How Much is a Wood Splitter and Where You Can Buy Them?

How Much are Log Splitters and Where to Buy Them?

Having different seasons is a blessing. Not everyone has to deal with the different seasons as many people live in places where they only have one or two seasons maximum. We have more than two seasons like summer, winter, and fall is to name a few.

People living in places that only have one season throughout the year or changes only sometimes cannot understand what a pre-season preparation is. They are used to just one or two seasons, and hence they do not have to change to do extra work when the new season arrives.

Man Cutting Wood

We are nearly here, and it is fall. As the people feel the arrival of fall, they get ready to be prepared for this season. Every season needs different preparations. Similarly, for the falls, what we generally do is to bring as much firewood as possible.

We start collecting firewood to not run out of it in the middle of its need. But collecting firewood is not what it means. We must bring logs and then cut them into small pieces to fit into our fireplace easily.

Cutting a log has always been a tiring job to do. In old times and even now, some people use the ax for splitting the logs. This consumes a lot of time and requires a lot of hard work as well. But, thanks to the machines now, there are a lot of options available around us.

We have gathered information about some of the platforms on which you can buy your future log splitters if you are looking for some good quality woodcutter or want to know how much Is a woodcutter.

How Much Do They Cost?

Dollar Bills

It does not have a simple answer; instead, you will get a range of their cost, which differs significantly like the types and seller of that product changes. If you want to know how much a woodcutter is, you will get different answers.

Therefore, just saying that you will get your woodcutter in that amount or giving you just a random cost to your question of how much a woodcutter is will not be a moralistic answer.

So, how will you come to know how much is a woodcutter? We can give you the price range of some types of woodcutter, and we are sure that it will vary for sure. Still, a simple hydraulics woodcutter may cost you around 200 to 400 dollars. A motorized horizontal wood utter of around 10 tons can cost you around 220 to 500 dollars or even more as you will go to the more decadent options available.

You can also buy used woodcutters for you, and you will also be able to get a refurbished wooden cutter. An old woodcutter Is hard to mention its prize as it depends on people but still, you will be able to get it under 100 if it Is simple and hydraulics, and for heavier ones, expect it to be lower than 350 dollars and above 120 to 150 dollars.

Refurbished wooden cutters can easily sit you for 500 dollars for the heavier ones, and lighter options will cost you around 200 to 300 dollars.

So, these were some of the price ranges in which you can get your future wooden cutter from any of the online shopping platforms, and if you are lucky enough, you may get some discounts as well, which will reduce the price more.

If you will look for your future wooden cutter through the local shops and want to know how much is a woodcutter there, then we must tell you that a difference of 50 to 60 dollars you will see in the price.

We have listed some of the tremendous and trustful sites you can visit to get your trusted and legit products. The answer to your question, how much is a woodcutter, will also get the legit answers. So, go through them all if you have time and then pick out the best one according to you.

1. Amazon.com

One of the largest online stores around the globe. Millions of customers visit this online platform to buy or sell items, and therefore, this giant is so well known throughout the continent.

You can get almost anything on this online shopping platform. Your question, how much is a wood utter, will have different answers for sure. They are plenty of choices and plenty of options to choose from.

You will get different types of woodcutters on this shopping giant. As this is the largest online shopping platform, it will be a safer means to buy your wood utter. You will get different types of woodcutters having different prizes as you will get different sellers of even the same product, which will undoubtedly have different prizes.

2. Tractor Supply

It is an American retail chain that sells products throughout America, and it covers almost 49 states of America. They are relatively local, and hence you will get some local products and some branded products that are multinational.

Products made by multinational companies and those products which are made by local manufacturers differ a lot. A local manufacturer will have a lesser amount, and they also know the region well and hence have a plus point in making the right quality product.

So, go through their extensive product section and get your woodcutter from there, and who knows, you will get the best discounts as well.

3. eBay

Another giant in the online shopping business. eBay has tons of products, and one thing unique about this website is that it is connected to the local people. So, if you are lucky enough, then you may find your future woodcutter from your city.

eBay has provided their customers appropriate and legit products, but you must be a bit careful when it comes to local sellers. Shopping sites like these have many sellers; especially the local ones have a more significant number of frauds and scams cases than any other online shopping platforms.

4. Troy Bilt

Another well-known online shopping site is here. Troy Bilt is known for its high-quality products. They are so impressive that people buy their products with pride and their consumers are also very happy with their service.

You will not see many products in their lists, but all those available on their list of available products have high quality and better finish. They are even the cheapest woodcutter starts from above 600 dollars and goes to 2000 dollars.

5. Walmart

There are going to be only a few who do not have to order something from Walmart. We all have ordered something from Walmart, and we all know about their product range and their service.

Walmart is known for its quality products and reasonable prices. If you go, there you will surely be going to astonished with their pricing of woodcutters.  A 6.5-ton model with a stand costs only $227.06, but prices can go all the way up to $3795.95 for a Deluxe hydraulic splitting machine from Titan.

6. Wood Splitters

A website which is purely dedicated to the woodcutters. People looking to save their time and want to look out for only woodcutters or wood splitters will be the one for them.

They have a lot of options to choose from. You will get different kinds of woodcutters from here and many manufacturers as well, which gives you different price ranges and different offers. Therefore, investing your time and money on this website will not be a waste for you; instead, you will get some quality product.

7. Home Depot

In the crowd of online marketing websites, an offline shop stands apart for sure. Both online and offline platforms have their pros and cons; therefore, we cannot say which is best over whom.

They have a lot of options for woodcutters from some well-known manufacturers like WEN and Power King. Their products are a bit cheaper than the other side, but that has a plus point when it comes to the brand point.

Their 6.5-ton log splitter can cost you around 227 dollars, but as you will go to the more expensive and deluxe ones, the cost will go as high as 2400 dollars.

8. Log Splitters Direct

This is another online platform that you should visit if you plan to buy a brand-new woodcutter for you or if you are just curious to know how much a woodcutter is. As the platform is online, you can visit it anytime when you are free so that you can look at their options freely.

They have more than 80 options to choose from in the category of woodcutters or log splitters. All the products mentioned in their lists are legit and have better customer reviews and ratings as well.

They have Boss Industrial 7-Ton Horizontal Electric Log Splitter in just 370 dollars while you can get YARDMAX 25-Ton 208cc Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter advanced one in just 970 dollars.


Fall is almost here, and we all are going to need woods for our fireplace. We cannot buy that much wood as they are costly in pieces, but this will not hurt your budget and wallet if we get a log of wood.

But this will require handwork and time as well. Therefore, having a woodcutter or log splitter in the home could be a great choice.

Having a budget and a better understanding of what we need and our requirements will surely let you to the perfect woodcutter, and then you don’t have to look out for the questions like how much a woodcutter is or how much is for the cheaper ones.

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