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What Engine is on a Powersmart Snow Blower?

What Engine is on a Powersmart Snow Blower?

Are you considering replacing your snow blower’s engine or purchasing a new snow blower?

Are you curious about the latest market trends or worried about your outdated equipment?

Well, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll explore the newest developments and help you determine what’s best for your needs.

In this blog, we have summarised all the necessary details about the new in-power smart snow blower and its superiority or inferiority to other competitive machinery.

Read along and choose whether replacing an engine is your solution or getting a new device is much to your liking.

What is a Power Smart Snow Blower?

What is a Power Smart Snow Blower?

If you have landed on this page and have continued reading it, we assume you already have an idea about snow blowers, so, cutting the long tail short, let’s quickly have our eyes on what Power Smart Snow Blowers are.

Shall we?

There are two types of snow blowers: single-stage and double-stage.

At the same time, single-stage snow blowers suck up and shoot the snow away for quite a short distance; the double-staged or what we know as PowerSmart snow blowers pick up the snow and then shoot it far-far away without hurdling your necessary area.

Their capacity, strength, launching area, and everything are strong and girdy.

What Engines Do They Use?

What Engines Do They Use?

Since we are talking about capacity and strength, you must have this question beeping: what engines do they use?

Well, we won’t beat the bush more. Here is your answer. The latest in the market, the PowerSmart DB7624E Snow Blower, uses a 212CC OHV Engine.

But that is not all we have for you. Let’s dig in and see why they are so special.

  • Loncin Engine Manufacturer makes this engine in China.
  • This same engine is present in Single Stage Toro Power Clear 721 E. You’ll know it if you have used it.
  • It’s a little weak for a two-stage snow blower, but very minutely. They work just fine.
  • It is easy to start, and experts have shown it five stars for its smooth running.
  • Long-lived and durable, based on their maintenance level and usage.
  • For healthy longevity of the engine, always refer to the maintenance manuals provided by the manufacturer.

What Else Makes These PowerSmart Snow Blowers Unique?

Now that we have delivered what we promised, we have this extra pinch of details for you.

Engines are the necessary salt for snow blower recipes, but what makes this salt taste good is using other ingredients.

Let’s have a look at what other plus-point elements these PowerSmart Snow Blowers have.

1. Steel Serrated Auger (12 Inches)

Steel Serrated Auger (12 Inches)

It is important to cut the snow before suction, which is not possible by hand when you have a snow blower.

There are steel blades that cut through the hard snow to make the suction easy.

  • 12 Inch Stainless Steel Serrated Auger, which is extremely solid.
  • Easily cut through the compact snow.
  • Avoid cutting hard chunks of snow in heavy snowstorm conditions.
  • The Auger belt requires frequent adjustments, or else it may break.
  • Sheer pins can be eaten up at the slightest obstructions
  • Requires much attention and care.

2. Movements and Manoeuvring Practices

Movements and Manoeuvring Practices

One of the most problematic things about cutting and removing snow from your driveways is moving and turning your snow blowers, given that they are pretty heavy for their size and thus require a lot of labor.

While our experts have shown green lights toward linear movements of PowerSmart Snow Blowers, there is a beeping red light about making turns.

Let’s see what we know most about these movements and manoeuvering practices.

  • PowerSmart Snow Blowers are self propelled.
  • They have six-speed modes: four forwards and two reverse.
  • Forward speeds are good and work extremely well in inclined areas.
  • If the snowfall is heavy, the machine slows down even when put on the highest gear.
  • Reverse speeds are very slow, and one can prefer manually backing up rather than going back slowly.
  • They are tough to turn, given that there is no steering. But this is a concern only for those living in constrained spaces or those over 50.
  • They have ergonomic handles, and it is recommended to wear gloves while holding them.
  • They have button controls on top of the handlebars.
  • Their tires are hard and treaded with 13 inches wide in size. These tires are pre-inflated.
  • The PowerSmart Snow Blowers work well on almost all plain surfaces, such as gravel, concrete, or asphalt.

3. Chute Controls

Chute Controls

The next most important thing about any snow blower is its chute. This is the part that throws away the snow sucked in.

These chutes are strong and sturdy, but their care is paramount.

Let’s see what chute speciality these PowerSmart Snow Blowers have.

  • Plastic made, these discharge chutes must be cleared occasionally to avoid clogging.
  • Properly lubricate them before using.
  • A mini shovel tool comes along with a PowerSmart Snow Blower, which aids in this practice very well.
  • PowerSmar Snow Blower also has a remote chute control.
  • The adjusting rod can be turned to at least 180 degrees for easy snow-blowing.

4. Electric Starting

Electric Starting

If you have used a snow blower in the past, you must be familiar that it is comparatively hard to start a snow blower.

You can blame it on using old fuel, but the problem is real. Let’s see what kind of beginning control these PowerSmart snowblowers offer.

  • This PowerSmart Snow Blower has an electric start option.
  • All you have to do is plug it into an outdoor extension cord and hit the electric start button on the machine.

5. Warranty


While usage can be rough and tough, most homeowners look for a reliable warranty or a handyman to fix their machines where they wear out.

PowerSmart is known for its great warranty benefits. Let’s look at them. They have a two-year warranty that repairs external and internal damages.

After exploring the specifications and advantages of modern snow blowers, you might be ready to use one.

Here’s how to start a snowblower, a basic but essential skill for preparing for the winter season.

Final Thoughts

As we reach the end, we have a well-elaborated blueprint sketched in our minds and a decision to make: whether buying a new Snowblower is our required choice or just upgrading the engine.

PowerSmart offers the best snow-blowing features at minimal prices, and while some claim that these features are prone to damage, others can’t get enough of their affordable structure and power-puffed capacity.

Our job was to straighten it out for you, and from here, we leave the shopping cart to the best of your judgment.

Paul Sellers
Paul Sellers is a renowned Outdoor Power Tools specialist with over 15 years of landscaping and tool engineering expertise. He has done his BS in Mechanical Engineering, complementing his hands-on experience with a solid academic foundation. His previous role as a product manager for a leading tool manufacturer gives him a unique perspective on tool design and usability. He ran a successful landscaping business and contributed to several industry publications. His articles blend technical expertise with easy-to-understand tips. He is also a passionate environmentalist, dedicating his free time to sustainable gardening practices.

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