Greenest Neighborhoods in Florida: 2023 Guide

Greenest Neighborhoods in Florida: 2023 Guide

If you are looking for the perfect oasis to live in even in the midst of a city’s bustle, we have some excellent options for you! With our greenest neighborhoods in Florida: 2023 guide, you’ll find the ideal location to call home.

St. Petersburg

If you are looking for the greenest neighborhoods in Florida, you don’t have to look much further than St. Petersburg. Why do we just name an entire city, you may ask? Well, because in 2006, St. Petersburg became the very first officially designated green city in the United States.

The city has only done more since than to improve its reputation and allow all its residents to live sustainably. And since the city earned its designation in the first place by insisting on water conservation, preservation of estuaries and sensitive lands, and planting trees, you can rest assured that any neighborhood you pick within it will be full of beautiful nature and greenery.

The cost of living and housing within the city is also very low, so you can easily get the home of your dreams with a sizable yard for you to play with.

Coconut Grove, Miami

Coconut Grove is one of the greenest and most beautiful neighborhoods in Miami. This means you can both admire greenery and take full advantage of Miami’s many businesses and services.

Such as the many excellent Miami movers, that let you simply reach out to experts when you need them! It is not just home to a lot of parks, it also has easy access to the waterfront. If you love the idea of having access to both water and greenery, this is likely to be one of your favorite locations on our list of greenest neighborhoods in Florida.

The neighborhood also has a lot of excellent stores and boutiques, which makes living here even more convenient. Of course, being one of the best neighborhoods in Miami, the cost of housing here is more expensive than in an average area of the city.

Park Lake Highland, Orlando

Orlando is generally a very green city, but Park Lake Highland truly takes the cake as its greenest neighborhoods. Everything about this neighborhood exudes natural charm, from the many parks and the scenic walking paths to the charming lawns of the local houses. The homes here really embrace gardening, both outside and even within the homes themselves.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables is a small town right next to Miami, which boasts of some truly breathtaking and, more importantly, green sights! The town is famous for its tree-lined boulevards, and the historic homes it features only enhance the town’s overall atmosphere.

Especially since many of them are covered in ivy that makes them look particularly distinguished rather than just cold and regal. The town is also home to the University of Miami, so you can very easily ensure that your kids will have the best possible education if you set up here!

The presence of the University does, however, make things a bit more expensive. Both daily living expenses and housing costs are higher here than in a lot of the other places on our list. Whether the costs are worth it is up to you to decide, though the advantage of proximity to Miami does go a long way.

Hunters Green, Tampa

Hunters Green has a reputation as one of the greenest neighborhoods in Florida. And for good reason, since it is absolutely filled with a charming mix of homes with large yards and parks which almost bleed into each other.

Of course, as the experts from 24/7 Logistics Services point out, it also helps that people here can easily gain access to excellent storage facilities and other top-tier services of Tampa.

This neighborhood is like an oasis within the larger city. So, if you are looking for a place that’s oddly secluded yet still highly urban, this is the right pick for you.


Titusville is a small city which happens to be the county seat of Brevard County. The city itself is chock full of parks, as well as walking and biking trails. You will easily find yourself wandering the trails for hours, just to enjoy the beautiful sights of this place!

The natural beauty of the city’s surroundings is also considerable. As can be proven by the aptly named Enchanted Forest Sanctuary located very close to the city. Titusville is also a surprisingly cheap place to find housing, which works strongly in its favor when compared to the local quality of life!

Harbour Island, Tampa

Another entry from Tampa on our list of the greenest neighborhoods in Florida is Harbour Island. Harbor Island is almost cut off from the rest of the city, offering a uniquely calm and quiet area to call your home. Of course, the neighborhood also abounds in greenery, and this is one of the few places in Florida where growing trees as a privacy feature will not look out of place at all!


It may be surprising to see the state capital as the final entry on our list of the greenest neighborhoods in Florida. However, in spite of its prominence, the city truly deserves its place here by virtue of the fact that you are never far from greenery no matter where you live in it!

The city looks more like a gateway to a much greener past of the US than an actual, modern place to live. Of course, this isn’t to say that its amenities are lacking!

As the state capital, there are few cities in the state which match the quality of services you can get here. Which only makes the low local cost of living and housing even more surprising!

Choosing the green neighborhood in Florida you fancy

With our greenest neighborhoods in Florida: 2023 guide, you can easily find the place you want to call home. Of course, we recommend you carefully consider the pros and cons of every location before making your choice.

Some provide better employment and education opportunities, while others are ideal for young families due to their low costs. So, in the end, it all comes down to what you are looking for in a neighborhood.

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