Five Great Gift Ideas for a Memorable Father’s Day


Whether it is for Father’s Day, Christmas, or his birthday, buying the perfect gift for your one-of-a-kind dad is always a bit difficult. Each dad will want something a bit different, and most stores advertise the same things: golf clubs, mugs, and tools.

However, don’t let the annual Father’s Day ads convince you to get a safe gift for your old man. Gift ideas for carpenters will be completely different than the best items for chefs. The more personal the gift is and tailored around his interests, the more personal it will be.

Still stuck on what you should get your dad for Father’s Day? Here are five ideas that are winners every time.

1) Recreate Childhood Photos

This gift isn’t a surprise and requires a bit more planning ahead of time, but all you really need is access to your childhood photos and something to take the photos with.

The best part about this kind of gift is the experience for everyone involved. Ask your mom and siblings to restage classic moments of your family history to make dad chuckle this year.

2) Personalize a Scrapbook

Father’s Day is all about making dad feel adored. So what better way to celebrate your father than to have a personalized scrapbook with all of his favorite memories? You can find all the equipment needed for the scrapbook (including the scrapbook itself) from your local crafts store.

If you don’t trust your artistic abilities, you can go to a website like Etsy and hire someone to make a scrapbook for you. Creative e-commerce sites are home to thousands of artists who can create a personalized scrapbooking kit that feel personal.

3) Get Writing

Every dad wants to feel appreciated and loved by their children, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to express how your dad makes you feel. By writing a letter or a heartfelt poem, you can express thoughts of love and care with only a pen and a few sheets of paper.

Out of all the gifts on this list, this one will require hard work and cannot be made at the last minute. However, writing your dad a poem or a letter to emphasize how much you love and care about him costs nothing other than time.

4) Show Your Artistic Side

Maybe writing isn’t your strong suit, but you still want to make a completely personalized gift with your own hands. A great alternative is to create a visual piece for your father. You could paint a picture of the two of you during a major event in your life, or maybe you could make a video collage of all your best moments.

Regardless of what medium you choose to express yourself, put your whole heart into this project for the best results.

5) Gift an Experience

Not all gifts have to be physically handed to the recipient. As mentioned earlier, the gift of an experience has the potential to take your father on an adventure he would never pursue otherwise.

Perhaps your dad’s favorite band is playing in your town, and you want to surprise him with tickets to the show. Maybe your dad has wanted to do a hike in the mountains for a while, but he’s usually too busy. This is your chance to set aside the time for him to enjoy a unique life experience. Bonus points if you can do it together.


Rather than go to the mall and buy something generic, we recommend focusing on dad’s interests and passions if you want to gift something special. It does not have to be extravagant or expensive. It just has to be a gift that shows you listen to your dad and that you know exactly what would make him happy. Don’t forget to include a special card! Lovepop has Father’s Day cards for every type of dad.

Now, time to get brainstorming — you’re running out of time before dad’s big day.

Emilia Post
Emilia Post has an authority on etiquette and gift-giving and has been enriching our content with her unique insights since 2019. She holds a BA in Communications and a background in public relations, which has honed her understanding of the social nuances in gift-giving. Her expertise stems from her former public relations and event planning roles, where she mastered the intricacies of social etiquette. In her spare time, Emilia enjoys hosting dinner parties and practicing floral arrangements, seamlessly blending her personal and professional interests.

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