10 Ideas to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Area in Your Backyard


If you live in a private house, you should make the most of its backyard. In this article, you will discover ten precious recommendations on how to do it.

The presence of a backyard is one of the most meaningful arguments in favor of living in a private house. The yard does not need to be huge. Even if it is compact, you can turn it into a highly comfortable place that reflects your tastes and personality. The primary mission of the free space around your house is to provide you with a cozy area where you can relax, have a meal and socialize with your guests. In this article, you will find smart tips on how to make the most of your backyard regardless of its size and your budget.

No Clutter

In most yards, you would find plenty of items that their owners do not need. These might be toys that used to belong to your kids until they grew up, the bicycle that you do not ride anymore or a just a pile of “helpful” tools that you should have got rid of long ago. You need to either throw these items away, or donate them, or move them inside your storage room. Every inch of the space in the open is too precious to be cluttered! Prune overgrown trees and hedges and clear as much space as you can.


An umbrella, an awning, a pergola, an enclosed patio, or a gazebo will not only protect you from the scorching sun but will also hide you from your neighbors’ eyes. They will add privacy and intimacy to your backyard. Also, they might remind you of a seaside resort or a brunch in a garden restaurant. Vines over arbors and roofs will be an even more creative solution.


If the last time you bought new outdoor furniture was two decades ago, you might be surprised to know how the assortment of shops has changed. Forget about dull and uniform chaise lounges! What about LED lounge chairs or benches that look like masterpieces of modern architecture? Or sectionals that you would normally see in a stylish beach club? Or hammocks that are perfect for a lengthy siesta… In shops that sell designer items, such as Room Service 360, you will discover plenty of state-of-the-art objects that you can seat or lie down on.


If you enjoy spa treatments, put a hot tub in your backyard. It might be a compact one just for you and your better half. Or you might opt for a larger model that accommodates up to six people — you can make a party and drink champagne while sitting in the tub.

If the climate does not permit or if you prefer indoor spas, you might decorate your backyard with other water features: a fountain, a bird bath, a koi pond or a garden pond. Water brings relaxation — especially if you can not just watch it but also listen to its peaceful sound.


Why not put a fireplace, chiminea or fire pit in your backyard? Those who are afraid of real fire can opt for its artificial analog. A sitting area around the fire will become a point of attraction for the whole family in the evening and during the cooler months. It might turn into your favorite spot for romantic dates and festive dinners.


Probably, the fire will not be always burning — so you will need alternative sources of light. You can attach a garland of small multicolored lights to your fence or purchase forged vintage street lamps. You can scatter multiple small lamps on the ground level, provided that they are durable enough and no one will step on them accidentally. Be creative and arrange a stunning illumination for your backyard!

Check backyard lighting ideas.


Plants are so diverse that the ways you can use them for your backyard decor seem infinite. If you like bamboo and other tall tropical plants, you can “build” privacy walls out of them and zone out different areas. Those who enjoy delicious scents should grow flowering shrubs around their dining or seating areas. Their aroma will be especially strong in the evening. The best advice on choosing plants is: select the ones that will feel good in your climate. If you are not a fan of gardening, opt for low maintenance ones — the selection of shapes, colors and sizes should be still vast.


If you practice yoga, create a beautiful meditation space where you would hang dream catchers and put aroma lamps. If you love cooking, build an outdoor kitchen where you can fry burgers or a bar where you will mix cocktails. Painters can take their easels outdoors. Book lovers will feel comfortable on a sofa with a coffee table nearby. No matter what your hobby is, spending time outside should be better for your health — and probably for inspiration too.


If you are a proud owner of a home with a view, avoid blocking this view with outdoor furniture, trees or construction elements. Instead, try to frame it with a pergola or an archway covered with vines. Your background should become an integral part of the surrounding landscape and merge with it.

Fence Mural

Hire a street artist and ask them to paint something on your fence. You will get a truly unique decor element at an affordable price. Your fence will become a favorite Instagram point for your guests. As soon as you realize that you want a new picture or ornament, just invite the artist once again.


These were just a few examples of what you can do in your backyard. You can arrange a vertical garden by attaching flower pots to your fence or spread a large carpet on the ground, creating a living room in the open. You can find a cozy corner for a projector, put blankets on the grass and watch movies under the stars. You can come up with dozens of other amazing ideas and bring them to life. Do not forget to ask your family members about their wishes and expectations! They have a right to enjoy the backyard too.

Emily Davis
Emily Davis, who holds a degree in Ornithology from Cornell University, has shared her expertise with our readers. With over 11 years of field research on bird behavior and habitat conservation, Emily brings a deep understanding of avian ecology to her writing. She has consulted for various national parks, aiding in protecting avian species. She previously worked with international wildlife organizations, focusing on bird migration patterns. Emily is also a skilled wildlife photographer, capturing the beauty of birds in their natural habitats.


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