Rick Of Firewood (Weight, Cost, and Tips for Buying)

Rick Of Firewood (Weight, Cost, and Tips for Buying)

 If you have an affinity for old-style fire pits and fireplaces to be used as home heating systems, then you must know that the fuel that drives the system is firewood. If you have already been using fireplaces, you know how to get the best firewood at the best prices and how to use them judiciously.

But if you are just starting and have no clue where to begin, then we might have something to help you get started.

If you have done your share of research, you might have come across the term “rick of firewood,” but do you know what it means? Or if it is worth your money? or if it is even good enough for your fireplace? If these are a few questions like the ones that you must keep reading to find out everything. about rick of wood

What Is Rick of Wood?

In simple terms, a rick of wood defines a pile of firewood that usually measures 4 by 8 feet. The exact width of a rick of wood depends on the place you buy it from. It is usually 12, 16, or 24 inches. Among the three sizes available, 16-inch-wide ricks of wood are the most common.

In addition to this, you might come across another term called the cord of wood which is nothing but a stack of firewood. The measurements here are the same as that of a rick of wood except for the width, which is 4 feet. A cord of wood is basically made up of several ricks of wood.

What Is the Weight of a Rick of Wood?

rick of firewoods

The answer to this question depends on the type of wood that you are using. There are two types of wood: low density and high density, and depending on the density of the wood you are talking about, the weight of the rick of firewood will vary.

If you are talking about low density, I would like the ones we get from trees like spruce. The weight of a cord of wood will be approximately 2500 pounds, and if you are talking about high-density wood from trees like oak, then the approximate weight of a cord of wood will be around 5500 pounds.

Based on this calculation, the weight of a rick of wood for low-density wood can be somewhere around 650 pounds, and for high density of wood can be somewhere around 2500 pounds 

What Is the Cost of Buying a Rick of Wood?

Again, this depends on the type of wood you are buying and the supplier. Generally, a high-density rick of wood costs about $175 to $250. In addition to this, also be ready to add transportation fees.

If you want to reduce the price a little, then you can look for local wood suppliers who will deliver for free but owing to the weight of your delivery item, most companies are likely to charge for transportation costs. Still, you can always compare the suppliers and see who is providing the best deal.   

Also, there are a few companies that help you stack the wood in your blood at a small additional fee like $20 or $30. If this is something you need help with, then you should check with your supplier.

Tips On Buying Rick of Wood

Firewood Rack

If you have just started using fireplaces, then this is probably your first time buying a rick of wood. So, we understand that you might be a little confused. But do not worry because we are here to help you and provide you some practical tips on buying a rick of wood.

One Cord of Wood Is Cheaper Than 3 Ricks of Wood

The number of risks of wood that you will require depends on how frequently you use your fireplace. If you use it just once a week on weekends or if you need fit for a camping trip, then you will not need much firewood but let us say that you are planning to use the fireplace throughout the winter to warm up the entire house in that case, you will need a lot more amount of firewood. One rick of wood will not be enough, you will need at least 2 to 3, and if you are buying 3 ricks of wood, then it is better and cheaper to buy a cord of wood.

Check The Type of Wood

If you are running on a tight budget and you want to reduce the cost price a little, then you should go for low-density wood from trees like spruce. High-density woods from trees like Oak cost a lot more. Keeping in mind an additional transportation fee., it is wiser to opt for low-density wood. The type of wood you buy also depends on the place where you plan to use it.

If it is indoors, it is often recommended not to opt for low-density woods because they have a higher content of creosote which can cause a chimney fire.

Always Go for Seasoned Wood Instead of Green Wood

The woods that have been recently harvested are called green woods. They are heavy and have high moisture content, which hampered their effectiveness in burning. Seasoned woods, on the other hand, are dry and old and hence burn easily.

Even if you have a stock of green wood’s then you should let it dry out before you put it in your fireplace. It will take about 9 months for the wood to dry, but it is worth the wait. Without that, you will be wasting costly logs of wood in your fireplace without serving the purpose.

Final Thoughts

That was all you needed to know about a rick of wood and things you need to keep in mind while buying one. Remember, if you are using your fireplace every day to warm the entire house, you will probably need a cord of wood instead of a rick, and to ensure the longevity of the woods, store them in a dry spot protected from insects.

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