How Much Does a Rick of Firewood Costs?

What is a Rick of Firewood

A cord of wood is about eight feet wide, four feet high, and four feet deep. Rick of wood refers to a stack of firewood, commonly called a face cord, which can be eight feet long and four feet tall or more. The rick of wood is a fraction of the cord.

two types of woods weigh the heaviest: white and red oaks, about two and a half tons; this weight exists in just one cord. If you have a 24 inches rick of wood, it will be equal to only half the size of the cord.

A hardwood cord will weigh up to 5,000 pounds, whereas that of a softwood would weigh 2,500 pounds. So, if you are looking to buy a rick of wood, you can measure your cord’s size and go for the search accordingly.

Cords were used earlier in the 17th century too, for holding together stacks of wood, since a cord of firewood is a lot of wood to take over, probably two or three loads of truck, which is why many people opt for less cord for their homes.

To split a single cord of wood, you will require 650 pieces of wood, and one rick of firewood consists merely of 325 pieces of wood. A cord of wood typically lasts for 6-10 weeks when you use it as a primary heat source during winters or outdoors in camping.

How Much Will It Cost?

How Much Will It Cost

The price of the cord or rick depends upon your location and the vendor you are choosing. Because in some places, the price of wood might be higher if the hardwood is imported, and you will find different prices from different vendors, so you should first go and ask them the price to compare.

The normal price range for a cord would be around $150-$300. The prices vary according to the size, shape, quality of wood (like red oak, maple, locust, elm, and so on), whether it is seasoned or not, whether it has been torched, climatic conditions, and if it is available in the local market.

Local markets tend to put a less price on the cords than a branded company, and their products are good too.

Like some people, you can also opt-out the delivery fees and straight away load the firewood’s or cords in your trucks; however, if you are purchasing the whole lot, your truck/car might not be able to load the weight, which is when you must opt for the delivery fees.

When choosing the delivery fees, some vendors might charge it per the miles, whereas others have a significant amount set. Whichever process it is, make sure that the delivery charges are not exceeding beyond $1 – $2.

More than that means they are fooling you and want to make more money. Some vendors even provide a stacking fee of $20 to $30. However, most of them do it for free.

One thing to remember is that when you are buying a cord, you are paying for a fixed size, so no matter how many logs are stacked up, the amount of firewood you receive will always be the same.

So, make sure to carefully go through each of these details before you start purchasing.


A cord and a rick of wood are two different things. A cord used from as early as the 17th century gives the full hard support your rick of firewood requires.

Earlier, however, it was being used to carry a load of firewood, these days only a single cord is enough to secure all your firewood, and only one can be carried by you for your home.

A cork of wood is, however a bit expensive can go to $300, but it varies on different factors too, including size, shape, vendor, discount offers, etc.

During purchasing, it is also advised to go and talk out the rates from choosing the cord to the delivery and stacking charges and see which of the following vendors are putting up less price.

If you find all of them too pricy, you can also ask someone for the local market where all the items are sold at the cheapest rate. If you can put up the cords in your truck, then you may as well skip the delivery charges.

A cord of firewood is the largest amount of wood and can carry heavy firewood all stacked up together in one go.

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