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How to Catch a Pet Bird

How to Catch a Pet Bird

The pain of losing your pet is terrible. No one should experience that. Be it an animal or a bird, and you should make sure that you don’t lose them. Especially birds, if they get of their cage, it can really become a task to catch them.

Domesticated birds should be encouraged back to their cage every day. If you have a pet bird and you are facing difficulty in getting them back inside the house, read the article till the end to know how you can do it easily.

How to Catch a Pet Bird Indoors

Step 1: Birds are small enough to hide under household items, and that makes it more difficult to locate them. So, before they make things more difficult by flying outside, close all the doors and windows of the room, it is in. Start by verifying that they are not in any place dangerous, including water bottles, bathrooms, doorways, windows, stoves, and sofas.

Turn off all the lights and fans so that it does not get hurt. Close curtains and blinds and darken the room. It will help calm your bird.

Step 2: Avoid loud noises or sudden actions, walk softly and talk to her in a calm voice. Don’t gather more people, and it is better if only one person does it. It does not want to get touched, so; we should avoid frightening her by doing such things.

Step 3: Bird bones are extremely fragile and small. So, whilst you are trying to get the bird inside her cage, be gentle on her, don’t push her. Pick her up and place them back in her cage.

Step 4: If you cannot walk up and catch her, try using the steps for catching birds outdoors.

How to Catch a Pet Bird Outdoors

Step 1: If you really want to get her inside, make its cage inviting. It will fly back inside if it likes being there. Please keep it in a place where people gather, and it will keep your pet entertained. Make the cage interesting by adding some toys, give her some treats whenever it goes into the cage.

Step 2: Keep the cage in an open space, or if it is inside, try to keep the doors and windows open. Give her fresh air and keep in a place where she was sighted.

Step 3: If you are there when she is flying away, call her name aloud but in a calm voice. If it is in the wild where it doesn’t want to be, she will follow your voice to return home. Seeing her cage might make her want to fly down to you, as the cage will be more familiar to her than the outside world.

Step 4: Initially, keep your search to a one-mile radius. Since pets do not go that far once they have escaped your home, you can look for them in trees, on lawns, or in bushes. Also, they may see you before you see them. They may also become quieter when you are around because they feel more comfortable.

Step 5: To lure your bird into the cage, bring their favorite toys and treats. If they are fond of a particular person, get them with you. Birds do not really spend much time outside, so they may not recognize their home.

Step 6: Keep your eyes on the bird but keep a watch from an out-of-sight location until she enters the cage. Quietly approach the cage and shut the door.

Tips for Not Losing Your Pet Bird

Train Your Bird

Train Your Bird

You can train your bird to step up on your index finger. Teach her to step on her index finger each time you say “up.” You can treat her as well each time she does it. You can also use other things like sticks or ladders. Since birds like to move upward, they may grow fonder of this trick.

Hold Your Bird So That It Cannot Fly Off

Hold Your Bird So That It Cannot Fly Off

Once you’ve taught her how to step on your index finger, you need to ensure that you are holding her right to prevent it from flying away. One way you can do this is by pressing your thumb lightly against your index finger, and it will secure the bird’s feet to your finger. Another way is by holding your other hand over its back gently. It will make it difficult for her to extend her wings. You can keep the bird safely in a small pet house. Just like chicken coop for hens, if you are wondering how many hens per rooster then check out our other article.

Practice these positions during her training so that she will become accustomed to them.

Get the Wings Trimmed from A Veteran

If you are having troubles controlling your bird, you can have its wings trimmed by a veterinarian. It will permit its flight only a little or not at all depending on much it is chopped.

Final thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have a pet bird, we are sure you must have related to the problem.

But you need not worry it since we have tried our best to help you by providing the best ways in which you can bring back your little pet inside your home.

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