How Much Wood is in a Rick of Firewood?


Congratulations on your new fireplace or fire pit. Well, of course, if that were not the case, you would not be here reading all this stuff in the first place. Oh, it is not a fireplace? Then congratulations for your curious mind which keeps bugging you for new knowledge and because of which you ended up here, where you would find all your answers regarding questions like how much wood is there is a rick of firewood etc.

Being new to this field of firewood would leave you confused for a bit because of all the differences and never heard names for an as simple item as firewood. Words like cord, face cords, half cords, quarter face, quarter cord, eighth of a cord, and every kind of cord are used by people. And let alone figuring out what that exactly means, you encounter this other word that is a “rick” of wood.

A Rick of Firewood

A Rick of Firewood

Let us first know what exactly a rick of firewood means.

So, a rick of wood is an eight-foot-long, four-foot-tall stack of firewood. Depending on which firewood supplier you select, it can be available in a variety of widths. The widths can also differ depending on local markets, country, or supplier.

A face cord is a term used to describe a rick of wood. A rick or face cord of wood is usually available in 12-, 16-, or 24-inch lengths. This means that each of the firewood logs in that stack will be one of the lengths mentioned above. The most popular log size for firewood is about 16 inches.

How Much Wood Is There in a Rick of Firewood?

How Much Wood Is There in a Rick of Firewood

This question can be tackled in parts. Like first, the total weight of a rick of the wood and then, the number of wood pieces in a rick of firewood.


So, let us get it straight; the sizes you choose will vary accordingly. Not just that, but it also depends on the kind of firewood you choose. White and red oaks are the denser types of wood. The heavier rick can be nearly two and a half tons or 5,500 lbs. Surprisingly, it is in one cord only. 

Then we have Spruces which will be the lighter types of firewood available. Even so, a complete cord would weigh about a ton and a quarter of a ton or 2,500 lbs.

Similarly, the weight ranges from about 625 lbs. on the low end to nearly 3,000 lbs. on the high end, based on the width numbers above.

Number of Wood Pieces

In general, a single cord of wood contains between 550 and 650 pieces of seasoned wood that must be cut.

It all depends on how well it was cut and how tightly the wood was packed. There are approximately 275 to 325 pieces of firewood in a rick.


So yeah, this was all with it, and we do hope it does some good for you and your knowledge. Last but not least, it is highly advisable to be sure to prepare ahead of time and speak with the dealer about the different lengths available depending on where you are. You do not want to prepare for a certain amount of wood to get less than you expected.

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