How Much Deep a Sequoia Bonsai Pot Should Be

How Much Deep a Sequoia Bonsai Pot Should Be

What does Bonsai mean? Bonsai is a Japanese term, and it means ‘planted in a container or tray.’ Choosing the correct pot and the correct location for the bonsai sequoia trees is a challenging task to perform, but unfortunately, it is compulsory to do.

When you choose the correct pot for your bonsai tree, it enhances and strengthens the entire tree by its appearance. So, until you choose the right pot for your bonsai sequoia tree, you can never get satisfied with an incomplete look. Continue reading the article below to know more about the pots, their depth, location, etc.

I absolutely understand that it is not at all a straightforward job because pots are found everywhere, and choosing the correct one among all the potteries is difficult. Often, the colors and the sizes of the pots tend to confuse people. But always remember that the pot of the bonsai tree must be a bit deep anyway, or else it will not be an appropriate one.

Choosing the color of the pot depends totally upon you, and it has got nothing to do with the tree. But it is better if you choose colors like light green, dark green, off white, dark brown, light brown, etc.

Average Pot Size for Sequoia Bonsai

Firstly, you need to know the correct dimensions of the pot. The pot’s depth should be equal to the diameter of the trunk present above the earth. If you are willing to buy a round pot, then the pot’s diameter should be 1/3rd the height of the tree.

If it is a rectangular or an oval po, it is a bit more than the previous one. Here, the diameter of the pot should be 2/3rd the height of the tree. If your tree is a canopy provider, then the pot must be wide in any way 

Average Pot Size for Sequoia Bonsai

Try to know whether your bonsai sequoia tree is a masculine one or a feminine one. If it is a masculine one, do not go forward with buying oval pots even if you like it because it does not suit the masculine trees at all. Now, you might wonder how to verify whether it is a masculine or feminine tree.

Then, let me tell you that masculine trees have a deep canopy, powerful and straight trunk whereas feminine trees have a light canopy, delicate and a smooth trunk. This way, you can easily differentiate between the two bonsai trees.

Sequoia bonsai trees is a unique one, among all the other trees because it needs much more care than the other ones like in the case of fulfilling the water and the soil requirements of the trees. I prefer keeping these trees outdoors under direct sunlight. If not, then at least a portion of the day!

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