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Incredibly expensive villas in Spain


What is the price of the most expensive Spanish villas? If we talk about luxury commodities, what are the numbers? Let’s try to find the flats for sale in Alicante and the most expensive mansions that can be found in the Spanish Kingdom, and get to know each of them.

Where are the most expensive villas in Spain

If you study the most luxurious cottages sales statistics, then the first line is not occupied by Madrid, as one might think, and not even the traditional tourist stronghold of Barcelona. The top 5 regions with the most incredibly expensive residential properties look like this:

  • Malaga
  • Las Palmas
  • Balearic Islands
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid

Mansion in Marbella for 55 million euros

According to the data of the Idealista portal, it is on the Costa del Sol that the maximum number of villas, precious in terms of maintenance and value, is concentrated. This is Malaga, Marbella, Estepona. On average, prices vary in the range of 10-20 million euros, but there are completely unimaginable examples as well, like this Villa Casa Loriana in Marbella.

For 55 million euros, the new buyer received a house built in 2002, or rather, several houses on an area of ​​8 thousand square meters, including a guest house and a servant’s house. 12 bedrooms are 12 unique interior solutions. The overall design of the house is reminiscent of the traditional Mediterranean style. There is a private beach, but there are also several above ground pools and a personal waterfall.

House in Ibiza for 40 million euros

Ibiza is a place that is especially famous for its parties and endless hangouts. Therefore, it is no wonder that the mansion, which was included in our rating, has its own dance floor for discos. In addition to it, the house also has 10 bedrooms, a professional tennis court, a squash court, and if you get bored of spending time at home, there is a private beach within walking distance.

The main house has four bedrooms, two living rooms, a dining room that can accommodate 20 people at a time, and in addition there are three more guest houses, each of which contains 2 bedrooms.

Villa in Mijas for 35 million euros

The incredibly luxurious Villa Moana in Mijas is a historical site that has been visited by royal confidants, presidents, and film stars at various times. It is of note that this villa can be visited for temporary accommodation. The cost of the room (and there are nine of them here) is 15 thousand euros per day. In addition to luxurious apartments, lounge areas are available for guests of the villa, where events or weddings are often held. The total area of ​​the villa is more than 2 thousand square meters, and it is located on an even larger territory of 7 thousand “squares”.

Cottage for 35 million euros in Andrijch, Mallorca

A villa in Camp de Mar, Andrijch, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, is called a farmhouse in the press. Yes, of course, this home is truly rustically charming, but the price hints at its unrivaled luxury.

The house has 12 bedrooms, and the interior of all rooms is dominated by the use of natural materials and handmade furniture. Forged details add a special zest to the house and you don’t have to worry about retaining the walls. 

Despite this seemingly primitive appearance, in fact, the “filling” of the house is the most technologically advanced. There is a silent air conditioning system, and Internet throughout the territory, and floors with the ability to regulate heating.

Assistance in the selection of housing in Spain

If you need an assistance in the selection of luxury real property in Spain, we recommend you to contact Spain-Real.Estate. Use the company’s website to familiarize yourself with the existing variants, and after choosing, contact the specialists and find out as many details as possible about each cottage.

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