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How long do industrial generators last?


There’s nothing as inconvenient, and as expensive, as work suddenly being brought to a stop on your industrial property. Factories, garden supplies, and other facilities used for industry work aren’t just using computers on desktops, are they? It’s huge equipment that’s on the line if the lights go out. Power outages can happen randomly and for any amount of time. Your generator, on the other hand, is guaranteed to kick in when you need it most and if you take care of it, it’ll provide a power supply indefinitely. Taking care of it includes regular generator servicing in Brisbane. You’re probably wondering just how long indefinitely can be and this Reactive Generators’ blog has all the answers below.

What is an industrial generator

Industrial generators need to have enough industrial-level strength to power properties that function for these purposes. These are much larger than commercial or residential generators because they’re designed to power huge plants and factories during outages and even as a primary source for properties operating off-grid. The actual generator is a large square-shaped machine that remains in a stationary position on your property. Due to its immense size and weight, it stays put after installation and a crane or forklift is required if it needs to be moved.

Industrial generators of this size usually pack a powerful punch of energy. Large, stationery industrial generators operate on 3-phase power unlike other smaller sized generators, which only use singular phase power. The addition of two extra wires, totalling 3, allows the generator to have more capacity for extra loads. This makes 3-phase generators well-suited to jobs that require delivery of larger power loads and they work perfectly for industrial operations in some of Australia’s more remote areas.

Typical industrial generator uses:

  • Mining plants and other similar sites that require prime power
  • Emergency standby power in data sites and big high-rise offices
  • Remote farms and agricultural properties
  • Properties which host several large-scale events during the year

Industrial generators have about 5 000 hours, and upwards, of running time in them. Even if you use them every day of the year (365 days), for full days (8 hours), a unit can stay working from January to December with hundreds of hours to spare. This is a hypothetical situation, and a range of factors and mechanical requirements can change this, but it’s a good indication of how long they can last in ideal working environments. Of course, you won’t be using it for this many days and maybe not for all those hours so that can multiply the years of its lifespan to 20 or even 40 years. Ultimately, they can easily provide full days of power supply and can work on your industrial property for well over twenty years if you look after it properly.

In our opinion, anything as expensive as a generator that can last for 20 or 30 years is a good investment. That’s excellent life expectancy for an engine and no one expects a car to last for that long. You can even expect your industrial generator to outlive most of the equipment that’s plugged into it. With proper and regular maintenance or scheduled servicing by a professional technician, it can even last longer. A technician at Reactive Generators can handle generator servicing in Brisbane and establish a scheduling plan that they can keep up with to take away the stress of having to remember it all.

Your generator WILL last for a very long time, and you won’t need to replace it because it reached the end of its life anytime soon. There are other reasons that would require its replacement before it’s an issue of lifespan. Modern technology changes often and it has the tendency to make current generator models and their tech become outdated in comparison. There are also clean power alternatives to consider because they are growing in popularity across Australia. These could soon be viable alternatives to gas-powered generators but until you’re faced with that decision, your generator will have a long useful life.

Industrial property owners and managers need to rely on their generators because plants and manufacturing factories are typically built in Australia’s rural areas and that comes with a few issues. Access to power in these parts is unreliable because they’re end of line locations and sometimes, they’re in areas that are susceptible to the country’s more extreme weather. Properties in areas that experience storms, bushfires or other harsh conditions will regularly have problems with electricity supply because the outages because of weather can leave them without power for days and even weeks.

What you can do to make your generator last longer

There’s nothing better for extending your generator’s lifespan, and keeping emergency failures away, than regular maintenance. Maintenance mainly involves the periodic replacement of electrical components. Industrial generators won’t stop working or ever become redundant when all you need to do is replace and service the mechanical parts in it. The main enemies of the mechanical parts are dust, debris, and condensation because they can cause deterioration over time. As they develop in the parts, they can cause issues of short circuiting and in cases of excessive moisture build up, there will be rust development. Choose us for generator servicing in Brisbane to prolong your generators already long life. Rust can corrode the connections and once we’re at the point of no return, it could require that you completely replace your generator. All these issues are easily preventable with proper maintenance.

Call in a specialist that has experience with industrial generators and they’ll examine, clean, and replace all the critical components on a monthly and yearly maintenance basis. Industrial properties will use their generators more frequently and the machinery on the premises will cause a lot of strain on the unit. Therefore, frequent maintenance is important because if you want your generator to keep working hard without a hitch. A service will include water removal, filter replacement, oil replacement, and other things that don’t include finding crystals in the backyard.

Speak to an industrial backup generator specialist today

If you need more information about industrial backup generators and are looking for reliable and professional technicians in Queensland, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Reactive Generators on 07 3710 8212. We’re industrial sector specialists that’s open 24/7, 365 days for your generator installation, repairs, and maintenance. Check out our website for more.

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