How to Secure Outdoor Christmas Decorations

How to Secure Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Putting up Christmas decorations outside our home is how we start the celebrations for this holiday season. Lights, inflatable snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc., are removed from storage and placed onto the lawn.

However, after setting them up, we need to have peace of mind that they will remain secure and stable throughout. You don’t want to lose your decorations or have them look bad.

You can easily achieve this by following a few tips. If you want to know how to secure even your most unusual outdoor Christmas decorations, we have you covered!

How to Secure Outdoor Christmas Decorations

1. For Inflatable Decorations

For Inflatable Decorations

Picking the Right Location Is Essential

Try to pick a spot where your inflatable decoration has some protection from the wind, such as placing it next to a wall, door, fence, lamp post, etc. This way, some wind is blocked, and the decoration remains in place for a longer time. Make sure to place it on a flat surface and not on any uneven part of the ground.

Add Weight and Secure Them in Place

Since the inflatables are very light, there is a high chance that they will fly away or just become deflated because the wind constantly pushes them. You can avoid this issue by anchoring them to the ground using weights like bags of sand/ gravel. Attach the decoration to these weights by using tether ropes and have a few of these weights added evenly around it. This way, regardless of how strong the wind is, the decoration will be steadily held in place. You can also tie them to something strong like poles or fences.

Use Sturdy Stakes or Pegs

Most inflatable decorations come with stakes (mostly aluminum) that you can use to hold them in place. But to be on the safer side, you can add a couple more stakes, and if your decoration doesn’t have any provision for it, then try to tie a thin rope around it in a way that it doesn’t change the shape of the inflatable decoration and then use the stakes to secure them to the ground. Try to use sturdier stakes like wooden ones or tent pegs for more stability.

2. For Ground Decorations

For Ground Decorations

Reduce the Resistance of The Wind

When it comes to decorations with huge holes in the middle, like wreaths, etc., they will sway in the wind but mostly won’t fall. This is because the air is allowed to pass through it, and there is less resistance. You can use the same principle for flat decorations and punch small holes through them so that it doesn’t have high resistance to the wind. But this cannot work for many decorations.

Use Rebars to Secure Them

Rebars, otherwise called reinforcement bars, can be used to secure the decorations in place. This is especially easy when your decoration has a hole in the back or if it is hollow with a hole in the bottom of it. You need to drive your rebar into the ground with a rubber mallet, and the deeper the rebar is, the less chance that it will get pulled out when there is a strong wind. After the rebar is driven to the ground, you can place your decoration over it and tie it well to the rebar. Because you have placed it on top of the rebar, your decoration can twist in place but will not fall. Alternatively, you can tie the back of your decoration to the rebar with the help of tether ropes so that it doesn’t move or twist in its place.

Stakes for More Support

If your decoration is flat and lightweight, it is highly likely to be affected by strong winds. You can use stakes to support these types of decorations. Fiberglass is a popular material for making decorations but is also light, so you can use stakes to hold them in place.

3. For Hanging Decorations

For Hanging Decorations

You need to be more careful with these decorations because there are chances that they might fall. To secure them in place, you can use clips that are specifically designed to hold decorations outside. These will have strong water and UV-resistant adhesive, and their composition will make them versatile. They can be stuck on any outdoor surface material (e.g., vinyl, fences, windows, etc.). This is way better than using tapes (even the strong adhesive ones) because if it rains, they will come off, bringing the decoration down with them. Also, when you want to remove the decor, it will leave a sticky residue on it. You can also use clothes pegs or cable wires to secure your decorations.

Tip: You also need to protect your decorations from thieves, and you can do this by tying them to your porch or light pole, making it difficult for them to remove them.


During Christmas, it is only natural to feel the need to decorate your house when everyone else also does it. After putting in such hard work, you don’t want your decorations to look bad.

To do this, you need to secure them in place, and depending on the type of decoration, different techniques can be used. For inflatable decorations, you can add weights, tie them to stakes or pegs, and choose the correct location.

For ground ones, you can use rebars, find ways to reduce wind resistance, and use stakes. For hanging decorations, you can use cable lines, clips, or clothes pegs.

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