How to Plow Snow: When Should You Start?

How to Plow Snow

Plowing snow is one of the most dreaded tasks during winter. When should you start plowing your driveway or sidewalk? You may be wondering what the best time is to get out your equipment and clear away all that beautiful white stuff from your front yard.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding when it is time to start plowing, but we will go over a few key points in this blog post!

Why It is Important to Plow Snow?

  • Plowing snow will help prevent ice formation on the surface of your driveway or sidewalk. This is important because this can be dangerous for pedestrians, vehicles who may fall through thin ice when they step onto an uneven surface, and even people in wheelchairs.
  • When it snows heavily enough to cover a pavement with at least two inches of snow, and the temperature is below freezing (-0.01°C), it is important to plow snow so that ice does not form on top of it which can be dangerous for anyone who steps out onto an uneven surface!
  • Snow removal will not just help people using their driveway or sidewalk but also prevents puddles from forming in your yard from melted snow.
  • It will also keep your area looking beautiful! If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, it’s important to clear away the excess so it doesn’t pile up on top and create more work for yourself later.”

What Is the Best Time to Start Plowing Snow in Your Area?

The most difficult part about clearing snow may be deciding when to do it. If you are going outside and shoveling, there is a high risk of injury if not done properly. It is important that the snow be cleared off as soon as possible so no one slips on ice or falls.

  • For the most part, it is recommended to plow your snow sooner rather than later. This will help prevent ice from forming on top of the snow and cause dangerous conditions for pedestrians or vehicles that may fall through a layer of thin ice when they step onto an uneven surface. The general rule is to wait until at least two inches of snow has accumulated on your driveway or sidewalk.
  • The perfect time to plow depends largely upon the temperature and precipitation rate in your area. If you are expecting significant amounts of snow, it is best to start plowing as soon as possible so that there is not a buildup of snow which will take longer for you to clear away!
  • If you live in an area that does not get a lot of snow, it may be best to wait until there is at least six inches. This will ensure your plow can efficiently clear the driveway and sidewalk without any problems.

How Does the Type of Snow Affect When You Need to Plow?

The type of snow is another factor that you should consider when deciding how often to plow. Wetter and heavier snow will need more upkeep than fluffier, lighter snow. The best time for wet or heavy snow would be a couple hours after the precipitation has stopped falling, but before it freezes into ice or becomes too hard to shovel.

What Are Some Ways to Make This Process Easier for Yourself?

To make the plow snow process easier, it is best to use a shovel and an icebreaker. An ice breaker tool will give you more leverage when trying to break up that hardened frost or ice from your driveway or sidewalk.

Tips For Plowing Snow from Sidewalks and Driveways

  • Snowplow vs snow blower can be used to clear a large area, but it is best suited for clearing driveways and sidewalks. It will not work well on larger properties such as yards or parking lots because the snow does not need to be removed from every inch of ground.
  • A shovel works better when trying to remove smaller amounts of snow near mailboxes, trees, or any other landscaping on your property.
  • Do not forget to clear snow from the sidewalk and driveway right up to the edge of your home! It is important that you make it as safe for pedestrians coming by as possible, so nobody falls in a dangerous spot.
  • When plowing ice off sidewalks or driveways, be sure to wear gloves. You do not want to get cold hands and have any numbness while operating machinery.
  • If the snow is too high for you, consider hiring a professional plow service that can help clear your sidewalk or driveway in no time! It does not take long for the snow to pile up after all, so it can be a good idea to get help when you need it.


We hope this article has helped you decide when to start plowing snow in your area. Remember, it is always best to err on the side of caution and get started sooner rather than later.

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