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How To Set Up A Backyard Entertainment Area

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Summer is here, and a backyard entertainment area may be the perfect getaway place from your usual daily routine. On it, you can have meals with friends or family or spend some warm nights stargazing or just feed the squirrels that roam around in your backyard. Aside from having an alternative place to spend quality time with your family or yourself, a backyard entertainment area is an excellent idea to utilize the extra space in your yard.

There are many backyard designs to choose from as well—or you can design your own. Your creativity is the limit. You don’t have to hire professional designers to turn your backyard into an excellent hang-out place. To get you started, here is a quick and simple guide on how you can set up a backyard entertainment area.

1. Clean Your Backyard

Setting up a backyard entertainment area starts with cleaning your backyard. From repairing hardscape features to pulling out dead bushes to trimming the trees, it makes setting up later much easier and faster. It will also help you visualize how your outdoor entertainment space will look like, where you’ll set up, and what outdoor furniture to place.

After having cleaned the area and choosing the furniture consider having an entertaining area for kids, as adults have a space for their talks, drinks, and games. Bouncy Trampolines or personalized custom inflatables in form of bouncy houses are a fantastic way to provide outdoor entertainment for small children. However, when choosing a personalized custom inflatable, it is important to consider the size of the area you have available. Bouncy houses and trampolines are both great options for small entertaining areas, but they vary significantly in size. Bouncy houses are typically larger, can accommodate more people, and can be designed in all the ways that you might think of, while trampolines are smaller and require less space. Ultimately, the best option for your entertaining area will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

2. Arrange Seating Areas

You may now have an idea of how your new backyard will look like. Whatever concept it is, don’t forget seating areas. You want to let your guests and your family feel comfortable and ensure that they won’t get bored during their stay.

Aside from the searing arrangement, you should also think about what kind of chairs you’ll have. Common options include wicker, iron, or hanging chairs. You may find the chairs you need at Dreamo Living and other online furniture stores.

While it’s common to get one type or design of chair for your entertainment area, you should also consider the preferences of the people who’ll be frequently hanging out in your backyard. If you have seniors at home, they may appreciate having comfortable orthopedic chairs. For kids, it would be fun to have hanging seats.

Getting back to seating arrangements, you might want to avoid having crowded seating areas. You should utilize your yard’s space and keep the balance between the open space and seating space. That way, guests can spread out, especially if you expect groups of guests.

3. Include Preparing And Serving Area

Backyard entertainments are incomplete without food and drinks. Thus, you may need to add a designated area where to prep and serve meals and beverages. Even if you weren’t serving buffet or grand meals, a simple serving area would be ideal for a few appetizers or snacks.

Preparing a healthy summer meal in an outdoor kitchen with gas barbecue and sink on a brick patio overlooking a tranquil lake with tree reflections

By having this space, you can save time from going to and from the kitchen. Instead, you can better use your time to interact with your guests.

You can start with adding an elegantly covered folding table on one side of your backyard that will serve as the food service area. On it, put a self-serve drink station and a cooler. Adding a traditional barbecue grill to cook for your guests beside it will be a nice touch.

If you want a more permanent option, go for stone countertops or grill base on a stone bar. You can also utilize it as a food prep area, especially if you choose to have broader and longer stone bars.

You can also go big when money is out of the question. Build a custom outdoor kitchen complete with a refrigerator, beverage cooler, and sink. Depending on the design of your backyard entertainment, you can pair it with your outdoor kitchen space.

4. Light Up Your Space

Your backyard entertainment area is perfect for night activities. Whether you’re using it to date, grill, or host small events, it’s essential to install outdoor lighting.

You may go with lamps and Tiki torches. Aside from being great decorations, they also keep bugs away. And with these lights, you can set the mood depending on how bright you light your backyard. Speaking of mood, you can also add mood lighting. With them, you can instantly set the vibe of the party. You can also get programmable LED lights that can go with your music or simply set to what mood the party will have.

5. Complement the Architecture

Most importantly, you need to ensure that your backyard entertainment theme complements your home’s architecture. That way, it won’t conflict with your home’s design. As a bonus, it can also improve your property’s curb appeal and boost its value.


Don’t let your backyard go to waste; convert it to an entertainment area. By doing so, you can host family parties or have a place to relax after a day’s work. It’s also a great place to host barbecues and have fun watching sports with your friends. Moreover, it’s an excellent place to enjoy warm nights during summer. Start your project and consider the tips above.

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