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What Is the Average Life of a Large Snowblower?

What Is the Average Life of a Large Snowblower?

Snowblowers are widely used for snow removal and throwing purposes.

But how long can they last? You might struggle to understand what affects the lifespan of the Snowblowers.

If you think only the purchasing cost will decide how long they will last, you might feel disappointed later.

But No Worries.

We have compiled this post to help you understand more about snowblower lifespans and the various factors that influence their durability.

So keep reading if you want to know more about snowblower lifespans.

In this post, we have covered the average life of a large snowblower to help you understand more.

Factors that Affect the Life of Snowblower

Factors that Affect the Life of Snowblower

The cost of the snowblower gives a basic idea of its lifespan. But there is always more to consider to get more value.

Therefore, in addition to the budget and cost of buying a large snowblower, other crucial factors decide its life span.

1. Construction Frame and Material

The top priority should be checking the quality of important things like snowblower engines, control units, handles, Aggers, and Impellers.

Ensure that when you buy the snowblower, everything is in good condition and functional. Examine the quality by taking the test with your understanding.

Also, while looking for these crucial factors, check if any of these things will get damaged or ruined.

Can you replace that specific part with a new one, or do you have to buy a new device?

If the partial changing parts are not available, it will cost you heavily when something incident happens that is not under your control.

2. Snowblower Usage

How frequently you use your large snowblower will affect its lifespan; in addition, how you use it, like in the right way or making it harder when it is dealing with harsh or denser snowfall conditions, also affects its lifespan.

For instance, in the denser snowfall collection, if you use your large snowblower at the highest possible speed, you are getting harsher on it.

With more friction and restricted forces, the clutches will have greater stamping force, and some crucial parts of the large snowblower might get broken or damaged.

So many things depend on the conditions of the snowfall ground and how you use it.

If you frequently use it in areas where you have to remove more and more snow that is thicker and denser in spreading, the snowblower will feel more force and stress on the crucial parts that will affect the life span of your device.

So be delicate while using it and focus on using it suitably. Otherwise, your large snowblower will not last for many years, according to the expectations or even the average lifespan of the large snowblower.

3. Maintenance and Handling

How you handle and care for the large snowblower while using or maintaining it will also affect its lifespan.

Taking care of the functionality and replacing things like the spark plug, air filters, oil, and fuel from time to time or examining them after every usage might help you save the large snowblowers from wearing and tearing.

If you see a few or any specific parts of the large snowblower start tearing out or not functioning properly, it needs your immediate attention.

Changing the things that start weaning or tearing out as soon as possible will help you maintain this heavy-duty device for the long term.

If you delay because of procrastination or budget issues, it will not last long. After that, you may have to buy a whole new device, as many things will start falling apart because of a little carelessness.

When not in use, clean the snowblower blades properly and store them in a suitable space where the outer factors don’t affect the machinery parts.

Average Life of Large Snowblowers

The cost of snowblowers is decided depending on the Brand and quality of construction material.

This cost is usually used for the general and average lifespan. So, depending on their cost factors, the snowblower lifespan varies proportionally.

  1. Cheapest Snowblowers that roughly cost 150 dollars to 300 dollars roughly last for three to five years.
  2. The Average Large Snowblowers runs from 15 to 20 years if handled properly.
  3. Modern MTD snowblowers like Craftsman and Cub Cadet may last 10 to 15 years.
  4. Mid- to High-Modern Snowblowers that cost around 750 dollars may last for years if handled correctly. Large snowblowers like Ariens, Toro, Snapper, etc., belong to this category.
  5. Many of the older built snowblowers, approximately five decades older, are still working and are doing well.

Large Snowblower Maintenance Tips

Large Snowblower Maintenance Tips

  1. Drain The Snowblower fuel tank to avoid clogging in the tank and engine system. If your large snowblower runs on the gas, empty it before you try to cover the snowblower. You can also use a fuel stabilizer that prevents the tank from freezing.
  2. Clean and wipe your snowblower machine with the help of a damp and dry cloth piece. Remove the snow from the snowblower blades and salt stains to prevent your snowblower machines from corrosion or rust.
  3. Cover the snowblower after cleaning it to prevent it from frequent external weather conditions and the direct interaction of air and moisture. Use the special covers made for snowblowers, or you can also use the covers used to cover heavy-duty machines to cut off the interaction with the external environment and save them from rusting and corrosion.
  4. After covering the large snowblower, store it safely until the next seasonal usage.

As you prepare for the winter season, knowing how to start your snowblower properly is essential.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to start a snowblower and ensure it operates effectively when needed most.

Final Thoughts

Snowblowers are already costly, heavy-duty machines, and many factors affect their lifespan.

So, buying snowblowers made of good quality material, engineered and suitable construction, and resistance to wear and tear, and taking care of their maintenance, will help you keep them working and functional for a longer time.

This post shows the average life of a large snowblower so that you can analyze which one is worth investing in based on your budget.

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