Will a Wooden Deck Support Hot Tub?

Will a Wooden Deck Support Hot Tub

Hot tubs are now in fashion and hence everyone has a hot tub in their home. But the most amazing part of this scenario is that people always put their hot tubs on concrete and have never tried on wooden decks.

So, now many people want to try if the hot tub could get placed above a wooden deck and can wooden deck support the weight of a hot tub. Well, if this question is on your mind also then you have come to the right place as we will discuss every inch of the details here.

Can a Hot Tub Go on Decking?

Well, this is the most important question nowadays and we are here with the correct answer. And answer to this question is a big yes. Yes, a hot tub can go on a wooden deck. But it is not that easy as it seems because it will only be possible if your wooden deck is designed in such a way that it could handle the weight of a hot tub.

If yes, then you can place the hot tub on a wooden deck but if you think your deck could not support the weight of the hot tub then you can leave it there on the concrete.

Hot Tub on Deck

Hot Tub on Deck

So, now we will discuss how we can place a hot tub on a wooden deck. So, the most important thing here is to get a wooden deck that can support the weight of a hot tub. For this, you need to purchase those wooden decks that are made up of thick long logs of wood, and only then they will be able to support the weight of a hot tub because a hot tub is way too heavy. So, the first and foremost thing is to pick the right wooden deck for your hot tub.

Whether you are building a whole new deck for your tub or considering purchasing one for the same, the most important thing is to keep the weight in your mind and purchase accordingly. Not only do you have to take care of the weight of the hot tub, but you also need to keep in mind is that when water is loaded into the tub then the weight of the tub will increase.

So, all you need to do is to break the weight down to the pounds per square foot to find out what should be the right weight of the wooden deck that could support the hot tub. The plain weight of the hot tub will be given to you by the manufacturer of the hot tub but then you must find out the total weight of the hot tub by adding water into it. It will get too heavy and thus you need to build a wooden deck as strong as it could support the hot tub.

What Type of Wooden Deck Could Support a Hot Tub?

What Type of Wooden Deck Could Support a Hot Tub

As of now, you must have understood that a wooden deck must be fit to support a hot tub decking ideas full of water. So, in that case, the wooden deck should be that strong that it could support the weight of at least a ton as the dry weight of a hot tub weighs around a ton.

So, the wooden deck must be made up of the finest material so that it could support this much weight. For this, there are few types of wood that are preferred.

Synthetic wood, Pressure Treated Wood, Western Red Cedar, and Ipe wood, are the most basic types of wood that are recommended by the manufacturers to use. This is because these are heavy woods and are likely to support the weight of a hot tub.

Synthetic woods are famous because they can handle the damage too quickly and can bear a lot of damage.  Also, it does not need to be washed regularly is a basic wash once a quarter will be good.

Pressure-treated wood is an inexpensive option that has a good and long-life expectation that is up to 15 years. So, this one is a good option that you can pick for your wooden deck. Along with this, western red cedar and Ipe wood are also known for their life span and hence they can also be used for building your wooden deck.

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