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How Often Should You Move a Chicken Coop?

How Often Should You Move a Chicken Coop

Giving your chickens fresh grass is essential for the healthy growth of chickens. Fresh grass contains a lot of nutrients, minerals that are healthy for such animals. If you are thinking to make them have these fresh grasses then it is an awesome idea and, in this article, we will be discussing how we can move the chicken coops and how often should we move them so that they can have these fresh grasses and grow healthy.

Do You Need to Move the Chicken Coop?

Certainly, the answer to this question is a big No. You should not feel pressurized by the idea of moving a chicken coop door idea because it is not at all a great idea. The chicken coop standing at a certain place is absolutely a great idea and we do not require to move it. All you can do is to open the door of the chicken coop so that your chickens could move out accordingly and have fresh grasses according to their needs that will make them healthy and fit.

If you are leaving your chickens every day for some time in the backyard then that is enough for them to eat healthily. They will get all the nutrients that you could give them by moving the chicken coop after a certain interval. So, it is quite better to lock the doors of the backyard and set the chickens free to roam around and eat the grasses that they like.

Benefits of Moving Chicken Coops

Benefits of Moving Chicken Coops

Although we do not suggest moving your chicken coops now and then as it makes your work a little bit difficult, we are aware of the facts and benefits of moving the chicken coops as it has some benefits that chickens will not get while roaming here and there. As you might know, chickens fertilize the yard, you can move the chicken coop according to your needs to fertilize several places in the backyard.

Another benefit that you can take from moving the chicken coops is that once you move the coop from one place to another, the grass under the first place will get some time to recover, and hence, you will not see any bare patches in the garden.  The chicken tractor is needed to be moved occasionally, to prevent the garden from bare patching.

How Big Should Your Coop Be?

In general, the answer to this question depends on the size of the ground you must spend for chickens. If you are planning to keep fewer chickens, then you can keep a small coop and that will be more than sufficient. But if you are looking to keep many chickens in a coop then you should consider purchasing a big one so that all the chickens that will be living in the coop will have plenty of space for themselves.

We will also recommend that you should build this coop in a large area so that if you need to expand it at any point in time then you will have a big amount of space left that you can use. Also, make sure that you leave some space for the chickens to roam around the coop whenever they need to be taken out. So, if you have enough space then you can expand the area for your chickens. So, in all the possible causes, you are needed to use plenty of space if you are looking to make your chicken coop and then leave some space for them to provide them free room to roam around.

Features of a Perfect Chicken Coop

Now, if you are looking to make your chicken coop then why not make it perfect? It should be built in such a way that it has all the benefits that chickens inside the coop could avail. So, the very first thing that should be there is it should have large ventilation so that chickens could breathe happily. A shade should be there as chickens love to be under shade. Also, you should provide enough room so that you can clean the coop daily so that the chickens do not face any difficulties.

Movable Chicken Coop

Movable Chicken Coop

So, if you are making your chicken coop then make it movable so that you can make it move occasionally, whenever needed to give the chickens a fresh set of grass every two to three days.

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