What are the Measurements of a Rick of Firewood?

What Are the Measurements of a Rick of Firewood

Certainly, the terms in the firework industry will seem alien when you are looking for the perfect cut-outs wood out there.

Do not worry we have got this; in this article we will brief you about various measurements of rick firewood and this will play a major advantage when you go out to purchase firewood.

Let us begin with what is a Rick.

Rick is basically described as a fractional segment of stack or cord of wood that is approximately lengthened as 4ft tall and 8ft long.  

The width of these is determined by the various attributes and activities they will be used for. The width approximately would be multiple of 12in. 16in. and 24in. 

A cord is a measuring device for firewood. The width of the rick is also known as a Face cord.  Rick also refers to the stack of various other types of materials available in the market like hay.

A Full cord is 48in. Later these standard full cords are further cut out on the bases of relative width in correspondence with the firewood relativity in measurements. An example of this would be –

  • in is 1/4th cord
  • in is 1/3rd cord
  • in is ½ cord

There Are Two Types of Cords

Firewood is measured in various other types based on the requirement and its usage. They are face cord and rick cord both of which measure 4×8×16 approximately.

The other standard measuring device would be the Sheldon cord which varies in-depth, volume and size but is bigger than the standard full cord.

However, there are only two important ones, and they are –

A half cord of firewood is basically half the mass and volume of the standard cord. The volume of the half cord is 64 cubic feet whereas that of the standard cord is 128 cubic feet. The half cord fills in the space of 4×4×4 that is 4ft wide, 4ft deep, and 4ft high.

Bush Cord of Firewood

Bush Cord of Firewood

A Bush cord of firewood is literally a synonym of a Full cord of firewood. This basically means that the Bush cord of firewood is literally the standard cord that has a volume and mass of over 128 cubic feet. The Bush cord can fit into the space of dimensions 4×8×4 that is 4ft high, 8ft wide and 4ft deep.

Few Facts About Rick and Cord 

  • There are approximately 3 face cords in a full cord of wood.
  • It is also astonishing great mathematical magic that you will find 3 ricks in one cord.
  • A standard cord can last on an average of 3 to 6 weeks and almost up to 3 months if effectively scrutinised.
  • While choosing firewood you will have to keep in mind the quality and price of the same according to the measurements that you will compare relatively.
  • The size and names of the firewood are relatively varied in different places and thus it is a great idea to enquire about the size of the firewood and then make the purchase that suits your requirements.

Few Facts About Rick and Cord


In the above article, we have put light upon the various measurement devices and units of the rick of firewood. We have also provided information regarding the measurements and their various types. Moreover, this article will help you find your ideal firewood which now that you are fully aware of, is relatively smart and easy to analyse according to the activity you are using it for.

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