How Do You Keep Christmas Decorations from Falling Over?

How to Hold Your Christmas Decors Upright?

Have you ever seen those unique Christmas yard decor ideas that remain steadfast no matter how windy the conditions are?

Well, when Christmas comes, it is normal for such questions to pop up. So, how ready are you for Christmas this year?

Well, if you have already dug out last year’s glittery pieces of stuff from your basement and are on the go to buy some new outdoor decor for this Christmas, we might help you.

Don’t worry; we are not going to sponsor sellers. Rather, we are here with solutions to perfect Christmas preps. Ready, are we?

How to Hold Your Christmas Decors Upright?

How to Hold Your Christmas Decors Upright?

Well, we deliver what we promise, and without much ado, we have the best solutions for you. Explanations can be done in many ways, but we have chosen a step-by-step guide. Let’s go ahead and see for ourselves how amazing these steps can be.

Step 1: A Take on Stakes

If you have been decorating outdoors long, we assume you know how important stakes are. They stand firm against windy blows and hold your decoration props right in their place. One common mistake people generally make is using one single type of stake for all their decorations, which keeps them falling over and over again.

Tent stakes in the market are designed to hold loops so you can string them to your inflatables. If you are choosing flat stakes, then they will go well with flat decorations only, like cardboard or plastic signs, etc. Such decorative props can be affixed to flat stakes using duct tape easily.

Step 2: Getting On with your Decorations

Before we delve deep into this section, list what you will need. Things like duct tape, twine, weights, a drill, and a rubber mallet will be your BFFs in this escapade.

If you have huge hollow plastic decor items or inflatable stuff, twine will come in handy to secure them in their positions. However, if it is all grave and concrete outside of your home or office, you have no option but to stake up your decorations. Here, weights come in handy. You can tape them with flat decors to stay on the ground. Or else, if it’s stakes that you are wishing for, a rubber mallet can do the drilling and poking in the stakes for you.

Step 3: Right Location is the Right Choice

There is always a site assigned for specific selections. In our cases, we prefer inflatables always on plain, flat ground right along sturdy letter boxes, trees, or other boasting elements. There is a reason behind doing so, other than the fact they look amazing and colors compliment them vividly. The reason is that these sturdy objects block the winds from blowing these props away.

For flat signs driven through the ground by stakes, we always prefer muddy areas. Here is a pro tip: if you aim to do so, ensure the stakes have gone deep into the ground and, thus, can stay upright against harsh winds. If you use hollow plastic stuff, place them in a secure space where other heavier items don’t fall on them.

Step 4: Hold Them Right, Hold Them Tight

Here is what most people don’t know about securing the decorations in their place, but we will spill the beans here. Earlier, we said you would be needing a twine and a drill. This is where they come into play. If you have hollow plastic decor items, then drill a few holes in the ground and route a twine through it. Now, you can tie the twine to the stake to make it super secure and sturdy.

There is an alternative if you don’t want to pierce your property. Get the sandbags, barbell plates, or heavy stuff from your gym or your basement and tie them to your plastic prop. They have a little loop-like hole attached to their bottom for this purpose.

Be it a flat decor item, a plastic one, or even a large inflatable one, always try driving the stakes down the ground at least one foot, or else use heavy weights for their secure positions. Avoid mounting them on study elements like trees or lamp posts because sooner rather than later, the wind will blow them away.

Last but not least, in either of the cases, always use more and more tape. Even when you think they are sufficient, they are not.

Step 5: Checking the Check List

This is the check time. Go over everything you have just done. Make sure your stakes are dugged deep in the ground. Your tapes are intact, and your weights are proper. Here is a trick from us to cross-check whether everything is alright or not.

Try moving your decors, and if they budge from the point of attachment, they are not secure. Do everything that is needed to make it super secure, including re-taping, re-drilling, re-tying, and re-weighting.

One more thing that must be in check is the straps or ropes you have used for tying stuff must not rub against any hard object like a rock, each other, or even a trash can, because if they do so, there is a high chance that they will break, leaving your decor lovelies floating in the skies.

Additional Tip for Your Decor

Additional Tip for Your Decor

We are here with the pro tip again. If you think your twines are not strong enough, you can always opt for padlocks or even chains are a good option. If your inflatable decor items have space to add weight inside them, then it is a win-win. This way, you can have a clear and clean display without ropes or anything.

If you have opted for glowing items with LED bulbs or with other electrical benefits, rethink about drilling, or even if you do so, be very careful with that.

Final Thoughts

So, how do you like our ideas? Have you tried them beforehand, or have we caught you by surprise? Well, you must try these tricks because we have been applying them every Christmas and have never failed in any way.

Like ours, your Christmas can be perfect too, with perfect lighting, perfect eggnogs, perfect decors, perfect tree, perfect gingerbreads, and perfect eve. Invite your friends and have them amazed; get a gleam of a smile on your kids’ faces every following morning

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