Troy Bilt 27 Ton Log Splitter Review

Troy Bilt 27 Ton Log Splitter

As wood for firewood, one can have significant sections (rounds) of wood using a chainsaw or a saw bench, but for having firewood from these big logs of softwood and hardwood, a log splitter is used.

Many log splitters consist of hydraulic or electrical rod and piston assembly, and these are often rated by the tons of force they can generate. An electric splitter can correctly handle softwoods like pine, but the stricter type of hardwood like oak, elm, locust, cherry, etc.

You will need a much heavier fuel-powered model that produces up to 25 tons of splitting pressure or more. The higher the force rating, the greater the thickness or length of the rounds that can be split. Also, the higher the force ratings, the higher the price will be.

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The 27-ton log splitter is supposed to be something average kind of splitter and can vary in range for different companies. The Troybilt 27-ton log splitter may cost from $1600 up to $1770. The log splitter consists of all four major hydraulic components.

Is Log Splitter Is A Good Choice for You?

Troy Bilt 27 Ton Log Splitter

Firstly, if you rarely split woods or logs, owning a log splitter would not be a profitable deal, in case you could borrow it or rent one, but if you require it frequently and think you can give the machine an excellent workout, a log splitter would help you in a better way.

It will be saving both your energy and time as well. It would also make you feel relaxed while using it and remembering those moments when working instead of it with your body pain.

Your work up to hours would be reduced to minutes. In case you have a greenhouse burner or are in a profession of something related to woods or logs, a Troybilt 27-ton log splitter can make your work easier.

A small splitter of about 27 tons can come to your use in different ways. For a gardener or woodworker and requiring significantly less or negligible maintenance, a Troybilt 27-ton log splitter would be the best device ever.

Troybilt 27 Ton Log Splitter Review

Troy Bilt 27 Ton Log Splitter 2

A Troybilt 27-ton log splitter is a mobile splitter that can be carried with one hand easily. It would help you cut trees, trimming hedges, and cutting the logs into small pieces. Its power can be imagined as it can split everything like hardwood, green, dry, joint, notes all with different ease and comfort.

It would handle almost every kind and size of wood without facing any type of problem. Its stand makes it easier to move and split woods. The machine does not make so much noise and runs quietly and smoothly instead.

Troy-Bilt’s branded and very available engine (one of the most trusted brands around the globe) makes it bolder and more powerful. As we all know, troy bilt is an authentic American brand of outdoor power equipment that never compromises its quality.

It comes with a recoil starter type and an engine displacement of 208cc. Its engine makes it easy to start and hardworking, and very stingy with fuel. It has enough power to split trunks of different trees. It is durable and long-lasting. This machine would be with you up to 15-20 years very quickly if kept with proper care.

A 27 ton RAM force engine is an average cc engine that is neither too high nor too low to make it affordable in terms of cost. The machine will come already assembled, so you do not need to waste any time assembling its parts, and what you only have to do is add oil and get ready to start.

Being a fuel log splitter, it will usually pack a little more punch than an electric splitter and allow you to take on some more giant logs in comparison to those on electrical ones.

Horizontal splitters are great for splitting pieces that you can lift easily. Still, you will need a model that splits wood vertically for more massive pieces of larger diameter. Being a dual wedged model design, this machine suits a lot.

It is cheaper and worth having a machine that would never let you regret having it. You would hardly face any problem in using any part of the machine. The features of this machine will surely make you feel like having your money back in the pocket.

Troybilt 27 Ton Log Splitter Warranty

Factory warranty over the machine is an additional plus point for owning it. Troy Bilt provides a warranty of around two years while purchasing the machine. A warranty card will be provided to you.

You could easily replace any part of the machine according to factory norms, which does not work efficiently under the warranty period. The replacing facility of the company is remarkable.

Troybilt 27 Ton Log Splitter Features and Specification

Twenty-seven tons RAM force, a powerful engine machine will be making a stack of firewood out of larger trees and logs in a short period with great ease.

  • 27 tons of RAM force
  • Cast iron framework, which is replaceable and sharp, enables splitting wedge with wood stripper plate.
  • Having an automatic cylinder return, which is having a 19-second cycle time.
  • For more protection and long durability, hoses have been wrapped with a coil.
  • Have heavy-duty along with the 2-stage pump.
  • Has been provided with a 3-gallon hydraulic reservoir, including hydraulic fluid in it.
  • Its operation can be changed very quickly from vertical to horizontal operation.
  • Has been provided with a standard Hitch and jack stand.
  • Comes with standard polymer fenders.
  • It has standard log trays and a mid-size beam.
  • A standard log dislogger.
  • Wedge made up of cast iron and footplate made up of cast steel
  • small fame series.
  • 2” Tow Hitch.
  • The cylinder diameter is 4.5 in.
  • 16”x 4.8” wheels.

Things to Remember While Using the Troybilt 27 Ton Log Splitter

Troy Bilt 27 Ton Log Splitter Image

Make sure not to leave this machine in wet, freezing weather out. Leaving it out in cold weather makes it a bit harder to start as moisture in the weather will be collected around the pull start and freeze it solid.

The log tray is not too wider on the engine side, which you would have some complaints about, but the narrower log tray makes it easy to use and carry it more freely. Operating a log splitter without sufficient reservoir fluid in the hydraulic system may severely damage the hydraulic pump. It would be a reason to void the factory warranty. Do not mix different types of hydraulic fluids. Use only one type of approved lubricant.

You should be extra careful while stopping the splitting wedge when your hand will be released from the forward position. The splitting wedge could continue to creep or move forward, increasing a risk for your hand and fingers, so wearing the hand gloves would be highly recommended.

Read the manual carefully before use will be preferred. Keep the children away from the machine. After all, there is nothing which has not have some disadvantages. Every coin has two faces. It does not affect the efficiency of this machine.

What Others are Saying

The Troybilt 27-ton log splitter is a powerful, robust, and easy-to-use machine that helps both business owners and landowners. The convenient design allows you to cut large logs without any hassle.

Also, the engine refinement is so smooth, and it starts every time on the first full. It’s a powerful and portable option for anyone who wants a machine for splitting large amounts of wood.

There is a 33-ton option is also available in the market in case you need more power. However, if you are not doing log splitting on a large scale, then the Troybilt 27-ton log splitter is a great product to consider.


Whether you want split big logs or want wood for firewood, the Troybilt 27-ton log splitter is the right choice for you. It will not only make the process more comfortable but also saves a lot of time too.

If you are still confused about what log splitter may be suitable for your space, don’t hesitate to comment. We will assist you in making a better decision. You can also contact us to clear all your confusion and doubts. We will help you to satisfy all your queries and doubts in the best possible manner.

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