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How to Catch a Bird Outside [Complete Guide]


Losing a bird seems to be terrifying, especially when it is your pet. For the pet owners, the thought of their bird pet flying away is the most dangerous nightmare. If a bird flies away, it could be dangerous as a pet bird cannot take care of itself in the outside environment. Apart from pet birds that fly off, you can catch hens also. Right? In this article, you will come to know about all this.

But are you eager to know how to catch a bird outside of your house? Pet birds usually return to their owner after some time. So, try to catch wild birds from your backyard or some outside environment. Wild birds are everywhere, they can be seen in the morning, eating pests that destroy the garden, and these birds play an important role in the ecosystem.

Does your backyard is stuffed with wild birds? To help you to maintain the population of wild birds in your backyard, here are some of the quick and easy ways to catch them. But before catching a bird, remember that catching birds are illegal in most countries unless you suffer nuisance from birds. So, to avoid personal damage, make sure to check the laws of your area. Once you are satisfied that you are clear, then you can try ways to catch a bird.

How to Catch a Bird Safely

But, before going with the ways of catching, make sure to know what you want to do with that bird after catching. Many methods are lethal, while many other methods are designed so that you can trap a live bird to cure its injuries. Let us jump into the ways of trapping a bird.

If some bird is in your yard with some injury, you can use or try these methods to catch it humanely and safely. Just abide by the following steps, and you will be able to catch the bird.

Check If the Bird Is Injured or Not

Check If the Bird Is Injured or Not

Firstly, check the bird if it is injured or not. As there is a common problem within people, they always try to help in those situations where no assistance is required. If a bird flies into your window or gets smacked against anything, wait for some time. As many times the bird got dizzy and will get up when it becomes normal.

a straightforward way to tell if the bird is injured or not is to view the wings of the bird. If one of the wings is bent at an odd angle, then the wing is broken or sprained. If the bird does not get up by itself and lays on the ground for a long duration or has a damaged wing, move towards the next step.

Search for Parents

Birds are different from humans. Young birds often go through hard times from nest how to fly. These small babies do not have all their feathers yet and fall on the ground. However, the baby’s parents stay nearby and watch this. If the baby’s parents are nearby and watching the baby, then leave the baby there only. But keep an eye continuously over the baby so that it does not get harmed by any predator. There are chances that the baby bird becomes fine.

Make A Call to The Wildlife Rehabilitator

Many trained professionals exist across the globe who will tell you properly what to do with a wild bird. Just make a call to them and elaborate on the situation properly. They are the only ones who can tell you to help the bird or leave it as it is. They are the people whom you would like to contact when you catch a bird. They provide all the information about nesting, feeding, and how to keep the bird safe and healthy.

Wear Gloves Before Catching

Birds are not clean; they contain many parasites on their body and carry diseases that can be transferred to humans. So, during catching a bird or picking it, wear a pair of thick gloves. The gloves help avoid skin contact and prevent you from getting injured if the bird pecks you. Make sure to wash the gloves so that pests transfer can be prevented.

Hold A Fabric Piece and Go from Behind

If you want to catch a bird, you do not want that gets scared, and you need something to wrap the bird. Grab a soft piece like a pillowcase or a dishcloth and approach the bird from behind. Remember, to avoid the presence of your to be felt by the bird.

Softly Cover the Bird and Pick It

Softly Cover the Bird and Pick It

During picking up off the bird, use one bird to pick small birds while using both hands for full-grown adults. Do not apply pressure on the bird’s neck while picking. Instead of this, gently wrap your fingers around the body and leave space between your fingers so that the bird can poke its head from your fingers.

Be cautious when you hold the feet of the bird as they can be broken easily. But, if the bird gets startled during this step, do not chase the bird or do not roughly hold the bird. These actions can hurt and panic the bird.

Place the Bird in A Safe Area

When you are done with the catching, put the bird in some safe place. The best option to put the bird in a cardboard box. Make use of a washcloth or fabric piece to make soft bedding for the bird and ensure that there are air holes in the cardboard. Keep the box closed until you do not get to know what to do with the bird. In this way, you can help in reducing the panic and anxiety of the bird.

Hens are captured by the farmers and many people. But they do not have the idea how many hens per rooster should be there. So, a single rooster can easily manage 7 to 13 hens. If the rooster’s breed is small, then it can handle only 5 to 6 hens. And if the rooster is big, then it can contain around 10 hens.

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