

Having suitable gardening tools makes a huge difference between that individual who is a serious gardener and is just assuming to be a gardening-lover.

Whether your garden has blooming flowers, palatable or delicious vegetables, or a good variety of fruits, you require a range of gardening equipment’s so that you can look after them.

Hereupon, your lawn needs the right pampering and proper maintenance to observe it all around the year.

Those who consider gardening either as their passion or professional aspect will also acknowledge that the necessary gardening equipment deserves a space in every gardener’s shelter. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss 30 gardening equipment’s to

30 Best Garden Tools List

1. Auger

It is a drilling tool utilized for creating holes in the ground field. It generally contains a rotating screw blade, which works as an endless screw to isolate the drilled-out kinds of stuff in the ground and creates holes for transplanting the plants in the ground.

2. Border Spade or Border Mattock

This gardening equipment contains a straight, lean, or thin, rectangular-sized blade utilized for digging in a limited region like a lawn or garden area. These spades are much smaller and portable than the regular blade, which is used for a large amount of digging.

3. Bow Rake

This gardening tool is a straight comb or rakes and a crescentic metal stand, which adjoins the rake’s teeth to the knob of the tool. This tool is essential to collect the leaves, gravels, pebbles, and other items so that the ground can be cleared up with this stuff.

4. Bow Ripper or Bow Saw

This tool comprises a C-Shaped metallic frame that attach both ends of the saw with a toothed blade, which is formulated to cut down the coarse offshoots of trees and other plants.

5. Shrubbery Fork or Border For

This garden tool is a smaller version of a garden fork, which is generally utilized for small garden fields or lawns. It is ideal for extracting small plants and shrubs, which cannot be done by a giant fork seamlessly, just like a garden fork.

6. Broad fork or U-Fork

This gardening tool is used to split up the closely packed soil to reform the ventilation and irrigation. It comprises tip-metallic spikes, which are nearly eight inches long along with two handles that app appears to be a U-shaped structure with that in gardening or sowing seeds.

7. Bulb Planter

It is also a fantastic Gardening tool used to dug holes to sow various small plants in the garden. It is also formulated to lay down the soil back into the bore or hole to cover the bulbs.

8. Flat Rake

A Plain Rake or Level Head Rake contains a rectangular-shaped topknot with around 10 to 16 spikes or teeth attached centrally and a tall knob or handle. And the rear side of this rake is flat used for flattening the surface and clearing out all the wastes from the soil.

9. Garden Fork or Spading Fork

It is a crucial gardening tool containing a handle and multiple finers, and strong spikes or tines. It is utilized in unearthing or loosening the soil of the garden.

10. Garden Hoe

A garden spade or hoe is general gardening equipment with lengthy knob or handles and small square-sized blades that are utilized to form the soil, extract the weeds, and help a lot in mowing the root crops in the garden.

11. Garden Shovel

It is gardening equipment used to cultivate, uplift, and shift the garden soil, and the most general type of garden shovel has a circular fringe with a tapered nib and is designed to lift out a large amount of soil.

12. Gas Operated Lawn Trimmer or Edger

A lawn edger is a mechanical lawn edger that generates separate boundaries between the lawn area and other land surfaces like gardens or fields.

13. Portable or Handheld Sprayer

A portable garden sprayer is valuable gardening equipment used to apply liquid compost or fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. Sometimes, they can also be used as a water sprayer to spray water in the flowers.

14. Hedge Shears

These shears range around 12 to 28 inches in length and are formulated to cut down wooden material like stems of shrubs, plants, leaves, etc. The handles of these shears are made up of either wood or metallic structure with rubber grips.

15. Lawn Mower

It is mechanical garden equipment which is generally used for cutting grasses on lawn or garden surface. It can be either gas-operated or electric-operated.

16.Leaf Rake

This fan-like structure is a vacuous or lightweight rake with flat, elastic spikes dissipated outward. This gardening tool is formulated to swab and gather leaves and other debris in this procedure without interrupting your garden’s soil.

17. Pick Mattock

It is a particular type of Mattock, a joint combination of pick and adze tool in a single Mattock. This tool is generally utilized when you try to break a large stone or ditch large holes to cultivate more plants quickly.

18. Powered Chainsaw

It is a movable electrically operated, or gasoline operated motorized chainsaw containing adjoined teeth with the rotating chain operated with a guide bar. It is generally used to cut down large trees, trimming or pruning trees, woodpile mowing or harvest, etc.

19. Rake

It is a long or short-handled gardening tool with teeth at its ends that is generally designed to gather grass or other debris that includes leaves, pebbles, etc. The soil could be liberated or loosen from all types of wastes in the garden.

20. Scoop Shovel

This gardening tool is generally used in Polar Regions or snowy regions. It is a tool with a handle and a wide blade (also known as a shovel) that is utilized for extracting and transporting excess material from your garden area like snow, dust, etc.

21. Soil Scoop

It is a mainstream boring or digging equipment with a deep cup-shaped topknot with a pointed end and jagged edges. It is an ideal gardening tool for separating bulbs with confined injury, excavating or digging pits, etc.

22. Sprinkler

It is also considered a vital gardening device that splashes water streams on the garden or lawn area to frequently irrigate the plants, which is generally modulated with a timer’s help. You can adjoin the sprinkler with a water tube for the flow of water in the sprinkler.

23. Trowel

It is a small-sized gardening tool with a bare foundation and a bend scoop formulated for holding small shrubs or plants. It is also utilized for digging, transporting some soil from one place to another, etc.

24. Water Pipe or Hose

A water pipe or a garden hose is a resilient pipe that is generally utilized to flow water inside the pipe used in the form of a sprayer or sprinkler to spread out water to a large area.

25. Watering Can

It is a movable water vessel or container with a lengthy bottleneck and pierced lid that can spread water in the shrubs, plants, and other trees. One of the important gardening tools is watering the plants is the most critical aspect of plants’ growth.

26. Wheelbarrow

It is a small cart with a single tire or wheel on the front side and two landing gears, and two knobs or handles on the rear side, which is used for shifting the pile of other stuff like soil, pebbles, gravel, sand, etc.

27. Small D-Handle Shovel

Having a small excavator or shovel can be valuable equipment when you are functioning in your lawn or garden area. As they are small and portable, they can also be carried easily to any place.

28. Protective Gloves

These gloves are, in fact, a great choice, particularly for those consumers that assist you to safeguard your hands and wrists from scuff or scratches from the thorns of several plants like rose, cactus, etc.

29. Compost Bin

It is a unique tool formulated to contain all the organic stuff in a single bin. It permits them to decay or decompose and fractionate gradually to convert these decompose stuff into organic compost.

30. Edging Shears

This gardening tool is formulated to assist the gardener cut down the grass accurately along the passageway. They are often connected with lengthy knob or handles, allowing the consumer to emend the plants while rising.


These are the 30 Gardening tools that are generally used in the garden in multiple ways.

So, suppose you’re a gardening lover and plan to start horticulture as your hobby or as a professional choice. In that case, this list will help you know much more about different gardening tools and make it easier to understand each aspect of horticulture deeply.

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