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What is a good summer without throwing the odd BBQ or two along the way? In the UK we aren’t blessed with the best weather all year round, so we have to make the most of it while we can.

With summer just now starting you still have plenty of time to gather together the outdoor furniture and equipment, you need to ensure you are throwing the best gatherings and parties out of all your friends and family. Read on to find out how to get summer-ready by buying the right garden furniture.

Eating and Drinking Outside

Who doesn’t enjoy having the chance to eat and drink in the comfort of their own home while enjoying great weather? If that sounds like you but you haven’t quite got the right pieces of furniture to hand now is the time to start looking around.

Think about the space you have available to you and how many people are likely to visit – especially if you’re throwing a party or a small gathering. The first point of call should be our rattan garden furniture sale that will give you great offers for a range of fantastic products. Then you can decide how many seats you need to keep everyone comfortable and content.

If you are a BBQ person then also consider if you need to upgrade existing equipment, or even invest in your very first BBQ set! Gas-heated options tend to be popular as you can get the fire heated up quickly, while BBQ smokers take a little longer. It all depends on the frequency of use and how many hungry people need feeding at any one time.

Seating Options

Where are your guests going to sit now that you’ve loaded them up with delicious BBQ cooking in one hand and a cool drink in the other?

Rattan garden corner sofas are always a smart investment, as they provide the seating coverage you are looking for, while also maximizing space. Waterproof cushions for outdoor furniture also make sense as they reduce the amount of upkeep and maintenance work that has to be carried out over time, increasing the longevity of your purchase.

Over the past few years, rattan garden corner furniture has proved to be an increasingly popular choice due to its space-saving design. If you have more room to play with then you can buy larger 8 or even 10-seater options, but compact gardens can also enjoy these wonderful products.

Businesses like Furniture Maxi offer different types of outdoor furniture, making it easy for you to find one that suits your style preference and budget.

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Set The Right Mood

You’ll also want the garden to feel inviting so people can relax outside for hours on end. This is where you can get really creative, adding sparks of colour and accessories that will really make the garden feel unique.

If you’ve opted for neutral colours such as grey garden furniture, then it’s the perfect palette to contrast with brighter colours. Whether you go for a more British or Mediterranean look is entirely up to you, but the vibrant tones will add character and reflect more of your personality. Even a patterned or brightly coloured scatter tropical cushions can bring a new dimension to a neutrally coloured space.

Lighting also plays a key role, especially if your BBQ or party goes on into the evening. Solar lighting illuminates the space well and comes on automatically as sunlight starts to fall. Fairy lights are economical in price but also look very pretty when strung around seating and dining areas in the evening.

Garden Maintenance

Unfortunately, with all the guests coming round to enjoy the food, it also means you have to put in a little more work to keep the garden in good shape.

Keep the lawn looking trim and neat by cutting the length once it gets to around 2-3 inches. Use a good trimmer to make the lawn look neat and pristine and ready for another night of entertaining. Also check for any sticks, twigs or stones that are lying around that people could trip over or step onto uncomfortably.

Artificial grass could be an option if you are preparing from scratch, as this requires much less maintenance. For patios and decking areas, wash these down with power hoses to keep them looking clean and fresh for the next BBQ you’ll be hosting!

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