How Much Should You Pay for a Rick of Firewood

How Much Should You Pay for A Rick of Firewood

Light, smell, relax, heat, and warmth – the best experiences one could remember and get from using and burning firewood. And yes, of course, it feels great, like great!

So, let us reflect on the fact that you are new to this firewood burning thing for the same reason you are here looking up how much you should spend on buying a rick of firewood.

It is no old fact that sellers try to manipulate and exploit customers who have not enough knowledge about the field. And you ought to pay more, giving these businessmen the advantage of the limited awareness you have about the same.

Not to worry! We are here to save the day and have got you covered. Just keep reading, and you will find all the basic and important leads on the stuff you need to know before you head out to purchase that one rick of firewood.

So, first, let us tackle the most confusing thing about firewood. Most people are unclear about the difference between a rick of firewood and a cord of firewood.

A wooden rick is a word that describes a firewood pile measuring 4 by 8 feet. The width of the rick will be determined by where you purchase it. 

A face cord is the width of a rick of firewood, which is usually 12, 16, or 24 inches in length. The lengths of the logs in the rick are defined by these three dimensions, with 16 inches being the most common choice.

Let us See Exactly What You Need to Know.

First, keep in mind that there are various factors that affect the price for a rick of firewood. It depends on your region and vendor, just like everything else about a rick of wood.

You can expect to pay between 150 and 250 dollars for a rick or face cord of oak.

Prices differ depending on the type of wood such as black locust, red oak, maple, and so on, whether it has been seasoned, how it was seasoned, for example, air or kiln dried, the local market, and so on.

It is more likely that you will get a large range than a specific price for all these factors. Still, if you want to be safe, budget somewhere near the higher end of the scale to ensure that you get the amount of wood you need without being surprised by the price.

How To Cut the Price?

Cut The Shipping Cost

Shipping Rick of Firewood

To avoid paying shipping fees, some people choose to pick up the wood themselves. But yes, this only works if you have your own means to carry the wood to your place on your own. Although this is ideal, everybody can’t load their own firewood.

Therefore, if you want it shipped, figure on a delivery charge of about $1 to $2 per loaded mile. You can also try on different suppliers as they have different delivery policies; maybe you can find one which favors your side for good.

Cutting My Own Wood

Cutting Rick of Firewood

It is a known fact that you can buy the wood already cut by the sellers, but it is also true that you could buy wood and then cut it yourself if you have a saw and the equipment required.

It does save you some bucks on that because if you buy it like that, you are already cutting off the price for a service.


So, consider all these facts before you go out to buy firewood the next time. It might help you a lot, and it would not hurt to do some further research on the same subject because of course, the more you know, the better you are!

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