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How to Make Your Home Feel Fresher and Cleaner Naturally


No matter how much time you’ve spent cleaning your home or outdoor enclosed patio, sometimes it can still feel like something is missing. Though your house may technically be clean, every space can benefit from a bit of extra TLC to ensure that it truly has a fresh, clean and altogether inviting feel. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can implement into your cleaning ritual to give your home a naturally fresh and clean vibe. Adjusting your space, changing decorations or even looking into skylights in Sydney can all make a big impact on the environment of your home.

Take a Look at Your Surroundings

Your countertops might be clear, your floors scrubbed and your kitchen tidy- but sometimes your surroundings may just need an extra facelift to really obtain that ‘fresh’ feeling. Rearranging your furniture, adding a fresh coat of paint to that old cupboard or even introducing additional light sources into your home are all great ways to give your home the refresh that it needs. Simply moving items or appliances out of their usual position is sometimes enough to make a difference, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Add Some Decorations

Your home is a window into your personality, so decorate accordingly! Do your research into what kind of artwork or knick-knacks you like, and then have some fun dressing up your space. Utilizing Pinterest or even Instagram to create a digital mood board is a great way to gauge what you’re into, and can also give you some ideas as to where the best buys are.

When searching for new decorations for your household, you should also consider adding an aquarium, indoor plants, and flowers. Adding Home Decor Items like an aquarium with led aquarium light help you relax more, it adds freshness to the house. Plenty of home decor items online are available at a cheaper price, you can grab them and make your house look more aesthetic, add more value to your life and relax you. Aesthetically, plants are able to give your home a naturally peaceful air and depending on your chosen flower, can even add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral area.

Plants are natural indoor air cleaners and will make sure that the air cycling through your home is fresh and clean. The more plants you have, the better the natural scent will be in your home- plants naturally give off a light, clean scent that will give your space a welcoming feel and ensure that your visitors always want to come back!


Declutter Your Life

You don’t have to commit to minimalism or binge-watch Marie Kondo’s show to declutter your space. Most homes will accumulate more products than necessary over time, either from a lack of free hours or from simply living through life. Setting aside a time to deeply spring clean your living areas and really consider what items you actually need to keep is essential to maintaining a fresh and clean living area.

Mapping out your storage is a great way to reassign items so that they are in much neater spaces and aren’t forming clutter. However, at times you might need to throw some unneeded items out or better yet, donate them to a charity. A decluttered space will automatically give you some space to breathe, allowing your space to have a naturally relaxed aura about it.


Introduce Scents Into Your Home

If your house is rigorously cleaned and adorned with flowers, with some charming dracaena varieties chances are it already smells great. However, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with scent to give your house an additional, welcoming boost. Playing around with scent is a great way to control the overall vibe of your house, with different fragrances allowing you to curate peaceful or playful environments.

Have a look around for an oil diffuser, candle, or some incense sticks that suit the energy you’re wanting in your space. Just lighting a scented candle every so often will be enough to envelope your house with good vibes!


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