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How Much Do Chicken Coop Cost

How Much Do Chicken Coop Cost

A coop is like a house to the chicken. It is small in size and usually made up of woods. If you are about to raise chickens then a chicken coop is the first thing you required. There are plenty of options available for chicken coop. The price also varies according to the size and your preferences.

If you want to set your budget for a chicken coop then must read the following data. We have collected some information about all the expenses to build a chicken coop. Remember this is an average price which may slightly vary according to your city and material used.

The Average Expense to Build a Chicken Coop

  • The coop will cost you between $300 to $1000. You can have a good quality coop with this budget.
  • For feeders and drinkers, you may need a budget between $10 to $20.
  • Chicken fencing requires $50 to $q100.
  • One chicken can cost you between $5 to $100. The price is based on the type of breed you are looking for.

So the total expense will come out to be around $1500. It may cost you lower than this but set a minimum budget of $1500.

This is all about the expense to buy or built a chicken coop. there are many options available to have a chicken coop. If you are confused about the buying option then read the following analysis:

Options To Have a Chicken Coop

The first option is online apps. Nowadays there is nothing that is not available in the online market. You will find some of the best coops on Amazon. There are some local sites also which provide the customized chicken coops. You can find one on the internet.

The second option is to buy from a local shop. You can visit any pet shop or woodshop. Offline shopping is always a better option because you can see things before buying them. So if you also believe in offline shopping then buy the coop from a store.

The third option is to build a chicken coop on your own. If you know a little bit about carpeting then go for this option. This may cost you a little less than other options.

Necessary Things to Build a Chicken Coop

You must need the following things to build the chicken coop at home:

  • First of all, you need lots of woods to make the outer structure. If you want to place the coop inside the house then you can also use cardboard for the outer structure. Also some nails, hammer and wood glue.
  • For feeders, you can use old cardboard boxes or any other old boxes. If your budget is high then buy new feeders from the market. Cut plastic bottles and used them as drinkers.
  • Place big vegetable trays inside the coop where the hen can lay the eggs. You can also use any other box. Make it comfortable by adding dry grass to it. It can be used as a nesting box by the hens.
  • Don’t forget to add a shelf inside the coop. You can use tin slabs or maybe cardboard slabs.

Some Ideas to Make the Chicken Coop

  • You can always use separate coops for chicken if they are very dusty. If it is not possible then make a separate apartment for each chicken inside one coop. in this way, they will create less mess.
  • There are plenty of chicken coop door ideas. Doors can make the coop either attractive or ugly. So focus on doors.
  • Don’t even leave the small open space in the coop. it may act as an entry door for unwanted animals. They may eat your chickens.
  • Make at least two windows for ventilation. For the healthy growth of chickens, ventilation is important.
  • Use removable trays only. It will help you to clean the coop easily.
  • Make a separate space for nesting. Hens like to lay an egg in a separate quiet place. Make that place extra comfortable by adding dry grass.
  • Make sufficient space for the access of humans. Keep it big enough to have a look at the entire coop.

This is the basic knowledge which you must have about the chicken coop. If you are a beginner in this field, don’t panic and stay focused. Chicken is easy to control than any other bird. I hope this piece of information helps you out.

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