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What’s the Difference Between Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight?

Spotlight Vs Floodlight

Security cameras have become an essential part of our daily life. The world relies heavily on them on roads, important venues, and even to protect our homes.

Ring floodlights and ring spotlights are two security camera systems people can opt for nowadays.

While these surveillance gadgets can heighten the safety and security of the premises, they can also illuminate little things for convenience.

Before purchasing a particular model, one must ascertain the differences between ring floodlight vs. floodlight to understand which model will serve you better.

The most significant difference between the two remains in how they are powered and installed.

So, in this blog, we have enumerated the breakdown for both models to help you decide better.

What is a Ring Spotlight Cam?

A ring spotlight cam is not just a security and surveillance system; it is also a subtle approach to lighting solutions, especially when looking for little illumination across the front stairs or a corridor.

The Spotlight Cam comes in two versions: Spotlight Cam Plus and Spotlight Cam Pro.

On the other hand, the ring floodlight camera is an excellent security and surveillance system, capable of illuminating large areas with bright light.

It is probably an ideal solution if you want to freeze the offender or trespasser right in their tracks. The ring floodlight cam also comes in two models: Floodlight Cam Plus and Floodlight Cam Pro.

How are Both These Models the Same?

two different models of ring security cameras

The ring spotlight and ring floodlight use the same camera and technology to provide motion-activated camera footage. They also offer the same 1080p HD video quality along with two-way communication.

They also offer live views, sirens, and sufficient cloud storage to keep a record of suspicious activities at your premises.

Notable Differences Between Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight


The primary difference between the two lies in their installation process and the way they are powered. The spotlight is more of a universal product combining security with onboard lighting that gently lights up your garage or fence post while keeping an eye on intruders.

On the other hand, the floodlight is built with security in mind, where the siren and immense lighting are designed to capture the intruder right from the spot. Anyway, let’s check out the differences below between the two models.

Features Offered by Spotlight and Floodlight

Let’s compare and evaluate the features of both models below.

  • Noteworthy features of the spotlight Both the Spotlight Cam Plus and the pro models are enabled with color night vision, customizable motion detection, two-way talk, built-in siren, motion-activated notifications, 3D motion detection, and dual-band Wi-Fi support. The spotlight models can be plugged in, run on batteries, solar power, or hardwired.
  • Noteworthy features of the floodlight The floodlight cam plus and the pro versions offer the following features: color night vision, 105 dB siren, two-way talk, motion-activated notifications, 2000 lumen floodlight, dual-band wifi support, and 3D motion detection. On the other hand, the floodlight models can be plugged in or hardwired.

1. Video Resolution and Night Video

Both the camera models offer 1080p HD video quality output. Besides offering an exceptional video resolution, they also offer color night vision. Both the models also support 3D motion detection ability and bird’s eye view.

The advanced tech features not only ensure that nothing slips through your vigilance, but you can also pinpoint the exact location from where the motion has arisen.

2. Ease of Use

Both the spotlight and the floodlight can be operated through their smartphone apps. The connectivity through the mobile app makes it easier to connect with the camera system to view live feeds and review old footage. Plus, setting up alerts whenever something triggers the camera sensors becomes easier.

Both camera systems can be used via the same app, and the monitoring technology is the same for both models.

3. Integration with Other Smart Devices

Both the floodlight and spotlight security camera models easily integrate with HomeKit and Amazon Alexa devices. However, they are partially functional with Google Home, so expect to experience certain limitations, such as the inability to stream live feeds with Google Home Smart devices.

4. Pricing

The battery-operated version of Spotlight Cam is cheaper than the Floodlight Cam battery-operated model and comes for around $250. Meanwhile, the other methods of operation, such as the hardwired and the plug-in type, have separate charges.

Well, this was all about the charges of the models, but you also need subscription plans to use the app seamlessly. The basic plan, available for $4/month, offers 180 days of video history, saving, sharing, screenshot capture, and creating customized alerts.

Concluding Thoughts

So, from the above comparisons, we can see that both the ring spotlight and the ring floodlight are excellent surveillance systems with high-tech features and smart device support.

The two camera models are quite similar in most features and offerings, and the only difference is in how they are powered and installed.

While the spotlight cam can be powered in more than three ways, including battery-operation, hardwired, and plug-in methods, the floodlight cameras are powered chiefly with the plug-in or hardwired option. The pricing of the models also varies accordingly.

So, you can choose either camera model based on your desired feature requirements.

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