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Top 5 Causes Of Air Conditioner AC Problems



Whether you’re a home or commercial building owner, it’s important to know what causes your air conditioners to malfunction. That way (and with the help of an air conditioner repair expert), you can maintain your AC for much longer than their average shelf life.

Read on about the common troubles ACs face.

1. Frigid Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils (also referred to as evaporator cores) are responsible for heat-absorption. Frequently located close to the blower fan, these coils are made of steel, aluminium, or copper— materials that are excellent conductors of heat.

And because of the fact that they’re heat conductors, cooled-to-frozen coils are a bad sign indeed. This happens when this part of the refrigerant accumulates ice around it. Instead of being able to absorb heat effectively, it will begin to release said heat. So, you’ll feel warm airflow instead of its opposite.

2. Fractured Refrigerant Lines

Another term associated with this is “low refrigerant.” It’s but normal to anticipate that after a period of constantly utilizing your ac, it’s possible for it to incur holes and punctures around the refrigerant lines.

Refrigerants convert low-pressure gas into liquids that are of a much higher pressure, thus, allowing heat and humidity which can arise more if you have in house plants like diy tower garden to be absorbed while the machine releases cool air. A mere refrigerant replacement is often NOT the only solution to this problem.

With the aid of an ac repair professional, a thorough inspection can be conducted to look for AND repair the damaged lines. Check here for professional AC services. This is an extensive, and possibly costly, process. But it will definitely be worth the price in the long run.

3. Dirt-Filled Condenser Coils

The gas refrigerant moves towards the condenser coils for vapour to be transformed into what’s known as its “molten state”. All this is done through “cooling”. You might think that this is ironic since what’s pumped out of an air conditioner is gas and not liquid. But what a condenser coil is for is to further extract heat from the unit.

When condenser coils accumulate dirt, they may bring about an overall system failure because heat transfer is integral in the air-cooling process of your ac. Be sure to have your air conditioner repair team check on this often, especially if you reside in a populated area, as smoke and pollution are what evidently lead to this.

4. Defective Fans

A typical air conditioner unit has two main fans: one is for air-blowing indoors, and the other, for expelling air outdoors.

Any kind of damage on either fan or on both will ultimately impede the proper air-cooling operation of the machine. It may warrant additional lubrication, a motor replacement, belt replacement (if they’re already too worn down), amazon rechargeable batteries replacement, the list goes on. Dirt and debris may jam their rotational motion and this will require constant cleaning, too.

What’s you must put to mind is that something as simple as these “fans”, if not maintained and repaired the right way, will cause internal damages to the compressor. Therefore, don’t skip this step and have said fans checked immediately, the moment you notice irregular changes in their rotation.

Leo Fletcher
With a Master’s in Engineering from Georgia Tech and a distinguished 25-year system design and analysis career, Leo Fletcher has been a vital part of various teams. His professional journey began as a systems engineer, where he developed a keen eye for technical details and system efficiencies. He has contributed to numerous technical journals and workshops, aiming to simplify complex concepts for a broader audience. He is a passionate woodworker outside the office, a hobby reflecting his love for precise, crafted outcomes.

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