How to Plan An Outdoor Movie Night to Meet Your Neighbors After Moving

How to Plan An Outdoor Movie Night to Meet Your Neighbors After Moving

Did you know the average person moves approximately 12 times in their lifetime?

If you currently have your moving date circled on a calendar and are looking forward to getting it over and done with, one thing you should consider is how to get settled into your new place. That will include meeting your new neighbors and getting things started on the right foot.

After moving, packing things away, and getting acclimatized, how can you get acquainted? One way to get acquainted with the new neighbors is to host an outdoor movie night. It’ll be a great way to know who’s who and begin to form what can become good, lasting friendships.

Keep reading for tips on planning a great outdoor movie night after you move to a new place.

Select the Right Outdoor Location

Where on your property do you want to host an outdoor movie night? You can do it in the backyard, front yard, or back deck. Are the meteorologists calling for possible showers on the night or evening you want to hold the event? You might want to hold the outdoor movie night on the back deck if there’s a patio cover or in the backyard with a canopy overhead.

Another consideration when selecting the outdoor location on your property is space. Choose a location that can comfortably accommodate your guests.

Choose the Movie

Selecting the right movie for the community get-together is also essential. It should be something people of all ages can enjoy together. It also shouldn’t be too loud since that could create too much noise — not exactly the way you want to introduce yourself and your family to neighbors.

The demographics of your neighborhood can inform your decision on the movie. With the many streaming platforms and movies available, you’re sure to find something fitting.

Choose a Theme for Movie Night

You might want to adopt a theme for your outdoor movie night. If you have a movie in mind for the occasion, you might want to base the theme on the movie. A theme isn’t necessary, but it can help to make the event more memorable if you tie it to an interesting theme.

Set Up the Outdoor Movie Night Area

Your next order of business is to properly set up the area where the movie night will take place. A screen, speakers, and seating are some of the things you’ll need. But you don’t have to go out and spend an arm and a leg to get these things if you don’t already have them.

Find a reputable party equipment rental company to get the equipment and supplies you need. It’ll help you transform your backyard into a fun outdoor movie theater for the neighborhood. Teaming up with the right company can make arranging a great outdoor movie night easy.

“We can help you set up a great outdoor movie night so you get to know your neighbors — and vice versa,” says Tim Masters, founder of Freedom Fun USA. “Outdoor movie rentals numbers have increased over the past few years across all our locations. On the heels of lockdowns that kept people apart, families want to connect or reconnect with neighbors.”

The company offers outdoor inflatable movie screen and projector rentals, and its packages include everything required for an outdoor movie event.

Plan the Food and Beverages

How can you host an outdoor movie night without popcorn? Serve up some popcorn, soda, juice, and water. You don’t have to serve anything complicated. The main thing is to play a movie that will interest your guests and ensure you provide popcorn and beverages for an authentic movie night experience.

Notify Your New Neighbors

After you’ve planned the event, notify your new neighbors of the outdoor movie night. Here’s how to do it:

  • Print up invitations
  • Knock on some doors in the neighborhood
  • Introduce yourself and your family
  • Hand out the invitations

Let people know you’re hoping to see them there, and ensure the invitations include your address, when everyone should arrive, and a contact number.

Moving to a new neighborhood can be daunting. But one way you can break the ice and get to know your neighbors is by proactively reaching out and hosting an outdoor movie night. You can have some fun getting to know people in the area and settling into your new community.

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