How to Grow Mint from Seeds in An Indoor Pot

How to Grow Mint from Seeds in An Indoor Pot

Mint is an herb that gives us a feeling of fresh breath and fresh air. It reminds us of our mouths to be clean and fresh.

Mint is also an essential ingredient for some excellent and delicious dishes that we prepare at our home.

Everybody loves mint because it gives us a nice flavor when we put it in our mouth. So, in this article, we will discuss how to grow mint in our indoor pots.

Mint is a growing herb that is mainly found in forest areas and hilly areas, but once we learn to grow them inside our home, we will have more mints and more fresh mouths and breathe.

So, to grow mint in our home, we will be needed some mint seeds, pots, soil, and other nutrients to grow them well.

In this guide, we will learn about the necessities that we require for growing mint inside.

What do We Need?

To grow mint in our home, we will be needed some mint seeds, a pot or container to grow the plant, soil, nutrients, and proper watering. If we can arrange all these together, we will learn how to grow mint inside our home. The key point in growing mint inside our home is that we should know the exact amount required. More so, we have to be punctual for watering the plant.

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More so, we will be needed fertilizers and some standard gardening tools for planting them and for their proper growth. First, growing mint from seeds is not an easy task for everyone, but it is easier for those who have learned the skills to grow them.

The first thing you will have to do is do some preparations for the mint seeds. Once you are done with the beginners, we can start the process of growing mint.

How to Grow Mint from Seeds?

The first and foremost step in growing mint from seeds is to take a container or a pot according to your choice with enough drainage. The drainage is required because the mint herb requires a lot of water, and thus proper drainage is also essential for the soil so that it does not remain hydrated. The container or pot should be ten inches deep and eight inches wide.

Now comes the soil. So, the essential part of growing mint from seeds is the soil. The soil plays the most crucial role in the whole picture. You must be wondering how? The answer is that the soil provides the proper nutrients and minerals that the plant needs for its growth. This is why the soil should be enriched with minerals and other essential nutrients required for mint’s proper growth.

The soil should be slightly acidic, having a pH level between 5.5 and 7.5. This level of pH is mandatory for the growth of mint seeds. The next important thing in growing the mint plant is to keep the container or the pot in the east direction in summer and the west direction in winter.

This is because mint is a plant that does not need too much sunlight to grow. Also, it needs less sunlight to grow. So, keeping this in mind, you have to decide on a place for the mint plant.

Prepare Your Seeds

Prepare Your Seeds

The next thing that is important to learn is how to prepare the seeds. Many people think that before planting the seeds, they should soak the seeds in some water for some time, and then they should plant those seeds in the container or the pot.

Now, you can do this, but you do not precisely need this. If you want to soak the seeds in the water, then it is a good practice. However, this is not at all required.

However, if you are in a rush to grow the mint from the seeds, then soaking the mint seeds is a good idea. But, if you want to grow them at their own pace, you do not have to soak them in water.

The general practice is to soak them in the water a night before you must plant the seeds. More so, before soaking the seeds, keep in mind that the water should be warm, not too hot and not too cold, just a little warm.

After they are adequately soaked, take a paper towel, put the seeds on the towel, and wait until they become dry. Once the water gets removed from the seeds and the seeds become dry, you can start planting them. All you need to do is put the seeds deep into the soil, keeping in mind that they need mild sunlight to grow well.

The next thing is that the seeds are tiny to spread them all over the container. The only thing that you need to keep in mind that the seeds need some solar energy to germinate, and thus, you should not plant them in too much depth.

Also, keep in mind while spreading the seeds, do not spread many seeds at one place because once they start germinating, they will need space for their growth.

Plant and Water Your Mint

Plant your Seed

Now comes the most critical step in growing the mint seeds, and that is to plant them and water them appropriately. Once the mint seeds are planted, they will need water for their growth and development.

Mint seeds need more water than any other herb, so you will have to pay more attention while growing them. You will have to water them frequently so that the soil does not get dehydrated.

You need to keep in mind that though the mint seeds need more water, you do not have to fill the pot or container with the water. You have to fill one-fourth part of the soil with water. Also, ensure that once you are done watering the mint seeds, they have not become soggy. If they are becoming soggy, then you should put them in sunlight so that the soil gets dry.

Also, mint seeds need proper humidity for their growth. So, it would help if you gave them an environment that is appropriate for them. Rotate the container every day so that all the plant parts can get enough sunlight and humidity.

If the temperature of your house is too cold, then you should grow them in your garden. If you are planning to grow them indoors, then make sure to provide an adequate temperature.

Care for Your Mint

Care for Your Mint

The most important thing in growing any plant is to take proper care of them. Mint is one of those plants that need extra care for their growth and development. They do not require fertilization, but they require a proper amount of nutrients and minerals to grow.

You can have a proportion of fertilizers to make the nutrients rich with minerals and other essentials.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you do not over-fertilize the mint plant.  The mint plant should be trimmed regularly so that the flower buds grow correctly.

Otherwise, it will create difficulty in its growth and development. Trimming a plant is necessary to promote new growth. Also, mint seeds grow faster than any other seeds.

Harvest Your Mint

Harvest Your Mint

The mint plant takes almost 70 days to reach maturity. But if you want to grow your mint plant properly, you should start harvesting the mint seeds once they are planted in the pot or the container. Mint is the most flavorful when it is harvested in the morning. Make sure to cut the leaves off at their stem.

Also, keep in mind that you have to harvest only one-third part of the plant. Mint plant needs some extra time to grow inside the house. If they are kept outside the house, then the growth will be faster. However, if you have planned to grow the mint inside your house, then you will have to be patient enough to let them grow.

Mint plants require trimming and cutting now and then, but the one thing you have to keep in your mind is that they should not cut too deep. Once you cut the mint plant too deep, then it will fail to grow and develop. So, the trimming should be done appropriately without harming the plant in any way.

In the end

Now, you are all set to grow the mint plant in your home. It has many benefits, and it can introduce you to fresh breath and fresh air.

Mint not only tastes good but also provides us with great healthy breath and medical benefits.

If you regularly eat mint leaves, it will slowly improve your strength and will provide many benefits.

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