How to Fix a Sagging Wooden Fence Gate?


A wooden fence gate is a solid structure made up of wood for protection, confinement, and visual obstruction.

Though steel gates are much better than wooden gates because the screws or bolts can easily loosen up. And it can also square up sometimes due to its weight. Wooden fence gates always have the highest probability of sagging up.

But nothing to be worried about because there are some quick fixes for that purpose.

Things You Need to Get

  • Equipment’s/Tools
  • Drill or screwdriver bits
  • Drill bit
  • Socket wrench
  • Shovel
  • Pliers
  • Post-hole digger
  • Sledgehammer
  • Carpenter’s level or a laser level
  • Handsaw or reciprocating saw

 Materials Required

  • Stainless steel bolts with nuts
  • Anti-sagging kit
  • Screws
  • Wood stakes
  • Duct tape
  • Scrap boards
  • Quick setting concrete mix
  • New fence post
  • Compatible gravel

 Note: (The materials requirements may vary according to the individual).

How to Fix If Your Gate Sagging Gate

The hinges are mounted with different types of screws, such as a heavy-duty screw or lag screw. But they are not as durable as required, as they have the capability of losing their grip easily over time.

So instead of moving those hinge’s better idea would be to drill them through the holes. You can also use stainless steel bolts to prevent corrosion and always choose a great diameter so that everything is fixed well in place and when required.

Carefully Remove Hinges and The Gate.

Firstly, remove the hinge fasteners from their place and after the hinges are pulled off, remove the wooden fence gate.

Start Drilling

The drill diameter should be of the same size as the threaded shafts of carriage bolts. The bolts should fix easily in holes so that it does not create any problem afterward. Start drilling holes in a straight manner through the wooden fence gate. Look to it that all the holes and screws are fixed well in place.

Hinge’s Bolting

Mounting the hinges is what needs to be done. You can do it using nuts, washers, and carriage bolts. Tightly secure the nuts with the socket wrench. In some cases, it is a good option to insert bolts from outside the gate to make it look more effective.

Gate Reinstallation

Gate Reinstallation

Properly position the gate as you want it to be. And then mount the hinges to the gate post using the tools such as nuts, washers, and bolts.

Squaring Up A Sagging Wooden Fence Gate.

 Wooden gates easily sag up, so that would require an anti-sagging gate kit that allows you to corner up and toward the upper hinge for better condition of the gate. The kit which you will have must contain metal corner brackets, turnbuckle, and cable fittings. After installing the hardware, you need to turn the turnbuckle to pull off the gate square easily. If the gate starts sagging over a while, keep changing the sides of the turnbuckle to square it up.

Corner Brackets Should Be Added: using the anti-sag kit install two corner brackets with the screws provided. One of the brackets should be in the corner near to top hinge. The second bracket should be fitted diagonal to the corner.

Cable Installation and Turnbuckle: you need to unscrew the turnbuckle for the extension. After unscrewing, you can hook it to the top corner bracket. Cable threading should be done through the turnbuckle with the fittings provided. Securing of cables should be done as per instructions. Also, before installing clamps, you need to tighten the cable.

Clinching the Cable: After the cable tightening, use fitting from the anti-sag kit and try to remove as much slack as possible from the cable.

Tighten the Cable: Turning up of turnbuckle need to be done to tighten the cable. Pull gate to get a perfect square using the wrench. Finally, check the gate whether it has been done or not.

Tips for Building Proper Fence Line

Raking up of debris, leaves and collecting all those things that have gathered around the fence line.

Weeds and unwanted grasses can grow if the fence line is not treated well. So always keep checking the fence line by making it clean and using products for its betterment.

If you have a fence placed at the location where there is a lot of dirt or the water can be easily allocated. Then for that purpose, use water pressure to clean it so that it stays protected from algae or any waterborne diseases.


How to fix the sagging gate is not a big deal. Once you finish with all the steps, let it set down for few minutes. A sagging gate is very uncomfortable and inconvenient, so we hope that you get it fixed as soon as possible for bigger results. The efforts and hard work can be lessened by using the anti-sagging kit.

Follow all the instructions, grab all the knowledge, and do it in the right way, taking your manufacturer’s help if needed in any circumstances.

It may take some extra effort, but waiting is worth the while. All the best

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