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How To Catch a Bird with a Box

Catch a Bird with a Box

Raising Birds at home, such as chickens, is a prevalent tradition in urban areas. Most people pet at least one or two chickens in their house. But sometimes they get loose, and you must catch them.

It can be a difficult task for some people because chickens are faster than humans, and their small bodies allow them to slip anywhere.

In this guide, we will share some of the best techniques which you can use to catch the chickens easily. Once you have learned them properly, it becomes straightforward to catch them.

Catching a Bird with a Box

The Boxing Method is one of the easiest and most used methods. You need a simple cardboard box bigger than the size of a chicken.

Follow the step to catch a chicken with the help of a cardboard box:

  1. Firstly, you must find a cardboard box which is large enough to catch your bird easily.
  2. Wait for the chicken to get a corner and gently place the cardboard box over it.
  3. Flip the box flaps close nearby so that the box is closed and becomes dark.
  4. Slowly turn the box upside down, carefully carry the bird to a new position, and then release it.

Few Other Easy Ways to Catch a Bird

Roosting Bars

This is one of the most popular and effective ways of catching chickens. You do not have to be very professional to catch your bird. In this method, you need a flashlight such as a cap visor or a headlamp.

Now, you must wait for all the chickens to settle. Now, enter the coop, and you must make sure that the flashlight beam is mainly on the ground. Approach them with slow and steady movement; otherwise, it will result in alerting the bird.

Now, hover over her and place both hands on her wings so that she could not flap her wings and gently remove her from the perch.

Note: Most people have one common question in mind “How many hens per Rooster”. The generally accepted ratio is 10 hens for every 1 Rooster.

Catching Chickens with a Pole

When compared to human beings, chickens are faster than them. In this method, you must attach a hook with one end of the pole. The main theory behind this method is that the hook gets scrambled around the chicken’s foot, and she cannot run away. This method is used by some of the experienced people only.

Catching a Chicken Using Bare Hands

Firstly, you must bait the chickens by putting a little amount of food on the ground so that they will flock to it.

Now, you must approach them from behind. You must make sure that you do not make any noise and sudden movements. This will result in letting the chicken away.

Now, hover over the chicken and wait for them to crouch down and open its wings. Now, grasp the chicken from behind; this is the gentlest way of grabbing a chicken.

If you cannot grasp a chicken by your hands, you can take the help of poultry hooks. This is a less gentle and quiet but effective method to grasp a chicken.

Final Words

There are several methods that we have reviewed. You can use any one of them which you are comfortable with. The boxing and the rooster method are mostly used worldwide because they are less traumatic and quite easy methods.

It is recommended to stay calm and unhurried while watching them. Otherwise, any of your sudden movements result in letting the chicken away.

This is all about this guide. We hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any other method in your mind and you want to tell us, then you can do that by commenting down below.

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How To Catch a Bird Without Hurting It

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